Best Ways to Store Cannabis

Cannabis is a wonderful flower that has been used for centuries to produce a multitude of products. It is not just a plant with an intoxicating effect. It can be made into medicines, food, textiles, and more. However, cannabis requires special care as it does not grow like other flowers.

Cannabis flowers are easily susceptible to humidity, high temperatures, light, and air exposure. Too much exposure to the elements will make the flowers crumbly brown and they’ll lose their potency. If you see your flowers drying out faster than before, you should seriously think about investing in weed storage equipment.

It’s important to store your weed properly, no matter how often you use it, whether you’re on the go or you’re keeping a certain strain for special occasions. 

Here are some tips on how to store weed properly.

Cannabis humidors

If you are passionate about preserving your cannabis, make sure you invest in a humidor to keep it fresh and potent for longer. There are various humidors designed to hold more strains of weed at a time. These types of humidors are the perfect way for cannabis enthusiasts who want to try multiple blends without having any of them going stale.

Weed containers do more than just store your buds. They help reduce the moisture and will keep them fresher for longer. You can find luxury cannabis humidors that provide cannabis users with an elegant and sophisticated way to store their weed. These humidors come with many versatile options for storing and preserving the different types of cannabis, which makes them the perfect storage solution.

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Avoid plastic bags

Plastic bags are one of the main culprits in the degradation of cannabis. When cannabis is stored in a plastic bag, chemicals from the bag are absorbed into the flowers. These chemicals then break down and release harmful toxins into your weed that can ruin its potency and taste.

The trichomes on the buds are what give cannabis its potency and a rich smell. When the bud is put into a vacuum-sealed bag and then left to sit, the silica in the plastic walls of the bag will absorb all of that goodness. So, keeping your stash in weed boxes might be a better way to maintain levels of humidity, so you always have fresh buds on hand.

Glass jars

Glass jars are still used in homes for storing food or drink. They’re very versatile, don’t leak, and protect well against air, grease, and bacteria. It protects the weed from light and keeps the moisture out. Airtight glass jars have become a popular option for weed storage. They’re cheap, come in a variety of sizes, and are fairly easy to seal up.

You can also vacuum seal the container if you’re going to store your stash for longer. The downside is that some of them have aluminum lids. These lids can pass a metallic taste into the buds stored in them over time. Additionally, make sure you keep the jars in a cool and dark place with a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid refrigerating or freezing 

One may be surprised as to how the trend of refrigerating weed has gained popularity. Keep in mind that when kept in the fridge, your weed starts to mold and this lowers its quality. On the other hand, freezing them involves many steps that can damage your precious cannabis flowers. Many people store weed in the freezer by using ziplock bags, which are then wrapped with aluminum foil.

This can damage the trichomes and leave you with low-quality weed that won’t give you an intense high. Aside from the fragile weed being a hassle to deal with, frozen weed is also hard to keep trimmed without making it brittle. So, skip the fridge, store your buds in airtight containers, and head to the cellar. Cellars are usually chilly on the surface and provide a great, dark spot for storing weed!

Cannabis-infused products

Cannabis-infused products should be consumed right away, as they may start to lose their potency after a certain period of time. Each of the products has guidelines and expiration dates on its packaging. Store these types of products the same as regular food products unless otherwise stated on the packaging.

Cannabis concentrates are more resistant to mold because they have a smaller volume of organic material, but please follow the guidelines carefully.

Final thoughts

Keep your weed in a dry place to make sure it is not damaged or ruined by moisture or humidity. Pay attention to the type of packaging your products come in, and look for top-of-the-line boxes that will make your life easier. You can also consider airtight glass jars to help you out if you don’t currently own a specialized weed box.

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