Different hat styles to adorn your face shape & compliment your skin tone

When you pick clothes, the only aim that works in your mind is what will make you look best in the crowd. Stylists recommend high waist pants for apple shape, square neck top for pear shape, and polo shirt for the oval shape. The same is the case with hats. When deciding on head wear, you must be cautious of your face shape and head size. 

Since multiple factors play a vital role in selecting head wear, you cannot go wrong here. You must have a comprehensive understanding of your face shape and head size to make the head wear look appealing and unique. For this, you have to go through a guide for choosing your head wear according to your face shape. 

Discover your face shape hat

First and foremost, you must understand that every face is unique, and thereby every head wear will not look similar on your face. You must thereby understand your face shape because that will guide you in your selection of head wear. The typical face shapes are listed below: 

• Oval shape 

• Round shape 

• Diamond shape 

• Square shape 

For understanding your face shape, you must pay attention to the shape of the jaw, the widest part of the face, overall width, and length of the face. Usually, you may look at the mirror and determine your face shape. Along with this, you may use tape for measuring your face. 

Round face

The round face shape has equal length and height with a rounded jaw. Since the feature is on the rounder side, angular hats look best such as fedora. Remember that a round face is a blessing for hat wearers. You can go for almost any option. Otherwise, you may go for head wear that embraces your face roundness, like beanies and cloche. 

Square shape Face

Coming to the next category of face shape, square faced people. They have similar jaw width and forehead with a square shaped jaw and angular characteristics. Due to these reasons, square faces pair well with head wear with wide-angle and software. 

Heart shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top portion and narrow in the jawline. Hence, in determining heart shape face, you must be cautious of the broader part of the forehead and cheekbone. Remember that the chin is narrower and smaller, and you need headgear that gives an impression of balance. Baseball hats, trilbies, flat caps, and newsboy caps are the best option for individuals with a heart-shaped face. 

Diamond-shaped face

The distinction between diamond-shaped and heart-shaped faces is the forehead. The former category has a narrow forehead with high cheekbones. Wear hats with a shallow crown and large brim. Wide-brimmed cloches, straw hats, and berets are the best options. The best option also includes beanies, pork pie, and trilbies, coming with temporary crowns and edged brims. 

Long face

Another famous face shape that people have is the long face. There are two categories over here which include the following: 

• Oblong or Oval face with round features and more length. 

• Rectangular face with angular feature and strong jawline. 

These are the popular face shapes that people have. Hence, you must pay attention to the features of your face when selecting your head wear. Wide-brimmed head wear is the best option for long faces, such as cowboy hats and wide-brimmed fedora hats. These hats with distinguishing features and comfort provide you with a magnificent appeal. If you want to compliment your face shape and go for something comfortable, you can choose fedora hats and Panama hats. 

Apart from the face shape, you must be cautious of your head size. Head wear does not look appealing on head if it is poor in fitting. Hence, you have to measure your contour to understand which head wear will go on your face and head. You can use a measuring tape or the size chart available with manufacturers and retailers. It will give you a comprehensive understanding of your head size.

Considering head size 

Remember that rounded face individuals have a vast amount of options before them. Along with this, you can go with beanies and pork pie hats if you have a long face whereas; fedora and Panama hats look good if you have a round face. You may also go for hat reducers because that makes head wear fit your head correctly. 

hat size reducer is available with most manufacturers and retailers to guide you in this process. You can look stylish and dapper at the same time. If you are not sure which head wear will look appealing to you, you can take the help of an expert. Stylists can guide you in this process, and you may also use digital media. The Internet has hundreds of articles exploring different face shapes and the most appropriate hat options for them. 

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