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Does Your Child Need A Custom Mouthguard for Sport This Year?

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Does your child play any sport? Leaving them out on their own as they play can be daunting for parents. Ensuring they wear mouthguards and other sports gear gives you peace of mind and adds to your child’s safety. But there are various mouthguards available and knowing the best one for your child is crucial. Read on to find out why mouthguards are a must-have for your sporting star.

Purpose of a mouthguard

Parramatta dentists have handled various dental injuries, and one of the most common ones come from sporting accidents. Of course, contact and team sports increase the chances of dental injury, but solo sports such as BMXing and skateboarding can also pose the same risk. Yet, most of those injuries caused to the jaw, teeth, and face can be prevented or at least minimised with a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Off the shelf vs custom-fitted mouthguards

Mouthguards come in three types. That is the off the shelf mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards, and custom made mouthguards.

Off the shelf mouthguards

As the name suggests, these are ready and waiting in sports stores and chemists. The downside is their sizing options are pretty limited, and their quality varies. Moreover, children find them very uncomfortable and often develop a resistance towards them. Think about an ill-fitting car seat. Parents are advised to avoid them because they don’t offer guaranteed protection. It isn’t any different from an off the shelf mouthguard, which doesn’t provide adequate protection to your child’s teeth.

Boil and bite mouthguards

They are better than the former regarding fit. They are somehow tailored to mould into your child’s mouth by being placed in boiling water for softening and then fitted to your child’s teeth. Still, they are narrower than custom mouthguards and foster poor jaw and back teeth protection. This is undoubtedly a more comfortable and protective choice than the off the shelf mouthguards. But none compares to the custom mouthguard.

Custom-fitted mouthguards

These are ideal for your child’s superior protection with no compromise on comfort. You can expect your child to be happier and more comfortable. The fitting mouthguard sits perfectly against their teeth and is also less chunky than other options. They don’t just offer a snug fit; they also extend to the back of the teeth for the best dental protection.

How are custom mouthguards made?

If your child engages in any sports, it’s advisable to book an appointment at your local dental clinic. Your dentist will figure out the exact mould of your child’s dental makeup. After that, they will make a matching mouthguard. Children love a bit of colour, and this service will incorporate choosing from various assortments for a unique mouthguard that they will be proud of.


What if my child still has baby teeth?

Mouthguards still come in handy. Fallen baby teeth stay in place of adult teeth and promote jaw alignment. Dental accidents can be traumatic and compromise your child’s dental structure.

What if my child wears braces?

Custom mouthguards are made to accommodate your child’s oral structure, even the braces. If your child wears braces, they will benefit further. A mouthguard will prevent nicks, cuts, and scratches.

How often should my child’s mouthguard be replaced?

Children grow up fast, calling for the reviewing of the mouthguard each sporting season. Your dentist can offer the best advice on this.


Parents always strive to provide their kids with the best protection available, and a mouthguard is ideal for a healthy dental structure. Let your child enjoy their sport with all the protection and comfort they need from a custom-fitted mouthguard. Contact your dental clinic today for a step towards your child’s safety!

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