5 Signs Of Fitness Red Flag: Gym Membership is a Waste of Money

Could your gains at the gym be why you’re losing all your money? Keep scrolling to spot the red flags of your financial fitness. 

1. Your Budget is Stretched to Its Snapping Point

Let’s face it — a gym membership is a luxury that, like other unnecessary spending, can put your budget through the wringer. If you’re finding it hard to put money aside in savings after paying for your monthly membership, it may be time to reconsider your fitness routine. 

Are savings really that important? Yes! Living paycheck to paycheck without savings puts you in a tricky position. Just think about it — one day, you might get sick enough to require lab tests, or your car could break down and need repairs. Without savings, how will you pay for these unexpected expenses? 

Cutting out your gym membership and other unnecessary spending from your budget can help you save more. But what happens if you run into an emergency before you can rearrange your budget? 

If you’ve already maxed out your credit card, you can find cash loans fast online. If approved, you can use fast loans online in place of savings in an emergency, but no online loan is a permanent substitute for savings. Online loans should only ever be used as a contingency plan. 

2. You’re Too Busy

Like most people, you sign up for a membership with the best intentions. And you made good on your promise to hit the gym regularly for the first few weeks, months, or even years. 

But then life happens—you’re working more,looking after an ailing parent, or welcoming another child to the family. 

Changes to your routine outside the gym can challenge your resolve to workout as often in the gym. If you can’t fit in a visit throughout the week, there’s no shame in cutting your losses. 

3. You Can Never Get a Machine

Nothing quite zaps all your excitement to work out like a long line of people waiting to use the same machines as you. 

Overcrowding is a real problem. And while some gyms try to resolve the issue by having their clients sign up for timeslots, you don’t always have the patience or flexibility to follow this first-come-first-serve scheduling. 

You can try to beat the system by arriving at odd hours when fewer people are likely working out, like 5am or 11pm. Otherwise, it may be time to think about working out at home. 

4. You’re Paying for Luxuries You Don’t Use

Some gyms resemble a buddy’s basement. It’s a no-frillsroom with the essential machines and weights you need. 

Then there are those luxury gyms that are more like a resort. They have all the fitness equipment you could imagine, plus some incredible amenities that make you feel like a VIP — a smoothie bar, classes, complimentary toiletries, spacious locker rooms, childcare, and more. 

Fun extras certainly add to the experience, but they come with a price. You’ll be paying more for a fitness center that provides childcare than a basic gym like PlanetFitness or your local YMCA. 

5. You’re Taking Your Workouts Outside

Now that spring is here, and summer’s on its way, it’s the perfect time to head outside and escape the cramped, air-conditioned gym. 

Whether you’re running through the neighborhood or kayaking on a local river, these outdoor activities leave less time for the gym. 

Bottom Line

Living paycheck to paycheck and relying on online loans to afford your membership is the biggest financial red flag. But don’t overlook the other, less obvious ones. An overcrowded gym with too many amenities could be draining your cash.

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