7 Most Common Cancer Diseases Globally

If there is one disease that can make people tremble with fear it is cancer. A body tends to develop cancer when the normal and regulated function and metabolism of that body are disturbed. This leads to the delay in apoptosis which is the natural cell death. Old cells refuse to die and continue to grow out of control. This ends up in the development of abnormal cells.

According to the best oncologist in Karachi, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. People who have poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy habits are more prone to such developments.

Today we will be discussing what are the most common types of cancers that are affecting millions worldwide.

Most common Cancers Diseases Worldwide

It is baffling to think that over 200 different types of cancers have been identified so far. Let us discuss in descending order what is the type of cancer which is causing the elevation in the mortality rate worldwide.

1. Breast cancer

Yes, you might have heard about this and this is because it is one of the leading causes of death in women in the United States. Although this cancer can affect both men and women it tends to be more common in women all around the world.

Nowadays there is a growing understanding of this cancer and how to avoid it. But people still need to know about the risk factors and the habits that can end them up with these sorts of mutational developments.

Due to the recent surge in awareness, more advanced treatment approaches, and an on-time diagnosis, the mortality rate has suffered but we still have to reach far.

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2. Lung cancer

Lungs are the most important organs of your body. They filter the air properly so that your body has ample amounts of oxygen. This oxygen is important for your blood and is essential for several different key functions of your body.

It hails the second spot on our list because it is one of the leading causes of death around the globe. Naturally, people who have smoked for years are at a greater risk because nicotine smoke is known to be rich in carcinogenic substances.

That is why make sure to get rid of this waste of a habit as soon as possible.

3. Prostate cancer

The prostate is a male glade that is known to produce seminal fluid. This fluid is helpful for the health and stability of sperms. Most of the time when these cancers are in the developmental phase their growth rate is slow. They are also confined to these prostates.

On the other hand, when they are aggressive in nature, they can cause serious and unknown damage to your body.

4. Rectal cancer

The rectum is a significant part of your body. But when the cancerous cells start developing in the rectum it can give rise to serious complications such as rectal cancer.

The most common symptom of rectal cancer is a sudden and unregulated change in bowel movements and frequent blood in your stool.

Several tests of both rectum and colon are performed to identify the root cause and for the start of the treatment.

5. Melanoma

One of the most serious types of skin cancers out there is melanoma. Melanin is a pigment that is produced by special cells in your skin. Its production is what decides your skin color.

Melanoma can also develop in your eyes and in some rare cases it can also develop in your body.

6. Bladder cancer

As the name suggests, it is a type of cancer that develops in your bladder. The bladder is a hollow organ and its main function is to store urine.

It can also develop along the lining of cells inside your bladder. It is also one of the most prominent types of cancer.

7. Renal cancer

When the kidney cells which are known as nephrons divide uncontrollably this leads to the development of cancer. Many say that the real reasons for kidney cancer are still unknown. But there are certain risk factors that have been identified that are extremely helpful in the treatment patterns.

From smoking tobacco to being obese, these are some of the major risk factors that can make bring you one step closer to renal cancer.

Make sure to take care of your kidneys because they are of high importance.

Closing Argument

Cancer is a disease that has been wreaking havoc on mankind for quite some time and the need to understand and get familiar with the statistics is more evident than ever.

Make sure to keep pace with the recent news and upgrade your information properly.

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