Best Laboratory Equipment Suppliers and Preventative Maintenance


When searching for the best laboratory equipment supplier to support the cold chain, we have the answers for you

Cold chain is a system for storing and transporting vaccines within the safe of +2 degrees centigrade to + 8 centigrade. The temperature range is extremely important as vaccines can easily lose their effectiveness when:

  • they get too warm
  • are allowed to freeze
  • exposed to strong UV light.

Lab Equipment Maintenance

Healthcare facilities usually establish a protocol for the staff to follow in the safe storage of vaccines. It is extremely important to start with the right equipment for vaccine storage and to conduct regular audits of it.

Your best provider is Pacific Science, LLC designs and they have the appropriate cold storage equipment and product training to meet your needs. A hospital will have a greater need than a doctor’s surgery, and when working with blood and human tissue, you will need a designated storage unit. Available cold storage products vary from cryogenic equipment to ultra-low freezers, freezer racks, and boxes.

Maintaining your equipment is essential, as you don’t want to be subjected to a cold chain breach. Have your refrigeration equipment regularly serviced with the date of service on the equipment.

When your vaccines arrive from the laboratory, each delivery has a Tag Alert cold chain monitor attached to electronically record temperature during transport. The Tag Alert is usually valid for 12 months and has a certificate of validation.

Kryo Control Rate Freezer

Certain medical tissues and samples will require the use of a Kryo Control Rate Freezer. The process of freezing samples using a cryoprotectant is complex, due to the fact that the sample must remain viable. If the power happens to go out, an independent controller safeguards the power system in your machine, keeping it at an accurate temperature. Lab equipment Maintenance should be carried out regularly.

Laboratory Equipment Supplier Research

If you are working on research and are in the field of cell culture and regenerative medicine, you will need the right equipment to minimize the risk of contamination and control the temperature and humidity in which the cells grow. Pacific Science, LLC provides laboratory equipment to optimize cell culture and cell viability, including incubators and ultra-low temperature freezers. The PHCbi CO2 incubators are a good choice for this type of work. providing precise control and accurate temperature within the chamber. The incubators are reliable and create the right environment for cell culture growth.

Laboratory Equipment Supplier Research


Different raw materials are used for cell culture and fermentation with many different chemicals used in the process and these in turn can impact safety and efficiency. The quality of the product is also important, and quality can be impacted by trace impurities like lead and aluminum or even microorganisms. So managing the raw materials must be done carefully, using the right laboratory equipment supplier.

Preventative Maintenance

Implement a policy to control the refrigerator temperature and document the results. Keep the unit clean and running efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance
  • Pay attention to any alarms going off
  • Store materials appropriately ( use the racking system)
  • Make sure the door gasket is clean and free from leaks
  • Remove any frost build-up
  • Vacuum the condenser coils.
  • Keep the shelves clean inside the fridge using a damp cloth.

Because of the nature of research, lab samples are often irreplaceable, representing years of hard work and research, and sustaining the integrity of plasma and blood samples relies on the quality of the refrigeration provided within the laboratory. So it is important to do all that you can to lengthen the life of your lab fridge. Avoid storing materials on top of your fridge to allow unobstructed airflow.


Laboratory refrigerators contain reagents, and samples representing years of research. So it is important to contact the best laboratory equipment, supplier, from the beginning to put the right equipment in place from the start. The cold chain will then remain intact to preserve valuable vaccines. If the cold chain is breached the vaccines must be discarded and this is wasteful and dangerous. New solutions are being developed all the time involving cold chain solutions, and many people will find the latest research interesting. Contact Pacific Science, LLC for the latest cold chain storage advice.

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