Why Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men Occurs?

Erectile dysfunction is an impotence disorder that has been considered common among aged males. However, many cases of impotence have been reported in young males as well. Many people have the notion that erectile issues are a problem of the aged males but the reality is that it can simply impact the younger males as well. This means the younger population is also susceptible to this sensual ailment.

Research evidence demonstrating ED in younger males

The research evidence has already demonstrated that quite a significant proportion of the younger males are also affected by this sensual condition. Around 26% of the males who are belonging to the age group of 40 are having this ailment& around 50% of the cases are reported to be severe. Thus, the persistence of this problem is not related to age.

The effective factors responsible for this condition may vary ranging from physiological, psychological, and emotional ones. In the younger males, the most common reasons cited for the occurrence of impotence are psychological ones. It has been found that around 40% of the males who are belonging to the age group of 40 reported significant problems in their normal erectile functioning. In almost 40 to 60% of the cases, the cited causative agent was found to be anxiety/ depression that has led to the reduction in the physical intercourse drive as well.

Physiological causes of ED in young males

Cardiovascular ailments

ED is more prominent in males who have some kind of cardiovascular disorder. This particular category of ailments is impacting the individuals who are either overweight or leading a sedentary lifestyle, with no exercising at all. So, when an individual who tries to balance out the bodyweight indulges in an appropriate exercising routine, then it has been found to boost libido and significantly improve sensual performance. This can also serve as a relieving factor for the symptoms of erectile failures or can even prevent it.


When an individual is suffering from elevated blood pressure, then there is a greater chance of the occurrence of erectile failure. The appropriate erectile functioning is achieved when there is adequate blood flow through the blood vessels. Due to hypertension, the flow of the blood through the individual’s body is impacted, making it quite hard for the smooth flow of blood towards the penile region during sensual stimulation. This condition has a detrimental impact on the appropriate erectile functioning, thereby leading to the condition of this sensual dysfunction, even in younger males.


This is another chronic condition that has a detrimental and damaging impact on the blood vessels and it can also impact the blood flow all throughout the body. This makes it quite hard for the blood to smoothly flow towards the penile tissues. Diabetes will also have a damaging impact on the nerves that are playing a significant role in the achievement of erection after sensual stimulation. The Best ED Solution is used to Fildena 100, Cenforce 100,

Performance anxiety

In this particular condition, the males are feeling conscious about their performance in bed. They have a fear that they would not be able to completely satisfy their partner during the intimacy session. This leads to the negative feeling of being anxious, worrying, stressed, etc. It can also cause a reduction in the confidence and self-esteem of the individual.


Depression and other types of mental health ailments along with the therapeutic drugs that are consumed for treating them may serve as a source of frequent erectile failures in males. Due to the worry and fear of appropriate performance in bed and other psychological issues, there is around 10-20 percent of erectile failure cases have been reported. This is serving as a vicious cycle as the person who is feeling depressed will have the issues of inadequate erectile functioning. At the same time, the person who is having ED may feel extremely depressed, anxious and there may arise problems in the relationship too.

Lifestyle causes of impotence in young men

Consumption of drugs

When an individual is taking illicit drugs, then he will be at a greater risk of developing impotence and many other types of sensual problems. There is a significant number of cases that have been reported in the males who are abusing drugs like cocaine, cannabis, etc, which are having a detrimental impact on their sensual functioning.


Smoking cigarettes or consuming tobacco in some other form has been also found to significantly impact on health and performance of the individual. The probability of the occurrence of it is even much more on the individuals who are smoking frequently in comparison to the ones who are not. The nicotine which is present in the cigarette causes the constriction of the arteries, impacting the capability of the blood to flow all throughout the body. Appropriate erections take place only when there is a healthy flow of blood in the body and also through the penile area.


There is not a significant level of research which have taken place in this particular area, but it has been found that when the individual is into watching pornography for a prolonged period, this is going to have an alteration in the entire mechanism of brain responsiveness towards the sensual arousal. Thus, there is a higher capability of porn to impact the responsiveness of the brain towards sensual stimulation. You can make your night romantic with Cenforce 200.

Final words

Though ED is quite common in the aged male there are a significant number of cases that have been reported in males as young as in their 20s. This condition can be quite stressful and many males are quite hesitant to talk about it openly. The good thing is that this condition can be cured through the administration of the right course of drugs along with the alteration in the individual’s lifestyle and also habits.

So, if you are young & facing erectile issues frequently, there is no need to get embarrassed. Communicating with your health care specialist is one of the most appropriate tactics to learn about your condition, what can be done to cure it for improving your existing intimate life and overall health.

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