8 Things You Must Know About Hormones

School science textbooks taught us about hormones. Many of us got confused about the hormone terminology. Most of us never forget how hormonal imbalance could cause health problems such as hair loss, weight gain, thyroid problems, menopause, and infertility. 

Hormones have a substantial effect on our health and wellbeing. The correct hormonal balance may help protect our energy levels, immunity, and more. They are vital to our body and crucial for overall health, from when you are born and sleep, how you respond to stress, your sex libido, how anxious or happy you are, and everything in between.

Hormones aren’t organs or glands but chemical messengers coordinating different body functions. Let us get a deeper insight into hormones and improve our understanding of their significance in our bodies. 

Hormone-Producing Glands Make A Hormone

Hormone-Producing Glands
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Specific glands in our body make hormones with a particular purpose. Here are the tasks of the hormone glands:      

  • Adrenaline glands produce cortisol stress hormones  
  • Hypothalamus regulates hunger, thirst, sleep, libido, mood, body temperature
  • Ovaries secrete estrogen sex hormones for procreation
  • The Pancreas produces insulin to use food as energy
  • Parathyroid regulates calcium 
  • The Pineal gland produces melatonin to regulate the sleep cycle  
  • Pituitary (human growth hormone) controls other glands  
  • Testes produce sperm in males   
  • The Thyroid regulates heartbeat and calorie-use  

To detect any imbalanced hormone activity, you must visit an endocrinologist or hormone doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating hormonal gland problems.

Certain Foods Mess Up Hormones

The foods you eat have a direct impact on hormonal activity. Minerals, vitamins, and amino acid deficiency can cause hormonal imbalances. Your morning cup of caffeine is your wake-up call, but it can spike up your stress hormone (cortisol), disrupting your sleep, causing weight fluctuations, and making you feel more tired.

Red meats also don’t go well with hormones. They are the most significant cause of estrogen imbalance and can cause water retention to weight gain. Cut back on red meat if you experience mood swings, headaches, or bloating. Drinking alcohol too often can affect estrogen levels. Once in a while, skip the drink.   

Hormones Can Affect Your Memory

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Have you heard of brain fog? Hormonal fluctuations can alter your brain’s working. It can cause anger outbursts or make you weep randomly. Memory loss, confusion, and not feeling as sharp as before are common hormonal symptoms you may face.

Consider alternative therapies like mediation, yoga, and Tai Chi for stress reduction and mood elevation. Reduce refined sugar, dairy products, and processed foods that dull the brain and trigger hormonal imbalances—slot time for puzzle play and other brain-stimulating games for your hormone health. 

Hormones Can Make You Look Younger

Healthy hormonal levels share a connection with glowing skin, weight management, and other such benefits. Estrogen hormone makes your skin look younger because of the hyaluronic acid it produces. Estrogen is the hormone of youth that contributes to other youthful attributes, such as sharp thinking, less body fat, faster metabolism, etc.

Check your hormone levels if you have low levels of one or more hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. Consider going for Human Growth Hormone therapy to help you look good.  

Men And Women Have Common Hormones  

Men And Women Have Common Hormones  
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Males and females have the same hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Their blood concentrations, production sites, and interaction with different organs vary based on their needs. Because of this, men and women experience various deficiency problems.

Testosterone is a man’s primary sex hormone, whereas estrogen and progesterone are primary sex hormones in women. Certain medications can also cause estrogen and testosterone deficiencies. Get your uncomfortable symptoms tested on time.   

Your Workout Can Affect Hormones

Workout Affects On Hormones
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Working up a sweat is one of the beneficial ways for health and hormonal balance. Exercise helps reduce stress levels and regulates your hormones, such as insulin.

Get into a regular exercise habit if you have diabetes, or a metabolic disorder, caused by improper hormone functioning. Aim to walk daily and be less deskbound and inactive. Take the stairs. Get up every half hour when you are in a sitting position. Workout at home or with a friend to get you moving.  

Getting Enough Sleep Is Hormone-Friendly  

Irrespective of a nutritious diet or consistent exercise routine, getting good sleep is essential for optimal health and hormones. Poor sleep can cause hormonal imbalances such as insulin, ghrelin, HGH, cortisol, and leptin. Sleep deprivation may increase cortisol levels and insulin resistance.

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Put light music and relaxing essential oils in your bedroom to stimulate early sleep. Sleep in as much darkness as possible to reduce potential distractions. 

Keep Moderate Weight

Weight gain is likely to influence hormonal imbalances. It may also cause difficulties in insulin sensitivity and reproductive health and promote obesity and reduced hormone secretion from the ovaries or testes. Obesity is a common cause of infertility, particularly in urban areas.  

Eat within your calorie range to help maintain hormonal balance and moderate weight. Ideally, eat in smaller portions to avoid over-appetite and bloating.



Hormonal issues can be different for each one of us. Manage your lifestyle habits apart from seeking medical help. Work out regularly to help balance hormones. Consider yoga and Pilates for stress reduction and mood improvement.  

Dietary choices can bring about changes in estrogen levels. Eat a Mediterranean-style diet comprising whole grains, fish, legumes, broccoli, and cauliflower to reduce estrogen levels.

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