How to Type with Long Nails : Tips & Hacks to Considered

Long fingernails are the beauty of a woman, and they also define her personality. There are many tasks that you cannot perform effectively with long nails. But we cannot deny that happiness always comes with side effects. They can be a big problem while doing your daily tasks. If you are confused about: How to type with long nails, this guide is for you. 

In this digital world, ones can’t just keep one away from smartphones, computers, and laptops. Typing on laptops or even on smartphones is very annoying with long nails. If you are a content writer, it will not be easy to do your work easily with long nails. Besides typing, continuously hitting nails on the keyboard can break them.

Is it possible to type on a keyboard with long nails?

Usually, everyone types with the tips of fingernails. Although typing with long nails can be difficult, it is certainly possible. Typing with long nails is one of the most irritating things that makes you feel unhappy with your long nails.

If you do not know how to type with long nails, it will affect your accuracy and speed. This article will tell you some tips and hacks to overcome this problem. With the help of these tips, you can supercharge your typing speed with long nails as well. Moreover, it will improve your keypress accuracy as well.

Tips for typing with long nails effortlessly: How to type with long nails?

By following these tips, you can keep your long nails even doing your work perfectly. Here are tips on typing with long finger nails:

Choose the right shape of nails

You have to shape your nails if you are looking to achieve more productivity while typing. Sharp-edged nails will give you a hard time, and your typing speed will slow down. To overcome this problem, keep your nails oval or flat shaped. It will also enhance your nail beauty.

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Adjust correct posture

To make typing comfortable and more accessible, we all have picked up weird postures. Unfortunately, those postures can turn into severe injuries for a long time. You need to comfortable yourself first and use a chair with a backrest. 

Adjust the correct posture to avoid any severe injuries. Adjust your elbow bend at a 90 degree to enable natural finger placement. Always keep your fingers in an extended position. It will help you to type more quickly and easily.

Use fingers tips not nails

You cannot type on a keyboard with your long nails smoothly. Typing with nails is uncomfortable and likely to break or damage when ordering. Avoid tapping your nails on the keyboard; try fatten your fingers and use your fingertips.

You are using your fingers horizontally to the keys for typing, and you will notice gradually; your nails aren’t hitting the keypads on the above row during typing. And you’ll ensure a great experience of typing with long nails.

In that way, your finger will be at the keys horizontally, and you’ll notice that your fingernails will not hit the keys in the top row while typing. It will help you to improve your work productivity and accuracy. It is the best tip to organize your content quickly, even with long nails.

Focus on accuracy rather than speed

If you have long nails, you need to slow down your speed. Your focus should be on pressing the right keys. By focusing on pressing the right keys, the rate will improve naturally. Moreover, typing slowly ensures not to break or damage your nails.

Without accuracy, speed means nothing. For example, when typing in a rush, you’ll face the tendency to make more mistakes and errors. In this way, you waste more time when typing on the keyboard.

Take breaks while typing

With a long nail, it takes some time to type comfortably. Usually, you make changes in your hand position, nail shapes, and typing methods to work efficiently. But it also requires short breaks between typing sessions. These short breaks help you rest your joints and muscles and mental rest.

Practice typing more often

Apart from typing with long nails, you must also know how to type accurately. You will train your fingers to move gracefully on the keys and eventually increase your speed with daily Practice. It takes time and technique, but you will surely get used to it.

The best way to enhance your speed is by reviewing the modern QWERTY keyboard. It would be best if you learned the proper typing technique. For example, you are learning to ride a bicycle. In the beginning, you might need training wheels. But over time, you will naturally ride a bike without thinking.

How to type on the Phone with long nails

The Phone’s keypad is tiny, so you must face problems while typing with your long nails. It can create a drastic situation in which you feel irritated. You face issues while typing the right button on the keypad, which disturbs your concentration. Also, it can harm the sensitivity of the Phone’s screen. 

Usually, you use your thumb while typing, but it can create most typo mistakes. But if you adopt the habit of typing with correct finger pads, you can gas if from this problem. Here are a few tips that can assist you in doing Phone typing with long nails in an efficient way. 

Try to use other’s hand pointer fingers

It’s a great tip in which you have to hold your Phone in your other hand and utilize your pointer finger for typing purposes. In this process, you’ll also feel comfortable. But keep in mind that your typo speed might be slow here, but it’s a good approach for typing with long nails. 

Keep your Phone on the table & start typing

It’s also an interesting approach where you just have to place your Phone on the table. Now, you have to use your two pointer fingers for typing purposes. This trick can upgrade your typo speed over smartphones. 

You can utilize a Stylus Pen

Get rid of the questions about how to type with long nails because here we are introducing a permanent solution. Get a stylus pen and do whatever you want. You can operate your smartphone very well with the assistance of this stylus pen.


You might have heard that “practice makes perfect.” 

With Practice, you will learn how to type faster while maintaining accuracy. It will also help you how to type without looking at the keyboard. I’m hoping that after getting this guide, you wouldn’t confuse ever about How to type with long nails?

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