5 Skincare Tips for Teenage Girls – How to Keep Healthy Skin in Your Teens

30-Second Summary

  • Teenage skin has to battle various skin issues because of hormonal changes that mark puberty.
  • Some of the common skin concerns faced by teenagers are oiliness, congested pores, blackheads, and acne.
  • Teenage girls should start following a simple skincare regimen as per their skin type to combat these issues.
  • Cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection are some of the essential elements of a teenage skincare regimen.
  • Apart from the above, exfoliating once a week can prevent the formation of blackheads and acne.
  • By following these basic skincare methods, teenagers can maintain healthy skin and also prevent premature aging in the future.


The teenage years can be a tough time for your skin. With puberty comes hormonal changes that can lead to excess sebum production and acne. While your preteen years may have been marked by smooth and flawless skin that requires low maintenance, your skin will demand more care now.

Following a basic skincare routine for teen skin is a great way to keep teenage skin issues at bay. While the most common skin concerns during these years are oiliness, blackheads, and acne, you first need to identify your skin type and choose products accordingly. With the right products, you will be able to retain healthy and glowing skin throughout your teenage years.

How to Identify Your Skin Type

To select the right products for teenage skin, you need to determine your skin type first. Each skin type demands certain skincare ingredients, which you can pick out accordingly. Here are the most common skin types and how to identify them.

  • Normal Skin – If you have normal skin, your face won’t feel oily or dry for the most part. This skin type requires basic skincare products for the maintenance of healthy skin. With a minimal routine, you can avoid dependency on the best anti-wrinkle creams in your adulthood.
  • Dry Skin – If you have dry skin, certain areas of your face will feel stretched out, itchy, or flaky. This skin type requires gentle cleansers and rich moisturizers to combat dryness. Opt for creams that contain nourishing vitamins for healthy skin, such as Vitamin E and D.
  • Oily Skin – If you have oily skin, your face will be prone to becoming shiny or greasy by mid-day. This skin type requires lightweight moisturizers and oil-controlling products to get rid of oily skin and prevent acne.
  • Combination Skin – If you have combination skin, certain areas of your face will be dry and flaky, while others will be oily. This skin type requires products for dry and oily skin for different parts of the face, respectively.
  • Sensitive Skin – If you have sensitive skin, your skin is prone to redness, irritation, or inflammation, often accompanied by flakiness. This skin type requires soothing and nourishing products that are free of harsh or drying ingredients like alcohol and fragrance.

The Importance of a Skin Care Routine in Teenage Years

Flawless skin during the teenage years can be achieved by eating foods for healthy skin and following a skincare regimen as per your skin type. Unlike care treatments designed for adults, teenage skin care should focus on gentle and minimalistic products. A few basic things that you need are sun protection, moisture to hydrate your skin, and oil control to prevent acne. A well-rounded skincare regimen can help you on all these fronts.

According to studies, cleansers and moisturizers play a crucial role in the management of adolescent acne. A good cleanser gently removes excess oil and prevents congestion of pores to nip acne in the bud. On the other hand, a moisturizer ensures a healthy moisture content on the skin to prevent your glands from producing excess sebum. You should start using these targeted skincare products in your adolescence to combat teenage acne and skin issues.

The Best 5-Step Skincare Routine for Teenage Girls

Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day.

Cleansing is one of the most important steps of a skincare regimen for teenagers. It will help you get rid of oily skin and prevent blackheads and acne formed by excessive sebum. 

You can choose a cleanser with anti-acne ingredients, like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, if you have oily skin. For dry skin, a mild SLS-free cleanser or cream face wash will work best. Make sure to wash your hands before washing your face and change your face towels regularly too. These steps will ensure that your skin remains clear and acne-free.

Remove All Makeup Before Going to Bed

Makeup removal is another crucial step of a teenage skincare routine. If you sleep with makeup on your face, it will clog your pores and make them a breeding ground for bacteria. You should always remove your makeup at night before going to bed. Oil-based makeup removers are the best products for this step because they can break down even waterproof makeup. Use one before your face wash for effective double-cleansing.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Even when you are leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming vitamins for healthy skin, your pores may get clogged due to environmental pollution. 

Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of the dirt and oil that accumulate on the skin. You can use mild chemical exfoliants like Lactic Acid if you have dry skin or slightly stronger Salicylic Acid for oily skin. Use a serum or toner containing a low concentration of these ingredients once a week for clear and acne-free skin.

Use A Good Moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs moisturizer too. While teenage skin tends to produce excess sebum, keeping your skin well-moisturized can prevent this. You can use a lightweight gel moisturizer if you have oily skin or a rich and creamy moisturizer if you have dry skin. 

Stemuderm is a popular moisturizer that contains squalane, hyaluronic acid, and plant oils to supply ample moisture to the skin. It also contains peptides to maintain the youthful elasticity of the skin. According to Stemuderm reviews, it is a deep moisturizer for all ages, which you can try.

Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day

Did you know that sunscreen is considered better than the best anti-wrinkle creams? To avoid premature signs of aging in your 20s and 30s, you must start wearing sunscreen daily in your teens. This will prevent collagen breakdown by the UV rays and wrinkles as you reach adulthood. It will also prevent dullness, uneven skin tone, and brown spots.

Moreover, studies are focusing on the use of sunscreen in adolescents to reduce the risk of skin cancer at later stages of life. This is one skincare product that you must not skip on during your teenage years.


Teenage is the right time to start paying attention to skincare. These are the years when your body goes through various hormonal changes that can impact your skin. To prevent skin issues like acne, blackheads, or dullness, consume better foods for healthy skin and start using skincare products as per your skin type.

A minimal skincare regimen for teenagers should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. As per Stemuderm reviews, it is a good moisturizer that you can start using even as a teenager. Pair it with a cleanser as per your skin type and sunscreen with SPF 50 during the day to keep your skin youthful and healthy.

By following this basic skincare routine for teenagers, you can maintain healthy skin in your teens and also prevent premature aging in the future. So, start following these steps today to avoid all teenage skin issues.

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