Myths about Preventing Cancer and Some Must know Facts

Several myths and misconceptions surround cancer throughout the world. The popular belief claims that cancer is a single disease, but it is a group of diseases that can originate in all living cells of the body. Still, all kinds of cancers can have similar characteristics. 

The Indian data on cancer estimates a probability of about 800,000 new cases every upcoming year. A doctor from a cancer hospital in Bangalore recently stated in a news report that in most cases, the responsible factors are related to one’s lifestyle habits. 

Various epidemiological research studies have proved that lifestyle habits often cause cancer. For example, 50% of cancer cases in men and 17% of cases in women are caused by smoking habits and tobacco consumption.

However, numerous myths and misconceptions about cancer prevention are available on the internet that misguides people. Some of these myths are:

Superfood stops cancer

Some superfood products like beetroot, broccoli, blueberries, green tea, etc., can prevent cancer. Although certain healthy food items can have healing effects on cancer patients, no food item can either avoid or completely protect a person against cancer. 

Avoiding sugar intake prevents cancer

Avoiding sugar in food will help in preventing cancer from happening. Cancer cells indeed feed on glucose present in the blood, but it does not mean that cutting on sugar intake can prevent cancer. However, excessive sugar can cause obesity and diabetes to people, influencing the onset of cancer. 

If no one in the family had cancer, then there is no chance you can get it

It is also a myth that having cancer in the family genealogy can cause cancer, or the absence of it can prevent it from happening. The factor of genetics only accounts for about 10% of the chances of getting cancer. 

However, it is advisable to consult a genetic counselor if one’s family member has had cancer so that even the minimum probability of getting it can be prevented within time. 

With the advent of social media, fake information and myths spread like wildfire. Hence, it is essential to know the truth and myth. Before acting on any information or preventive measure, one should check whether the source is reliable or not. 

It can be done by consulting a doctor or a pharmacist. It is essential to know the proper ways to prevent cancer. There are three phases of cancer prevention.

Fundamental Prevention 

It is a stage that every person should follow because it deals with preventing cancer from entering the body. It requires a person to make the necessary lifestyle changes that can influence the onset of cancer in any way. 

These changes include quitting substance consumption like drugs, alcohol, smoking, maintaining mental and physical fitness, and consuming a nutritional diet.

Getting Vaccinated for Cancer

Vaccines are scientifically designed to prevent a disease from happening. The vaccines of HPV Human Papilloma Virus and Hepatitis B Virus help prevent cancers like vaginal, vulvar, anal, and liver cancer. 

Genetic scans and screenings

If the family history has a trace of cancer, then a person needs to get a genetic screening done to prevent the onset of cancer. Hence, cancer can be prevented if it is detected early and the patient adopts the right preventive measures and make positive lifestyle changes.

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