The 3 Side Effects You May Experience After Bariatric Surgery

Many people see dramatic weight loss after getting bariatric surgery. They also have a much lower risk of some diseases such as diabetes and enjoy a number of other health benefits. It’s not uncommon to see results like losing 100 pounds in as little as one year. However, since this is a surgery, there are still some risks. Not only physical, but some are mental as well. 

A lot of adjustments will have to be made to make sure that the surgery was worth it. For instance, to get the proper nutrients when on a restrictive and almost vegan diet, you’ll need to use products such as vitamin patches for bariatric surgery. In this article, we will go over what some of the side effects are that you should expect. 

1 – Muscle loss

Although your body has a lot of fat that can be spared, when the weight loss takes off after surgery you may experience some muscle loss in addition. This is not a good thing because you clearly need your muscles for strength. After you lose weight, you will hope to gain some back in the form of solid and healthy muscles. 

Exercising is going to be an important part of your lifestyle and you don’t want to have to build those muscles back up from nothing. Make sure to be eating plenty of protein when you have surgery. For a while after you will be on a very strict diet and meat won’t be allowed for some time. There are protein shakes that can give you enough protein to maintain your muscle mass after surgery. 

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2 – Malnutrition

You will be on a diet that is going to be very restrictive and limited. Many foods will be off-limits. This is going to make it very difficult to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrition. It is not uncommon for people that go through bariatric surgery to end up malnourished due to these restrictions. 

There are things like meat and some vegetables that will be off-limits and make it difficult to get a perfectly balanced diet. Early on you will need to take some multivitamins, but even then your body will respond better to having the nutrients it needs coming from whole foods. After some time you will be able to eat more variety of food and will have a more balanced diet. 

3 – Mental health issues

Many people that are morbidly obese have some form of mental health problems . Some are depressed, some are anxious, and most think that losing weight will solve those problems. Unfortunately, those issues don’t magically go away when the weight drops. There are self esteem issues that may clear up but mental health is a complex thing and it takes time and therapy to get it back on track. 

There will be a lot of emotions to deal with even when you are happy with the results you’ve gotten and the improvement of your physical health. It’s very important to be aware of this and take measures to get some help. 

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