The 8 Most Common Reasons of Pedestrian-Involved Vehicle Accidents

Vehicular accidents are some of the most dangerous, tragic accidents that happen every day across our country. Understanding that these accidents are not only affecting those in vehicles, and also present major dangers to pedestrians traveling near roadways, is of utmost importance when it comes to public safety. By knowing what type of vehicle accidents, and driver behaviors, most commonly lead to pedestrian-involved vehicle accidents, you can make these accidents happen less. To get you started, here are eight of the most common causes of pedestrian-involved vehicle accidents: 

1. Vehicles Failing to Make Proper Stops

When a vehicle is coming to a stop, and either fails to stop altogether or rolls through, they put pedestrians at extreme risk. After all, vehicles travel much faster than the human mind can react. Sadly, many are injured by vehicles that ignore this major rule of the road, and the injuries pedestrians sustain from such accidents can be lifelong, or in the worst cases, even deadly. 

2. Speeding (Reckless Driving) 

Whether it’s a traditional case of speeding or another type of reckless driving, pedestrians on the side of a busy roadway are always those that are at the greatest risk of sustaining a major injury. There’s an absolute necessity for drivers to fully follow traffic laws, as these are created by civil engineers that are taking every factor on a road (including nearby pedestrians) into account. If you find yourself injured in such an accident, contact the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to ensure you get the restitution you deserve. 

3. Inexperienced Vehicle Operations 

Unfortunately, inexperienced or new drivers are one of the most common factors in pedestrian-involved vehicle accidents. Whether it’s a teen who just got their license or someone who has finally taken up driving as an adult, the complex, demanding process of driving can sometimes prove to be too much for an individual. In the most tragic accidents that involve an inexperienced driver, pedestrians are sometimes caught up in the chaos. 

4. Illegal U-Turns

Drivers often assume that u-turns are banned simply to inconvenience them, but this could not be further from the truth. Many places where u-turns are specifically banned have forbidden them due to the high traffic of pedestrian travelers being in the area. If you fail to follow the u-turn rules, you put both yourself and pedestrians at serious risk of being caught unawares (and expose everyone involved to serious, or even deadly, consequences). 

5. Distracted Driving 

Even if you think you’re a stellar driver, it only takes a moment of distraction for chaotic, consequential accidents to occur. Especially if you’re driving in a high-traffic area, where pedestrians make up a decent portion of that traffic, there are going to be serious consequences for any driver that’s texting, or distracting themselves with some other type of activity that should be left for when you’ve turned off your vehicle’s ignition. 

6. Driving While Intoxicated 

Nothing is as dangerous as a driver who is intoxicated. Intoxication makes the chances of all of the other items on this list occurring skyrocket. If you want to keep yourself, everyone else on the road, and all other pedestrians around safe, it is not only your legal responsibility but your moral task, to never drive while intoxicated. Everyone’s life is put at extreme risk every time that you decide to drive while intoxicated. 

7. Defective Roadway Conditions 

Sometimes accidents involving pedestrians are not fully at the fault of the driver or pedestrian. If a city allows its roads to become defective or dangerous, it puts everyone who has to travel along that path at risk. If you feel this has happened to you, or someone you love, seeking legal help is critical (as the city that failed to keep its roads in a safe condition might be who is most at fault). 

8. Improper Driving within a School Zone 

School zones are highly regulated, as these are the areas where the most pedestrian traffic is likely to occur. The fact that many of these pedestrians are not adults makes the risk of accidents that much higher. Whenever an accident happens in a school zone, the penalties are much higher as well, so always make sure you pay extra close attention to your driving habits, and your surroundings, anytime you find yourself in (or even nearby) a school zone. 

Keep Everyone Safe When You’re on the Road

Whenever you’re behind the wheel, it’s your responsibility to keep everyone even remotely near the roadway safe from harm. By considering the eight scenarios we’ve listed above, you’ll be more prepared to keep your local roadways safe. Knowing what behaviors to avoid is the first step, and continued dedication to driving safely is your sole responsibility as a licensed driver. 

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