5 Tips for Perfect Edibles Dose

Cannabis consumption can have amazing effects on your body, including mood stabilization, and pain relief, and it can even help you sleep better. If you’re interested in experiencing this first-hand, but you’re not keen on smoking it – edibles could be the perfect solution for you.

Edibles are great for micro-dosing and slowly getting used to the world of cannabis consumption. Contrary to popular belief, not all cannabis users are on a constant mission to get high, plenty of them are just trying to get by.

Below are five tips to help you with your dosage so that your edibles experience is as pleasant as possible:

Patience Is A Virtue

Everyone’s first experience with edibles is different. Your body will react differently to your friend, so there is no point in taking notes from them. Well, you can take it under advisement – but that doesn’t mean that the same dose they use will have the same effect on you.

Be patient once you’ve had your first bite – different brands take different amounts of time to kick in and have you feeling the full effects. Don’t rush through your experience – change your focus, and wait for the hit.

Start With Slivers

If you’re in pain at a friend’s house and there are edibles around, try and get as much info on them as possible. If no one seems to know what the dosage is, but they know it’s safe for consumption for the treatment of inflammation – start with slivers.

Once you’ve had a sliver, wait for about an hour – that is on the upper end of the scale for the kick-in time. Don’t try to scoff down an entire plate of weed brownies, you’ll regret that later.

Eat First

When planning for your first edibles experience, keep a hydrating bottle of water nearby – just in case you are too relaxed to get up and get some water later. Besides staying hydrated throughout your experience, you must ensure that you eat some proper food before trying one of those tasty delta 9 edibles, no matter how small it is.

Edibles are processed quicker on an empty stomach, which may sound like a good thing, but it’s generally not – especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Listen To Your Body

There are many potential variables to your edibles experience. Body mass, gender, age, and metabolism type all affect the effect the edible will have on your system.

Apart from gender, these can change throughout your life. That means that your edibles dose a few years ago might not work the same way for you now. THC has a highly fickle relationship with fat cells, which could end up ruining your perfect high.

Check Milligrams

If there is no dose on the packaging of your edible, you might want to consider getting a new supplier. Most people consider one dose of THC to be 10 milligrams, but you’ll need to be able to calculate the amount of activated THC in each piece or edible.For example, if the entire chocolate brownie slab has 100 mg of cannabis in it and is split into ten blocks, each piece will contain roughly 10mg of THC. Be smart and check the dose before you consume the product.

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