Dark Circles Under Eyes kids: Causes & Relief

Dark circles under the eyes of kids’ and toddlers’ otherwise beautiful, bright, and mischievous eyes can be alarming and even disconcerting.

Does your preschooler look like your colleague from accounting who has just pulled an all-nighter working on quarterly reports?

Does your child resemble a college student who just had a breakdown because they could not keep up with the stress of endless assignments and exams?

It is time for you to wonder what’s up with the dark circles under eyes kids.

 Dark Circles Under Kids Eyes

Though it may be adorable to believe that your kid has dark circles under eyes because of lack of sleep or stress, that is not the case for children. Your child is probably suffering from infant allergies. Perhaps, they have been genetically predisposed to what scientists refer to as ‘periorbital dark circles.’

When your child starts to show swollen under eyes, their eyes will start looking more like a raccoon’s. Therefore, dark circles are also often called ‘raccoon eyes.’

I can see the frown on your face. You are already worried about your child.

In such cases, it helps to know all about the condition that has clung to your baby.

Here is more about dark circles under kid’s eyes.

What is the science behind dark circles? 

If your beautiful and cheery toddler wakes up and starts to look like he/she is about to enter their pre-teens, it is time for you to panic.

But how did those dark circles appear and make them look older than they are?

When the skin under your child’s eyes starts to thin, it exposes their blood vessels. Thus, there is dark discoloration and redness around the eyes. The change of color in the veins can change from the increase in blood flow. Therefore, your toddler’s eyes could be tinted blue or purple.

What are the causes of dark circles under the eyes kids?

Though dark circles under your child’s eyes will not stop them from being as lively as ever, they can make them look fatigued.

Don’t worry, and they will still chatter endlessly and drive you to your wits. They’re kids after all, aren’t they?

Though dark circles aren’t painful or uncomfortable, knowing what caused them is still essential.

Read further to know possible reasons for your child’s swollen under the eyes.

Though there are many causes of dark circles, the most common in children are allergies. These could be due to food, latex, rubber, and detergent. Reactions to cosmetics and dyes are other sources of allergies for children. So, along with ensuring that your child does not eat your lipsticks, you need to make sure they do not touch them either!

Other reasons for dark circles under kids’ eyes can be trauma, eczema, iron deficiency, nose congestion, and abnormal skin pigmentation.

That child screaming at the top of their lungs for food or videogames right now is undoubtedly yours. Though you love them with all your heart, you may want them out of your hair. Maybe you are tired of watching them sit in front of the TV all day long. Thus, you encourage them to go outside and play.

But beware! Too much exposure to the sun is also a common cause of dark circles.

They should play hide and seek or toss around a ball in the sun, but it is not healthy to expose them to the sun’s rays for more extended periods.

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How can you get rid of dark circles under kids eyes?

Of course, you do not want your child’s under eyes to be discolored.

How can you get rid of dark circles?

You will want your child to look happy and cheerful instead of fatigued or stressed beyond their age. The best option for you will be to consult a dermatologist. But, if you want to try a couple of home remedies first, don’t stop reading just yet!

Read below to find out more.

  1. You could use some cooled off tea bags by placing them on your child’s eyes. They are said to take off the strain from the muscles surrounding their eyes. Moreover, they will have some relief from fatigue if they aren’t sleeping well.
  2. Do you know why cucumber slices are placed on your eyes when you go to the spa? They help relax the region surrounding your eyes. Similarly, they will work like a charm for dark circles under kids’ eyes!
  1. Cotton balls dipped in coconut oil for dark circles are a tried and tested method. Nothing wrong with giving it a try, is there?
  2. Your child needs to maintain a healthy diet if they are to combat dark circles and battle fatigue. Iron-rich food and vitamins for dark circles should be your priority. They will help your toddler fight deficiencies and stay fit!
  3. You could also try placing cold spoons on the top of your child’s eyes. It soothes and relaxes their swollen under the eyes.

What is the diagnosis of dark circles in children?

It is usual for parents to be worried about the safety and health of their children.

I understand that you are afraid to take them to the dermatologist. But, isn’t the unknown scarier than a condition you know and can take steps to cure?

If you are thinking of taking your child to the dermatologist, you should know about the possible procedures they will follow.

To diagnose dark circles under eyes, your child may have to undergo blood tests, urine tests, and sleep studies. The last one should not be a problem since your kid will be off having their life in wonderland!

But, before all this can go through, the pediatrician will ask you a bunch of questions. You don’t need to be worried, and they will not ask you for your kidney! The issues will be related to your child’s health only.


If you have thoroughly read this entire guide, you will be well-equipped to deal with dark circles under your kids eyes. Get them the required medical attention or try home remedies, your child will be back to looking at their age and active in no time!

Now go, give your kid a tight hug and bask in the wholesomeness they provide!

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