What are The Benefits of Thai Jasmine Rice Over White Rice?

If you love rice, you should understand the difference and the health benefits of each type of rice. Rice is an essential component of various cuisines and is a stable food preferred by most people. Though there are different types of rice, jasmine rice is a particular variant. Jasmine rice comes in various colors and is rich with nutrients beneficial to the human body. For example, jasmine rice is rich in manganese, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, Vitamin B1, and other nutrients. The different types of rice differ in grain size, processing, and fiber content.

 Rice is one of the most significant sources of carbohydrates, yet with little protein and negligible fats. The different strains of rice include; white rice, jasmine, brown, black, and red rice. The nutrient content of rice depends on the rice’s strain type, the grain’s processing process, the kind of soil where the rice is grown, and the fortification of nutrients.

Top Benefits of Thai Jasmine Rice Over White Rice

Jasmine Rice is Rich in Calories

If you want to gain weight, consuming food rich in calories is the best option. The high-calorie content in jasmine rice helps in bulking up the die to the high carb content. In addition, the increased calories also help in increasing body energy. Once the starch in jasmine rice is broken down, it provides adequate fuel for physical and metabolic activities.

One cup of jasmine rice has about 180 calories. There are different types of jasmine rice, such as  Long Grain Thai Jasmine White Rice | Mahatma® Rice, one of the best variants in the market. However, if you want to lose weight, jasmine rice may not be a good option due to the high calories. Nevertheless, you can still consider it a good source of energy.

Jasmine Rice is an Excellent Source of Fiber

Fiber is one of the significant nutrients that help digestion, regulate sugar levels, and reduce cholesterol. The presence of fiber in rice helps ease digestion problems and prevent or relieve digestive issues such as constipation. In addition, fiber plays a vital role in ensuring gut health by enabling the body to absorb more nutrients from the food and making the stool softer.

 Fiber also plays an essential role in ensuring lower consumption of calories by preventing overreaction. Lastly, fiber is a crucial nutrient that helps maintain good bowel movement. Jasmine rice is one of the few foods rich in fiber content.

Enhances Immunity

Immunity is an essential aspect of the human body. With an increase in different types of germs, viruses, and bacteria causing deadly diseases, you need a solid immunity to fight these pathogens. Several scientists have studied ways to improve immunity, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jasmine rice has a significant iron content, which helps boost the body’s immune system functioning. Further, the presence of iron in jasmine rice helps in the rapid synthesis of red blood cells, which helps fight infections.

The red blood cell captures the pathogens on the surface, neutralizes them, and then presents them to the immune cells. Furthermore, due to the significant content of iron, jasmine rice will help prevent diseases such as anemia and related conditions such as fatigue and racing heart.

Jasmine Rice is a Source of Folic Acid

During pregnancy, folic acid is an essential nutrient. Folic acid plays a vital role during pregnancy, especially when it is consumed in the form of synthetic folate. Regular consumption of jasmine rice rich in folic acid helps reduce neural tube defects and congenital disabilities in newborns.

 Consumption of an adequate amount of folic acid by expectant mothers will ensure the proper growth and development of the child before and after birth. Therefore, jasmine rice is a recommended diet for mothers who are conceiving and expectant to ensure that the child grows healthy.

Ensures Gut Health

Some people assume that a healthy gut is only essential for indigestion. However, gut health contributes more to overall health and fitness apart from digestion. Further, it helps in inducing sleep, keeping a healthy heart, improving mood, strengthening the immune system, ensuring a healthy brain, and preventing possible cancer risks.

By including jasmine rice in your diet, you will be able to enhance gut health since it has a high content of vitamins and minerals, which are very helpful in overall health and wellness.

Wrapping Up

Jasmine rice is rich in carbohydrates, glycemic index, and blood glucose levels and hence very beneficial for overall health. You should include jasmine rice in your daily diet. However, you should ensure you have taken a measured quantity due to high blood glucose. You must avoid consuming a higher amount of jasmine rice than the prescribed one as it may have some side effects, such as increasing risks of obesity and increasing blood sugar levels.

Therefore, it should be taken in moderation. However, jasmine rice comes in different variants that you can always choose from. Jasmine rice is a perfect diet for all age groups. Compared to white rice, jasmine rice proves to have more health benefits. Plus, it has a floral taste and can be a perfect choice for accompaniment with biryani, curries, and other dishes. 

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