How to Whiten Your Teeth to Get a Sparkling Smile?

A beautiful smile with SHINING WHITE TEETH is one of the primary things people notice about us! Isn’t it???

Almost all of us, whether we admit it or not, would love to have beautiful pearly white teeth that we can happily flash at anyone. It’s a great aesthetic, but unfortunately, a brighter smile remains a dream for many. 

Stained, discolored, or yellow stains on teeth make a smile unpleasant and also negatively impact your overall look. Not just people with stained or yellow teeth feel low self-esteem, but they also try to evade social gatherings. They barely move their lips when they talk, or they try to cover their mouth with their hand when they smile or laugh.

Can you relate to this?

Are you dealing with the issue of yellow teeth?

Do you live your life in constant embarrassment?

Well, with the advancement in the field of modern dentistry, you can also enjoy a pearly white smile. Yes, there is an advanced treatment option called Teeth Whitening, the best way to whiten teeth!

Before knowing the treatment process and its benefits, let’s first understand various reasons for stained teeth or yellow marks on teeth.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

why do teeth turns yellow

People have naturally white teeth, but several reasons can start making their teeth yellow. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Foods/Drinks

Tea, coffee, colas, wines, and certain fruits and vegetables (apples and potatoes) can discolor your teeth.

  • Tobacco Use

Chewing tobacco and smoking can cause stained teeth.

  • Poor Dental Hygiene

Improper brushing, flossing, and rinsing can be the most common reason for yellowish teeth.

  • Medication

The antibiotics doxycycline and tetracycline can discolor children’s teeth when given below the age of 8, as the children’s teeth are still developing during those years.

  • Certain Diseases

Chemotherapy and head and neck radiation can lead to teeth discoloration.

  • Aging

For some people, yellowish teeth can be due to aging. As you age, the external layer of enamel on your teeth sheds away, revealing the natural shade of dentin. 

  • Excessive Fluoride

Environmental sources such as naturally high fluoride levels in water or from overuse of fluoride toothpaste, rinse, and fluoride supplements can make your teeth yellow.

  • Genetics

Some people have a naturally thicker enamel layer than others. This outer layer is called the dentin layer, which is yellow naturally.

Stained or discolored teeth have a negative impact on your beautiful smile. So no matter if you are thinking about how to make teeth white or looking for the perfect white glittering smile or got a job interview or planning a date or holiday coming up, no worries!

You can get a brighter smile once again, no matter whatever reason you want it. What if I tell you that you can get a dazzling smile in an hour or less?? Wondering how? Ok, I’ll explain the professional teeth whitening step by step to help you become familiar with the process.

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What to expect during the professional teeth whitening process?

professional teeth whitening process

All set for a brighter and whiter smile? Great! You can discover what to expect during the teeth whitening process in a dental clinic in Fort Collins.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

Every teeth whitening treatment starts with a consultation. The process of teeth whitening involves the application of strong chemicals to the teeth; therefore, experienced teeth whitening dentists in Fort Collins will first check your teeth for specific conditions such as cavities, very worn enamel, Gingivitis (gum disease), and exposed roots of teeth. 

Knowing these conditions will help the dentist tailor a customized treatment plan for teeth cleaning in Fort Collins to match your needs to get your teeth whitened efficiently. You will be explained the process in detail during your first consultation.

Furthermore, if you have any queries about the teeth whitening process, such as how long it will take for the whitening to take effect or if you want to know the whitening cost, professional dentists will entertain your each and every query. 

Step 2: Preparing the Mouth for treatment

If your teeth condition allows the dentist to go for the teeth whitening process to remove yellow stains on your teeth, they will first prepare your mouth for the treatment. 

When the teeth bleaching or teeth whitening procedure is performed, it’s very important to guard the gums against the bleaching agent. That is why experts use a dental rubber barrier or tailored molded gum protector to ensure that only the desired area comes into contact with the whitening agent.

Some specialists in teeth cleaning in Fort Collins use cheek retractors to protect cheeks and lips from coming in contact with the bleaching treatment. Once these preparations are done, the treatment is ready for application.

Step 3: Applying the Bleaching Treatment

Now the next step will be applying the whitening agent to your teeth, but before that, dentists in Fort Collins will remove the enamel layer covering the teeth.

The whitening chemical is carefully applied to the teeth, and then the timer begins. The whitening process begins just after this. The whole process takes around 30-90 mins, depending upon the severity of the yellow stains on the teeth. 

Step 4: Laser Beams Ready!

If you want to know how to make teeth white quickly, the answer is a laser beam!

For some patients, the dentist simply applies the bleaching agent, but if the severity of teeth discoloration is high, then the dentist will continue the process with laser beams.

Once the whitening agent has been applied, you’ll be made to wear a pair of protective glasses. Then the lasers are projected at the teeth. All teeth whitening treatments work by releasing the oxygen that helps to lighten the stains, whereas the laser beam works by producing heat. Laser light accelerates the whitening process considerably.

After one hour of the treatment, the machine releasing the laser beams is removed, and all the protective kits fitted into your mouth will be extracted carefully.

Now finally, the time comes when you can see your bright teeth and a sparkling smile. All you need to do is to ask for a mirror to check out your shiner teeth. 

Though there are many other methods, including natural ways to whiten your teeth, opting for professional teeth whitening treatment is the best way to whiten teeth. 

Going through the benefits mentioned below will help you to draw an end to all confusion related to teeth whitening options. So, why wait anymore? Let us delve deeper into understanding the advantages of professional teeth whitening.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Beautiful smiling model with dental mirror
Beautiful smiling model with dental mirror

Better Outcome

Professional teeth whitening cleaning is the sure-shot way to get a shinier smile quickly. This is the first and the primary factor that sets it apart from other cleaning or whitening methods.

Teeth whitening performed at a dental clinic delivers better results if compared to the other methods done at home using over-the-counter products. To summarize it in one line, the professional teeth whitening session can help give you a brighter smile much more quickly with no hassle.

Save Your Time

You might be surprised to know that undergoing professional treatment to remove yellow stains on teeth at a dental clinic can provide instant results within an hour. To add on, just one sitting is enough to get pearly white teeth. 

In contrast, when you choose other teeth cleaning or whitening methods, you’ll be spending comparatively more time.

Customized Treatment Plan

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are designed to keep the general needs of people in mind. In contrast, a professional teeth whitening treatment can be customized to meet every individual’s unique needs.

Better Safety

Using over-the-counter teeth whitening products can sometimes damage the enamel. This is not the case with the professional teeth whitening procedure, as it is performed by trained professional dentists in Fort Collins. Depending on the severity of the yellow stains, the concentration of the whitening agent can be increased or decreased within the session.

Also, the other parts of your mouth, like the gums and lips, are covered for protection. Hence professional teeth brightening is the safest and best way to whiten teeth.


Initially, the money involved in professional teeth whitening can seem to be relatively high when compared with other methods. But later, it’ll turn out to be the most economical option in the long run.

Professional teeth whitening methods provide results that last for a longer span, whereas using over-the-counter teeth whitening products offer you short-term results, and buying them every now and then can create a big hole in your pocket in the long run. 

Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Having a dazzling smile draws the attention of many and gives you feel good factor. A sparkling bright smile makes you feel good and definitely boosts your confidence level. Yellow stains on teeth can actually make you feel awkward while talking to others or while smiling.

Final Thoughts

Professional dental teeth whitening seems to be very effective. It’s a magical way to improve your smile in a few hours. So, if you have yellowish stains on your teeth, do not hesitate to look for a dental clinic in Fort Collins that offers teeth whitening services. Book an appointment NOW if you need instant teeth whitening for an upcoming event or party. 

Additionally, the professional dentist also provides a teeth whitening kit that can be applied at home, but that is typically much more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. Thus, you can opt for that too.

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