The 7 Low Weight Portable Wheelchairs: What Are They?

Wheelchairs are for easy mobility. They must be easy to carry, foldable, light in weight, and comfortable altogether. Because of these mobility instruments, it becomes painless for a person to transit with an injury or physical condition. However, several times, individuals use wheelchairs because of their disability or recovering time from a mishap. 

No matter what the wheelchair is used for, investing in the right one is significant. Bringing home, the correct wheelchair will help the individual in need and make the everyday life of the surrounding people a lot easier and more convenient. For that reason, this article will highlight a list of the seven lightest wheelchairs that can easily lift into a car and will offer a comfortable ride indoors and outdoor.

The Forza FCX Sentire Med Deluxe Electric Wheelchair For Adults 

The Forza FCX is a motor-driven brilliant wheelchair by Sentire Med, one of the best electric wheelchairs on the market. It tops our list of the seven lightest wheelchairs because the Forza FCX is the only electric wheelchair with a practical weight equivalent to 67 lbs when loaded with two batteries and wheels.

This ergonomic and powered wheelchair drives in the grass, gravel, and snow-anywhere adventure awaits you. Plus, the wheelchair gets folded into a short pack to feature an easy carriage whenever traveling. Besides, the extraordinary thing about this lightweight wheelchair is that it comes with adjustable foot rests and arm rests for further comfort. 

The Feather Chair By 1800Wheelchair

As the name suggests, the Feather Chair is the lightest of all the wheelchairs in the world. With a practically surprising weight equivalent to 19 lbs (with wheels), the Feather Chair is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Anyone can lift this feather-light wheelchair and put it in a car, bus, train, truck, or SUV.

Such a wheelchair comes with a folding feature that allows the user to make it compact and disassemble the wheels before carrying it. Once it reaches the destination, it only takes less than a minute to open the wheelchair and set it in motion with the wheels. Plus, this wheelchair comes with super-efficient handbrakes to allow the caregiver to ensure the safety of its user. 

The Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

With a humble weight of 26 pounds, the lightweight steel wheelchair by the Drive Medical is a definition of durability. The device is equally reliable for both individual use and usage with assistance. The good news is that the wheelchair’s design is perfect for providing exceptional maneuverability in confined indoor spaces. Additional features like cushioned armrests and swing-worthy footrests contribute to hours-long comfort in the wheelchair.  

The Lightweight Transport Wheelchair By Medline

Besides being lightweight, such a wheelchair is extremely comfortable offered by Medline, all thanks to its nylon upholstery. Weighed 22 pounds only, this wheelchair can endure as much as 300 pounds worth of weight for its user. Furthermore, the 12-inch back wheels make it a perfect companion for uneven terrains and rough outdoor use. The detachable footrests make the wheelchair more compact and easier to carry along anywhere while traveling. 

The Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

A little hefty (41.25 pounds) yet worth every penny, the Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair is a sight for beholders. The captivating design does not compromise weight and comfort at all. The deluxe swing-away footrests ensure smooth transit and separable arm desks flip back for enhanced versatility. The blue-tinted powder frame of the wheelchair adds a character along with its rubber-made wheels for the advanced safety of the rider. 

Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair
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The Lightweight Transport Chair By Nova Medical Products 

The overall aluminum frame of the transport chair offered by Nova Medical Products is the chief reason behind its lightweight personality. The chair’s unique design allows speed controlling and brake parking on time with superior efficiency. Moreover, the seatbelt for additional safety and a side pouch to store cellphones and other belongings is like a cherry on the cupcake. This lightweight chair is ready to go for an outdoor ride or swing by the dining table anytime. 

The Karman Healthcare Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Ergonomically-designed manual wheelchair by Karman healthcare is an ultra-light, ultra-ergonomic, and ultra-comfortable device. The seating backrest comes in an intelligent S-shape seating system to ensure a healthy back. A tube in the center footplate features more satisfactory leg support. Not only this, but the antibacterial upholstery of the chair delivers multiple benefits like:

  • Arrests the bad odor
  • Averts unappealing stains 
  • Supports & prevents elbows from developing ulcers and scoliosis

On top of all, the chair comes with a dual folding facility. That allows you to fold the backrest and then squeeze the seat to make the wheelchair possibly tiniest before hauling it into a car or truck. 


It doesn’t matter whether you invest in an intelligent wheelchair or a manual one; the bottom line is that it should be lightweight to foster slick and straight mobility. Moreover, the lighter the wheelchair is, it becomes easier to lift into a car, SUV, bus, truck, or train, self-propel, and push the user. These five lightweight wheelchairs that we recommend are more of the customer’s choices than ours. They find it the best for both themselves because of its salient features.

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