Crumbl Cookie Calories | Crumbl Cookie Nutritional Facts: Ultimate Guide

Knowing the nutritional facts of the product that we consume is imperative for observing a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people enjoy eating cookies and biscuits of different brands but have they ever considered to know if they are healthy or not? Have they ever considered its calorie count? In this article, you will get to know the nutritional facts of crumbled cookies and their calorie count. Its nutritional facts contain carbs, fat, and protein. These are the things that make these treats healthy and tasty. 

Moreover, these crumbl cookies are rich in protein and low in fat, their soft, chewy texture and delicious taste is o die for. They are the best option if you are looking for something quick and easy to eat.

Calorie Count of a Crumbl Cookies

The crumbl cookie is a healthy and affordable option when you are trying to eat something low in calories. It is good for one or two people. These cookies are the best options for those people who are willing to try different flavors. The crumbl cookie calorie count is approximately 600 calories and 90 grams of carbohydrates.

Crumble cookies consists of huge amount of sugar and extra fat which is extremely unhealthy as well as perilous for health. So, excess intake of anything is harmful that’s why you should take it in certain limit. Whenever you are craving for any delicious thing or even for a cookie then don’t eat an entire cookie but only a single serving otherwise it would be perilous for health.

A lot of people have voted these cookies to be the healthiest and most delicious dessert option which they can share with their better halves.

Although crumble cookies are low in calories, but their sugar content is high because each cookie contains 125 calories which is a lot. That’s why it can affect your health. These cookies are not the healthiest option if you are on a low carbohydrate diet. So, don’t only depend on crumbl cookies if you are trying to lose weight. These cookies contain a high amount of carbohydrates as mentioned earlier and they should only be restricted for indulging occasionally.

Crumbl Cookies Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Info

Carbs46 g Sodium135 mg
Dietary Fiber2 g Potassium95 mg
Sugar35 g Cholesterol70 mg
Fat22 g Vitamin A–%
Saturated13 g Vitamin C–%
Polyunsaturated–g Calcium0%
Monounsaturated–g Iron15%
Trans–g Percentages are based on a 
   diet  of 2000 calories a day 

Crumbl Cookies Calorie Count

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

Crumbl Cookies Calorie Count
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Healthy Points of Crumbl Cookies

Few healthy points of crumbl cookies are:

  1. To check the nutritional information of crumbl cookies you can visit the company’s website. Any company’s website features all the important nutritional information about their most popular items.
  2. These cookies are made with ingredients that make them low in fat and calories. They contain 50g of sugar per cookie. They do not add any preservatives to their cookies, which means that these cookies are the perfect healthy choice for people on a diet.
  3. Crumbl cookies are very helpful in losing weight. Crumbl cookies are high in fiber and low in fat that’s why these cookies are the best option for weight loss.
  4. Crumbl cookies are made with a very less amount of sugar and these cookies contain approximately 6000 calories.
  5. The average cookie contains only 50g of sugar and it is very suitable for your diet. You can eat one or two cookies in a day or you can share these cookies with your friends.

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Why Are Crumbl Cookies So High in Calorie?

The crumbl cookies are high in calories because of their serving size. The serving size of these cookies are very large that’s why their calorie count is also high. To maintain the calorie count according to your diet you can have them in small pieces. In this way, you can maintain your sugar intake and also enjoy these tasty desserts.

Are Crumbl Cookies Gluten-free?

The crumbl cookies are not gluten-free according to the nutritional fact given by the crumbl cookies nutrition guide. So, if you are avoiding gluten then these cookies are not for you.

List of Some More Exciting Crumbl Cookie Flavors

Here is the list of some newly introduced flavors.

As you guys know that crumble cookies are so delicious and it consists of multiple flavors that are discussed below:

1: Chocolate Oreo:

It is probably the best and loved flavor ever as it gives a completely natural taste of oreo.

2: Peppermint bark:

This flavor of cookie is melted with chocolate at the top of along with a some chocolaty sprinkles.

3: Cornbread:

It is topped with a honey butter along with it’s delicious butter cream, it gives an entirely unique taste of a classic desert.

4: Chocolate chip:

It is the most favorite flavor of almost everyone because of chocolate topping over it as well as inside the based cookie, it gives a fantastic and unique taste that’s why people always praise it.

What is the reason behind it’s popularity?

Firstly, its taste is just mind blowing and especially at the time of Covid it got famous, because when everyone were at their homes so it they started to order online after seeing it on different social media platforms and loved the taste. It is how it got famous and people still loves to eat it.

Can you eat it while dieting?

Yes, you can eat it while dieting because it contains less fat as mentioned earlier that it’s intake has to be in a certain limit as it is full of sugar and refined flour. So, I would highly recommend you not to eat it every time and in a certain limit like only eat half of it or single serving.


These cookies are the best way to binge on a sweet treat because of their low sugar content. While making these cookies at home, use all the ingredients in a certain quantity while taking care of your health so it will only contain 75 calories in each cookie. Additionally, it’s not mandatory to refrigerate them every time because few of them are served warm. So, you should keep them at 110 degrees for approximately two hours. But, some of them are even kept in refrigerator as well. They also help people in losing weight and fulfill their sugar cravings. Their unique flavors make them more desirable. So, if you are a sweet lover but also want to maintain your per day calorie count then you must try them.

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