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How to Shape Korean Eyebrows: Tips & Tricks to Consider

If you are a Korean dramas lover and want to have those perfect natural-looking eyebrows like Korean stars, you need to know how to style Korean eyebrows. Korean eyebrows are trendy these days. Korean eyebrows or Asian eyebrows are kind of straight different from American brows, they are more thick shaped eyebrows. Korean eyebrows are less plucked and give a natural look. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to style your Korean straight eyebrow.

Tools and Products Need to Shape Korean Eyebrows

Tools needed to shape eyebrows

  1. Tweezer used to pluck excess brows.
  2. Facial razor to remove excess hairs.
  3. Spoolie brush is used to comb, fill, remove excess product, and set your eyebrows. You must be having a spoolie brush in your makeup brush set.
  4. Angled brow brush if you are using brow gel, then you must need an applicator brush to use your product.

Products needed to shape eyebrows

  1. An eyebrow kit that contains brown and black shades to shape eyebrows.
  2. Eyebrow pencil or marker can be used if you don’t have an eyebrow kit.
  3. Eyebrow Gel for all-day Korean eyebrow look.
  4. Concealer needed last for cleaning out the edges.

Steps to Shape Korean Eyebrows Styles

Removal of excess eyebrow hair

The first step is to remove excess hairs from your eyebrows. For this, you need facial razors; these razors are readily available in the market and are not very sharp, so you can easily use them on your face without the fear of any excess growth. Or you can use threading to clean those extra hairs. As threading is not easy for everyone, razors are an alternative.

Clean your forehead near eyebrows with the help of facial razors. Don’t shave extra, as it will make your eyebrows thin. Remove fewer hairs from the arch side as you want straight eyebrows. The difference between Korean and American eyebrows is that it requires less hair plucking, so keep it in this way.

Draw the shape using an eyebrow pencil

Before filling your eyebrows with brow marker or brow powder, it is better to make a shape using a brow pencil. With the help of pencil lines are drawn on eyebrows. You can match the brow pencil color with your hair color. This will give you a more natural look. Below we will mention a few steps to draw the perfect shape if you feel difficulty shaping your brows.

  • Assume your nose as a midpoint.
  • Hold a pencil in the straight line of your nose, mark your broad front part of your eyebrow.
  • Now don’t move your pencil’s nose point; transfer to the centre point of your eyebrow and mark the second point.
  • Similarly, keep one point of the pencil on your nose and the other at the thin end of your eyebrow, now mark the third and final point.
  • In this manner, you get three points to draw a shape.

This process will help you fill your eyebrows without any error, and you can easily match both the eyebrows. If you are a pro, you can skip this step and can start direct filling. It is just for beginners who find it difficult.

how to draw Korean eyebrows

Filling your eyebrows with brow powder

Filling your eyebrow becomes easy after drawing the shape you want; here, it is Korean style eyebrow. Get your eyebrow cut brush and choose your desired color that should be brown as it looks very natural, but if you have black hairs and eyebrows, then mix black and brown for a natural look: the do and don’ts of eyebrow filling.


  • Fill the eyebrow lightly from the front and blend it towards the end.
  • Fill your eyebrow nicely towards the end thinner point.
  • Ends must look clean and pointed.


  • Don’t fill the eyebrow heavily with brow powder.
  • Please don’t pick a dark shade to fill it; build your color slowly.
  • Don’t fill the entire eyebrow.

After filling the blend, the brow powder or marker nicely. Your eyebrow shouldn’t look patchy with hollow spots. Use a spoolie brush to blend out the eyebrow and to remove excess powder.

Use tweezer to remove excess hairs from brow bone

After filling, if you see some extra hairs, clean them with a tweezer’s help. Remove these small hairs from your brow bone area to get a clean look. This step helps you to get clean eyebrows. If you have very light eyebrows, you can omit this step. This step is for people having heavy eyebrows.

As Korean eyebrows don’t require too much plucking so, try to keep it minimum.

Use concealer to clean edges

This is an important step. This step can remove any untidiness of your shaped eyebrows. Choose a good concealer and apply a generous amount with the help of a brush around your eyebrow and blend it out. Your eyebrows will become prominent and clean after this step.

Brow gel will keep it for longer.

If you want your eyebrows to remain like this all day, then use a brow gel. Brow gel comes in a mascara bottle with a spoolie brush. It comes in various colors, and you can also buy colorless ones. Just apply it to your eyebrows, and it will keep them intact.

Korean eyebrows for men’s

Like women, Korean men are also fond of eyebrow shaping. For them, it is not a feminine thing. There is not much difference between the eyebrow shape. Korean men’s eyebrows have a similar straight form to women’s eyebrows. If you are a man and want to have your eyebrows like your favorite Korean star, you can follow these steps to get your desired result. 

  • Men usually have thicker eyebrows than women. All they need to do is to get that straight shape.
  • As men’s hairs are strong and hard to pluck, waxing and threading are better than facial razors.
  • If you have hollow spaces, use a brow pencil to fill in, and you will get your straight Korean style eyebrows.


Korean style eyebrow makeup is a trend since 2014. Korean style eyebrows are also called Asian eyebrows, and they suit Asian faces—all you need to have a straight shape eyebrow without an arch. Eyebrow shaping has now increased in the beauty industry. Your makeup look is incomplete without doing your eyebrows. For an all-day office, school, and college look.

Korean eyebrows are the right style as it looks natural. These steps look a bit harder if you are a beginner but start practicing, and you will become a pro in this style.  Buy right eyebrow products for yourself a best Korean eyebrow pencil a good brow powder or brow marker, and brow gel gives you good result for the entire day. You can find many eyebrow stencils in the market; it helps people who find it challenging to shape their eyebrows.


Q. Korean style eyebrows are different from American style eyebrows?

Ans.Yes, Korean eyebrows are straight and American style has an arch or rounded shape.

Q. Can we only use a brow pencil to make eyebrows?

Ans. Yes, if it is less humid outside and you know that your makeup will not remove easily. Then you can use a pencil to fill up your eyebrows or buy a waterproof pencil otherwise.

Q. Korean eyebrows look good on every face?

Ans. Yes, as these eyebrows give you a more natural look.

Q. Facial razors increase hair growth?

Ans. That is not true. But if you find any difference in your hair growth, you can do threading or waxing other than using razors.

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