How To Wrap Hair In A Scarf? Easy & Simple Ways.

We women love to glam up! Of course, who doesn’t, and the truth is that one looks and feels good about themselves if the hair is on point. Although someday they are different. No matter how hard you try, one does not get her hair right in place. For those bad hair days, our favorite scarfs are to the rescue, and if it’s our favorite, we are keeping it for literally our entire lives. In this article, we are about to discuss how to wrap our hair in scarves.

If one has a perfect size and if it fits right above your head like a crown? You have found your perfect partner…Congratulations! Before you style your hair with any of those random scarves, let’s discuss what material or fabric is best for your hair.


How to wrap your hair in scarf with different fabrics


Not the chiffon looks incredibly useful but also, it is a fantastic fabric for your hair. The material is airy and breezy! One will enjoy it wearing it is worn in sweltering weather conditions. Even though this cloth us a sheer fabric but it adopts colors and be hand-printed or embroiled and can be given an anesthetic ethnic look. It is an excellent choice for everyday scarce. Alongside this, t is not that slippery, which makes it a more natural way to style scarves


 Dilly is a very lightweight and soft silky fabric. It has an exquisite and sophisticated drape and a very smooth surface. It is considered an alternative to polyester silk in most of the cases. If we talk about its color adaptation, it is excellent in that manner. It can absorb deep and bright colors very quickly and without any hassle. The sheen in the fabric can add an edge to the vibrancy of the colors. It is preferred for scarves that are mainly worn at formal events.


This is also is a very breezy fabric with a soft and gentle touch on the skin and amazing to wrap hair in a scarf. It also has a hint of stretchability. This fabric has a white base and no shine that gives it an edge to this fabric in the adoption of colors. Its drape is different from the rest of the materials that give it an advantage as it looks fantastic when it is draped. This fabric has a pretty beautiful and smooth surface that makes it easy for someone to draw different patterns and designs.

Cotton Voile

Now, cotton voile is a fabric that resembles muslin pretty much. It is pretty soft and gets even sweeter after every wash. It also has an off white base that makes it one of the most color absorbing colors pretty efficiently and does not loosen up quickly that has a matt fabric that makes it amazing if you wonder how to wrap scarfs for shot hairSo, these were the fabrics from which you can create head scarfs wrapping style.

Let’s move on and discuss some ways on how to wrap hair in a scarf.

Different method to wrap hair in scarf

1. The bun method

The bun method to wrap hair in scarf
The bun method to wrap hair in scarf

Firstly, on needs to brush the hair evenly and make sure that there are no knots to avoid doing messy hair under the scarf that is going to be very inconvenient. Firstly you need to make a bun at the back of the head where you are comfortable.

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Make sure the bread is neither too loose not so tight so that it does not hurt your head. Ensure that the bum might look like a camel hump if it is too high on the head. Now, grab your square scarf and fold it into a triangle.

Place it on your head and tie a cross knot at the back of your head. Bring the two strands forward and put a knot neatly in the front of your head as well. You can do this when you have a bad hair day of you don’t feel like taking a shower or any other reason.

2. The ponytail method

This is an ancient yet unusual method but yet classy and timeless. In case if you are wondering how to wrap long hair in scarf, then this is the one perfect go-to method for you. Firstly, all you need to do is brush your hair evenly and make sure that there are no knots that will ruin your hairstyle. Make a ponytail. Make it as high or low as per your preference.

Now, it’s time to ponytail how to wear a headband fashionably.  Tie the scarf around your hair that you have secured with a ponytail. There you go! You are ready to ace your super fresh Uber chic look for the day, which is an element and classy and could be your style statement. You can drape this headscarf style for natural hair that will look natural and more effortless throughout the day

3. The overnight method

The overnight method to wrap your hair in scarf
The overnight method to wrap your hair in scarf

The headscarf can be a style statement for the day, but it can be a part of your night hair care ritual. Grab a satin scarf and tie it around your hair before you go to bed. 

It will help you the same way satin pillow covers help you reduce the breakage of hair because the friction is less. You can achieve healthier and longer hair in a short period. If you are wondering How to wrap a headscarf overnight, then you can do it; however, you feel a right and comfortable bit that will undoubtedly be a great deal in strengthening your hair, be it long or shot.

Final words

So, above were a few of the methods of how to wrap hair in a scarf. I hope this article would be beneficial for the people who want to bring the 90’s style back into the trend. Headscarves are unique pieces that usually are wrapped in a very natural way around the neck. Now you can tie it around the hair as well, so you stand out, make your style statement.

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