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Amanda Batula Weight Loss | Workout and Diet Journey

Another day another weight loss story. These weight stories and journeys always excite and motivate us that if a person or a celebrity can lose so much weight, why can we. In this article, we will talk about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey, diet, exercise regime, and other things she has done to lose weight?

About Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula is a cast member of Bravo’s brand-new season of Summer House. She works as the senior graphic designer and art director for Drink Lover Boy, a sparkling hard tea. She collaborated on the tea with Kyle Cooke, her co-star on Summer House. Amanda has her blog, which she started through her website, There you may discover her favorite goods, press about her or the program, and her contact page if you have any questions. Amanda is particularly interested in cosmetics and skincare. She has natural freckles, which she flaunted in an un-makeup photo on Instagram one day. She also revealed to Bravo TV her go-to items for achieving her unique style.

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Amanda Batula rose to prominence after appearing in the reality television series Summer House. The 5-foot 6-inch tall actress was at her heaviest during Season 2, her first official season. During her time on the show, she dropped between 15 and 20 pounds. She doesn’t know how much she weighed at the time since she refused to get on the scale, but she eventually returned to her college weight of roughly 110 lbs. or 50 kg.

“Season 2, which was my first official season, was when I was at my heaviest,” the Bravo personality, 28, said on Monday, April 27 during an Instagram Q&A. “I’m not sure how much I weighed since I refused to walk on a scale, but I’d guess I’ve shed 15 to 20 pounds since then.” And I’m now back to the weight I was in college.”  She added that “I realize that figure may seem incredibly high compared to how I looked back then — it’s not like I was massive — but I gained weight quite evenly, and I carry it in my face a lot,” she revealed.

Her weight loss is entirely due to intermittent fasting. Amanda Batula does not feel deprived of food even though she does not generally eat lunch until late afternoon when intermittent fasting, which seems to be the 18:6 method. Stay tuned for more information on her weight loss.

Amanda Batula weight loss

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Amanda Batula Diet Plan

During the weight loss journey, a person needs to follow a strict diet. Otherwise, one will not be able to lose this much weight. Talking about Amanda Batula’s diet, she has some serious diet suggestions and notes that she has been following ever since.

According to Amanda, she was never an exercise person, so she decided to manage her meal habits and enlisted the help of a nutritionist. She began a balanced FODMAP DIET in addition to her typical intake of Bullet Proof Coffee for her diet. She also mentioned that intermittent fasting was a game-changer for her body. According to her, she also avoided a lot of actual fruits because they contain a lot of natural sugar. During her weight reduction journey, she made a point of including veggies in her meals.

She maintains her diet while still satisfying her cravings on and off. According to her, you should constantly attend to your craving in little doses so that you do not overindulge in it. She also did not observe much of a calorie count when eating because, according to her, it may not aid your weight reduction.

Amanda Batula does not feel deprived of food even though she does not generally eat lunch until late afternoon when intermittent fasting. Coffee, Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil), and grass-fed butter or ghee are frequently combined in the drink, also known as butter coffee. She stated that drinking the beverage while adhering to the diet plan, which alternates between eating and fasting intervals, had helped her lose “15-20 pounds” since the show’s second season when she was “at my heaviest.”

Amanda Batula Workout Plan

According to her interview, Amanda Batula’s exercise was never the best option for her weight reduction. The actress made every effort for it, but she could not take it to the next level of success.

Amanda is now working and maintaining her body type, and her weight fluctuates. In her question and answer sessions, she unequivocally said that she considers monitoring her eating habits more beneficial to her health than the workout itself. It shows that you can reduce weight just by diet.

Amanda Batula weight loss tips

Amanda Batula weight loss tips

Given her problems and weight-loss approaches, one thing Amanda provides with her fans and friends are as follow:

  1. Instead of fully ignoring your urges, feed them in tiny quantities.
  2. Reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake as much as possible.
  3. Intermittent fasting can be quite beneficial.
  4. Loosen up as much as you’re comfortable with.
  5. Don’t put your foot on the scale.

She explained that she avoided the scale for a full year because the number you see doesn’t matter; what matters is how she feels about what she is wearing and how she physically feels about herself. The final aim is that your favorite pair of jeans fit.

With this, we may all set our boundaries to the limitations that we determine for ourselves. There is no such thing as optimal weight reduction, according to Amanda, because self-satisfaction is the most important factor before anybody changes.

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In a nutshell, the weight loss journey of Amanda Batula shows that if you’re not an exercise person or a fitness freak, you can still achieve the slim fit look just by your diet. You have to control the extra carbs without giving up on your craving. The diet, along with intermittent fasting and Bullet Proof coffee, resulted in noticeable and encouraging physique improvements. It shows that Amanda has concentrated on making tiny modifications to her routine that help her maintain a positive attitude and build her confidence. This whole sums up that we should Eat Smartly, Stay Fit and Healthy.

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