Why Use a Bong? 5 Reasons to Switch

Cannabis is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used psychoactive drugs across the world. As many countries have legalized the medical and/or recreational use of cannabis, more and more people are becoming interested in the health benefits it provides as well as the various methods they can consume it.

Generally, many users choose to smoke cannabis using rolling papers to make joints or blunts. However, another method that has also been the smoking staple for hundreds of years are bongs. These are actually water pipes that use water to cool and filter the smoke, ultimately producing smoother and cleaner hits.

However, this isn’t the only reason why many consumers use bongs instead of joints to get their daily THC fix. In this post, we outline five other reasons why these water pipes are a better option and how their innovative features can intensify your smoking experience so that you will never smoke your cannabis without one.

Use a Bong

Aesthetically pleasing

One of the great things about bongs is that they are more aesthetically pleasing than joints. You can find them in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes, all of which may provide an element of personalization and allow you to choose a water pipe that speaks volumes about you.

For example, a monochromatic white bong is an excellent option for simpler consumers, whereas a patterned bong can be a great option for the more creative cannabis smokers. Whichever bong type you choose, remember that you can also use your bong as a decorative piece for your shelf.

Enhanced smoking experience

Another reason why you should switch to a bong is because it provides an enhanced smoking experience. The truth is when you smoke your buds using rolling papers, the harsh smoke can irritate your throat during inhalation. As the smoke enters directly into your lungs, it produces an unpleasant burning feeling that can deter people, especially those who aren’t used to smoking.

However, with a bong, the smoke cools down in the water before you inhale it, producing a smoother and cleaner hit which ultimately results in a better smoking experience.

Better water filtration

The primary reason why many consumers switch to using bongs to smoke their cannabis flowers is because of water filtration. The reality is when you smoke a joint or blunt, you are also smoking the rolling paper that houses the bud.

However, with a bong, you don’t have to worry about inhaling burnt ash or tar as the water traps the debris, instantly preventing it from going further into your mouth and also your lungs.

If you are looking for an ever-cleaner experience that allows you to taste your flowers even more, consider adding an ash-catcher attachment to your bong.

Easy to clean

Contrary to popular belief, bongs are veryeasy to clean. All you need is to gather some basic cleaning essentials to get those tough areas and stains removed so you can protect yourself from inhaling mold and other bacteria as well as help improve your overall smoking experience.

To get the most benefits from your water pipe, it is recommended that you always change the bong water between smoking sessions. If you notice any hard water stains, perform a quick rinse with lemon juice, vinegar or salt to avoid bad smells and further mold build-up.

More affordable

Although purchasing a high-quality bong may cost you a lot of money in the beginning, it will be totally worth it in the long run. The truth is if you are smoking your cannabis in the form of joints and blunts, you will be wasting more money on rolling papers and other small-scale items which are actually disposable and temporary.

However, with a bong, you will be saving your money as the chances are you are going to be using your water pipe for a longer period of time. This can be especially the case if you take proper care of your bong and treat it well.

Final thoughts

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, a growing number of cannabis users are focusing on what the best method for smoking is. While many choose joints and blunts, others rely on the oldest smoking staple, the bong, to get their THC fix.

Generally, bongs offer better water filtration which further helps in the production of smoother and cleaner hits, improving the overall smoking experience of consumers. They are very easy to use and clean and come in a variety of types and styles that can accommodate every taste. If you need any more reasons, read our post to learn why you should switch to using a bong.

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