How To Schedule An MRI Online: Some Useful Tips

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a type of diagnostic imaging technique that involves the use of a high magnetic field to obtain very detailed images of the inside of your body. MRIs are one of the more common diagnostic procedures performed for a wide range of medical situations. Suppose your doctor thinks that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) should be done on you. It could help them find problems with important parts of your body, like joints, blood vessels, your heart, or any other organs.

In several ways, the results of an MRI may help in making diagnoses and planning therapies, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of previous therapies in the event that an MRI test is performed. If you are looking to schedule an MRI online, you might find that it is difficult. There are numerous variables to consider, including your chosen payment option, your preferred appointment time and date, and the type of scan you want to get.

Here are some details on how to schedule an MRI online, as well as some tips on how to make it as easy as possible for you. If you wish to read more on these, please scroll down.

Scheduling an MRI Online – How it Works

Before you can schedule an MRI online, you must decide where you want your MRI scan done. MRI is one of the most common ways of performing medical imaging, normally performed at hospitals or in outpatient imaging centers. At Cura4U, the staff will strive to schedule your appointment at an outpatient imaging center rather than a hospital, as outpatient imaging centers are often cheaper and have more availability than hospitals. If you are able to provide us with a copy of the order (prescription) issued by your referring physician, our staff can begin the process of fulfilling your request for an MRI scan right away.

A person who wishes to use their health insurance to pay for their magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) might need to have their health insurance company information (if applicable) and the MRI appointment time on hand prior to their visit. Before you go any further, you should consider the location where you would like your scan performed. Most people would prefer to have the scan performed close to their houses or places of work.

Once we have received the information on our website, we will assess whether or not we need prior authorization from your health insurance provider. Our staff will contact your referring physician’s office to ensure that the MRI scan you request will be allowed by your insurance company and that the MRI scan will be covered by your policy. Depending on the insurance company, this procedure may take a few minutes or several days to complete. As part of our daily check, we will see if any pending authorizations have been asked for and if they have been granted.

As soon as the staff knows the type of scan that has been ordered, the specifics of your health insurance plan, and how much you are expected to pay, they can match your information with the imaging center that will best suit your needs.

Call for Confirmation

Upon scheduling an MRI scan online, we will contact you to confirm the details you provided are accurate and to find imaging facilities that meet your needs. As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will either respond with a confirmation or follow some other straightforward procedure. Occasionally, you may not have included all the information in your first request. If more information is needed (prescription, date, location), please reach out to us again.

The doctor will discuss the patient’s financial obligations in more detail at the follow-up appointments that will take place during the initial visit. According to the patient’s deductible, coinsurance, copays, and any other options they have, the amount could be a lot or a little.

When patients arrive for treatment, we will explain to them what their health insurance provider has agreed to cover and what they might have to pay at the time of treatment. Those who choose not to file a health insurance claim and instead pay for their MRI out of their own pocket are also included here. If you are paying from your own pocket for your treatment, you must pay a non-refundable deposit to set up an appointment.

On the day of the scan, they must pay the remaining balance of their outstanding debt to the imaging facility, so they should pay it on the day of the scan. Those who make their appointments through their insurance companies don’t have to pay any fees at the time they set up their appointments with the doctor.

After Scheduling an MRI Online

Before setting up an appointment, chances are you will have to answer a number of medical screening questions by the imaging facility. Each MRI procedure goes through this level of inspection in order to guarantee that the technology is as safe as possible. The center’s staff may speak with one of our highly skilled radiology technicians regarding possible problems during the pre-screening phase in order to determine whether or not the patient will be safe in the MRI machine during the examination. You can reach us at if there are any issues so that we can discuss any necessary changes.

For your convenience, we ask that you come 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to complete any required paperwork and to do some preliminary research about the treatments you will receive on your scheduled appointment day. By going to the Cura4U website, you will be able to schedule your MRI online. With Cura4U, customers are able to schedule radiological imaging tests such as  CT scans, PET scans,  MRIs, and other procedures—at any of the 2200+ QuestLab locations across the United States and determine the best payment option for each procedure. Moreover, Cura4U helps consumers select the payment method that’s most convenient for them.

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