The Benefits of Joining a Gym vs. Working out at Home

At the start of every year, gyms saw an abnormal rise in the number of memberships as people are accustomed to making a new year’s resolution every year, to improve their health and fitness. Unfortunately though, the number of people at the gym starts to drop day by day and by the end of the year, only the loyal gym fanatics remain. This obviously signifies that going to a gym does not suit everyone’s lifestyle, needs or interests.

This however, is not an excuse to keep our bodies idle and let them rust, staying active is incredibly important for our bodies and our alternative is to work out at home, after all, this is how all the gym lovers kept themselves occupied during the past 2 years of pandemic. We’ll be comparing both environments and you get to decide which one suits you more.

Gym Workouts

The biggest advantage of joining a gym is obviously, the amenities. Good gyms have the best gym equipment with the most sophisticated technologies. Additionally, gyms have a wider variety of machines to do all sorts of workouts and see what suits your liking, from stair climbers to cable machines and a wide range of weights, gyms have it all for a low membership fee which makes up a tiny fraction of the cost of all this equipment.

Gym Workouts

Gyms are much more interactive than home workouts as it gives you a social setting to meet new people, you can sign up for a spin class and make friends, go for a swim or play badminton with your new gym buddies. Humans are social animals and isolation has a detrimental effect on our brains. At the gym, you could also set goals with a friend which is a huge motivation to get through the entire workout and go to the gym regularly so; you’re more likely to achieve your body goals. Watching other people work hard puts us in a mindset to want to do the same.

Personal trainers are hired by most gyms to help out the members; they help you complete your workouts even when you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated and help you see the results. Personal trainers are also very important to help one with their form as; doing an exercise with the wrong posture can do a lot of harm in the long run, take the rough impact on your knees of jumping wrong for example. In addition to that, posture is very important for burning enough calories and strengthening the muscle properly.

Focusing at the gym is easier without distractions, there are no chores looking at you, no kids hanging on to your legs and no family members lurking around. The only thing to look around at is other people working out which could act as some friendly competition and motivate you to carry on.

At-Home Workouts

Traditional gyms come at a cost; you have to pay gym membership fees which could be upwards of 100 dollars. Although there are cheaper gyms which may cost only 10 to 20 dollars, you get what you pay for with such gyms and you’re much better off doing a workout at home without equipment or buying a low-cost, used treadmill to get in your cardio workout. You also have to factor in the cost of driving to and from the gym and consider the time it takes you to get there because time is money too.

At-Home Workouts

Going to the gym can be a hassle, you have to pack your gym bag, pack multiple pairs of clothing and towels if you plan on showering there, fill your water bottle, charge your earphones and get ready. On the contrary, working out at home takes a couple of minutes to prepare for and choose a workout video, giving you fewer excuses to skip a workout.

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With the world recently going through a pandemic and losing millions of lives, we are all well-aware of the importance of sanitation and steering clear of germs and harmful bacteria. Gyms are a place where sweating is encouraged so; basically every machine you touch has someone’s sweat and bacteria, and an at home workout keeps you safe from unnecessary illnesses and exposure to germs.

If you’re self-conscious about your body or have recently started working out and feel intimidated by experienced gym members, starting at home with beginner-level workouts will help you ease into the routine of exercising without the unnecessary pressure. Work out to your heart’s content without feeling judged, this can even be in the form of multiple workouts throughout the day according to your stamina, 3 10 min workouts can be just as effective as a 30 min one if done right.

Some Things to Consider

It’s best to start at home workouts without buying any big equipment, as you get used to the rhythm of things, you’ll know what kinds of workouts you enjoy best and what machine you might need. With joining a gym, check how busy it is at the time you plan on working out, and also if there is enough equipment so that you won’t have to waste time waiting.

Watch out for the cleanliness and the behavior of the staff, if they’re being professional and the trainers are certified. Lastly, go for a trial and see if the gym equipment fits you and feels comfortable, also look out for the amenities that are unnecessary for you and might be hiking up the price of membership.

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