Hair is one of the precious body parts in human beings, most women are very much concerned with the problems of their hair, before going out of the house they always dream of silky, shiny, and straight hair. 

There are plenty of hair salons and hair products available in the market. Still, these hair experts are quite expensive, treatment and products are harsh because of chemicals, and all these worthy procedures result are temporarily based. In this article, you get the best and easy ways to make hair silky and straight naturally.

Hair problems are linked with an individual lifestyle, for example, hair straightening or ironing of hair daily, blow-dry, washing your hair with chemical-based shampoos, harsh handling for different hairstyles, and daily exposure to sunlight and dust in the environment. All of these daily hair routines are the main reason behind your hair loss, dull, curly, and rough hair. 

However, people don’t realize that these hair problems can be fixed easily with the magic of home remedies for hair; these pro tips do not cost too much as compared to other expensive products.

How to make hair silky and straight naturally?

1: Treatment of hair with hot oil massage

like skin needs nourishment the same goes for your hair as well. Hair treatment is necessary because if your dint nourishes them, they will die gradually, called a hair loss.  Women must use different hair oil to feed their hair and make them healthy, straight, and shiny.

There are several cheap oils that a person can use for the hair treatment for example

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  • Coconut oil contains a triglyceride chemical compound that nourishes your hair strand and works deep down on your scalp to fight against itchy and dandruff hairs.
  • Olive oil, as a mixture of different antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin E, acts as a natural conditioner to repair damage and dryness in hair. 
apple cinder vinegar for long hair

2: Apple cider vinegar as a natural straightener

There is no doubt that apple cider vinegar has many different advantages; instead of treating your skin or hair, you can also make different foods. If your hair scalp is oily and covered with dust or dirt, then this apple cider vinegar treatment helps you and makes hair soft, shiny, and straight.

However, it is easy to make at your home as a natural hair straighter, all you need to add is one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of water, mix it well and use it as a hair spray to wash your hair with it. 

 This vinegar has a sharp and strong smell, so it is better than when you apply it on your hair, you must wash it after five minutes and not use this magical hair straightener only once a week.  

3: Wash your hair with cold water

When you wash your hair either daily or many times a week, do not wash your hair with hot water because hot water removes moisture and makes them dizzy and dehydrated.

However, cold water makes your hair not only straight but also anti-fizzy. When you wash your hair with cold water, it helps lock essential oil in your hair by closing pores of your scalp, cold water repairing your damaged hair follicles, and making them more durable and smooth.  

4: Importance of different hair mask

Nowadays, people can find different kinds of shampoos in the market, which is quite expensive and filled with harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and make them dull and dry. Application of conditioner is essential because this provides protection to your hair and makes them silky and straight.

There are many home-based hair conditioner remedies.

Mayonnaise mask

Mayonnaise has different proteins like amino acid and antioxidants that work as a natural conditioner to your hair and stimulate silky and straight hair growth.

All you need to do is add a quantity of mayonnaise in a cup according to your hair length and then add water to make a fluffy paste and apply it on your hairs from roots to tips after an hour washes your hair with shampoo. 

5: Aloe Vera Mask

People spend lots of money on keratin treatment or other kinds of a hair protein treatment. Still, in the end, this treatment is not the last longer because these keratin and protein hair treatments are a chemical-based or non-organic process.

However, Aloe Vera is one of the most common plants you can see in every house; this Aloe Vera plant has long stalks filled with aloe gel. These aloe gel contain natural chemical compounds like keratin that boost your hair growth and make them shiny, straight, and healthy.

6: Eggs Mask

Eggs contain lots of protein when you apply egg on your hair twice a week; it helps to repair hair damage, works on dull and frizzy hair back to shiny, and silky also nourishes them.


Beat one whole egg and add olive oil or yogurt in it and mix it well to make a thick paste now apply on hair from roots to tips and cover them with a towel or shower cap, after thirty minutes you can wash your hair and let it dry. You can feel soft, shiny, and smooth hair.

7: Onion Mask

Onion juice is one of the most common natural home-based remedies for hair growth; onion contains biotin and vitamins like vitamin C and folic acid. These components trigger hair growth and repair damaged hair, people who are facing severe hair loss due to age or because of medicine side effects can use this mask to stimulate regrowth of hair. Rubbing this mask makes your hair healthy, shiny, and straight.


Chop one onion in a mixer to make a watery and foamy paste; you can also add few drops of lavender oil in it, now apply on your scalp and wait upto15 minutes after 15 minutes to wash your hair with organic shampoo. 

egg hair mask


Hair treatment is vital for the longer ongoing growth of your hair if you don’t treat or nourish a rise in hair problems cause a gradual loss of your hairs. 

So it is better to look after your hair with natural remedies and stop using harsh and non-organic shampoo and other expensive treatments to make your hair silky and straight naturally.

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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