7 tips To Maintain a youthful glowing skin

If you’ve heard this, show off hands: “Drink water, wear sunscreen, sleep well, never smoke, eat organic foods, and exercise daily.”

Truth be told, abiding by these suggestions religiously can help you achieve that celebrity glow. However, too much of anything can turn you into an old hag, even in your 20s. And while many of us are looking for ways to turn back the clock on our skin, you can fight the aging process with a few smart moves.

So here’s the deal: instead of bombarding your skin with layers and layers of cosmetics, why not learn to stay beautiful inside-out the old-fashioned way – by developing a few healthy habits for your body and skin? But first, know that attractive youthfulness doesn’t happen by chance; it takes a lot of work and commitment. After all, youthful skin results from proper care, meaning fewer cover-ups. 

If you’re obsessed with being youthful and glowy, listed below are a few ways to keep yourself feeling young at heart and face for decades to come. 

See a professional

As we grow older, facial volume overcomes because of bone density, muscle, and fat loss, making wrinkles and lines more prominent. It’s worse; repeating the same facial emotions might result in frown lines that give off an angry or older image.

Furthermore, age can make broken capillaries, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation more prominent. While some might prefer to take the easy way out by using Botox, as it paralyzes the underlying muscles and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, it is unsafe. It can lead to bruises and, most commonly, a frozen face and terrible skin. If you’ve had Botox and aren’t pleased with the look you have now, consider reversing the effects – yes, you can get your old features back. The only question is, from where? Almost anywhere. For instance, if you live in the Big Apple, search online for biopolymer removal New York services and choose an option that fits your budget. Repeat the same for any city you live in; you should be good.

Furthermore, don’t forget to have a conversation with your cosmetologist as they can suggest you a better way to maintain youthfulness with a series of invasive or non-invasive treatments. 

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Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption

While both caffeine and alcohol can have health benefits when consumed reasonably, too much can wreak havoc in your body and on your skin. Both can dehydrate your body and rob it of moisture and essential nutrients. Even worse, some of these side effects can be permanent. Hence, the lesson here is simple- limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol if you want to have fresh-looking, plump skin and live a healthy and youthful life.

Apply moisturizer in the day and night

Whether you’ve got oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, combination skin, or something in between, you should never miss out on applying moisturizer. Moisture is essential if you want to maintain the appearance of youthful skin. After cleansing, slather on some moisturizer every day and night while your skin is still wet to help lock in hydration.

Be sure to choose a moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration, which, as you already know, goes hand-in-hand with the appearance of healthy and younger-looking skin. Gel formulas would be a good match for oily skin, while cream moisturizers can work for various skin types depending on the consistency. But if your skin is on the drier side and needs an extra boost, face oils might be the perfect option. 

This luxurious, organic chia facial oil is packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids to nourish your skin. It only takes a few drops to get the hydration you need. You can also combine it with a few spritzes of toner to help your skin absorb the product faster. And for daytime skincare routines, generously apply a high SPF sunscreen for the final step. It will protect you from those nasty UV rays that can wreak havoc and quickly age your skin.

Also, never apply your product over unclean skin. You’ll only clog your pores with more filth.

Practice a facial massage routine

Not only does a facial massage feel good, but it can help reduce the tension in your facial muscles and improve blood circulation. This practice helps to keep skin cells healthy and supports lymphatic drainage.

Commit to a regular facial routine or use a jade roller. It’ll take you only a few minutes a day, and the post-facial massage radiance (courtesy of the aforementioned increased blood circulation) will be so worth it. You can also tie this in with your moisture application routine.

Be demanding

Pick your beauty products (including those you use for moisturizing and cleaning your skin) carefully. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you chose premium quality products that meet your skin and beauty needs. Furthermore, ask your beauty consultant to help you find skincare products that match your skin type to help you get a youthful appearance. As a bonus tip, always try the products you intend to purchase on your skin first. That way, you’ll know if you’re allergic to them.

Get addicted to green tea

Everyone and their mothers know that green tea is full of antioxidants, but no one knows that taking a cup of green tea twice a day for seven months can reverse the adverse effects of sun damage on your skin.

Green tea has clusters of Catechin (an antioxidant known for its age-defying properties) that protect your skin by building a shield against UV radiation. Thus, averting the growth of age spots and moles. So drink up!

Get good sleep

Sound sleep is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is a great way to restore freshness and health to your overall appearance. When you sleep, your entire body continuously releases hormones that boost cell renewal and turnover. Use this time to your advantage. It is when you should utilize age-defying actives such as beta hydroxy acid and retinoids, both strong wrinkle erasers and exfoliants. But keep in mind that these maximize your sensitivity to sunlight, so be super careful with the amount of sunscreen you put on your face and body.

To take it a step further, use a satin pillowcase. With time, turning and tossing on a rougher material, such as cotton, can contribute to the withdrawal and breakdown of collagen in your skin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. So throw your old pillowcase away and upgrade to satin!


As you can see, youthfulness is not a day’s work. It requires commitment, not a miracle. Now that you know everything, it is time to hone in on certain factors that can disrupt an otherwise gorgeous and youthful-looking face and body. Remember to put yourself first, makeup/other artificial products second, and smile always.

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