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Myths and Facts about Breast Lift Surgery

Myths and Facts about Breast Lift Surgery Posted On
Posted By Emma Aaron

A breast lift in Westchester, NY is a procedure in which your nipple is repositioned upward on your chest wall by a cosmetic surgeon. They help constrict the tissue surrounding the breast and eliminate any extra skin. The following are some myths and realities regarding breast lift surgery.

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Facts about Breast Lift Surgery

Fact One

You’ll be fitted for a post-surgery bra by your cosmetic surgeon to help with any swelling. If the bra doesn’t fit well or is uncomfortable, look for one without an underwire. The underwire will irritate your surgical site and cause discomfort. Purchase one that provides support without being excessively compressive.  In the first month and a half, don’t spend too much money on bras. Your bosom will expand and continue to do so. After you’ve healed, you can then purchase attractive and comfortable bras.

Fact Two

Your breasts will appear to be larger than intended. There will be substantial swelling during the first few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s very normal, and it’ll pass in a few weeks. When you speak with your cosmetic surgeon, he or she will discuss this with you, and provide you with any additional details that will help you during recovery.

Fact Three

It’s possible that you could have some drains to get rid of any fluid buildup. Although this is true, the majority of cosmetic surgeons do not utilize drains. So don’t be too concerned about them.

Fact Four

Breast lift surgery is not the same as breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation increases the volume of the breast, whereas a breast lift raises the complete breast to a new, perkier location. This indicates that the nipples are sticking outward rather than toward the ground. Your new and improved breasts will appear like they did before you gained weight, aged, or had children.

A breast lift is often combined with augmentation, which means that an implant is inserted simultaneously when the breast is raised. Numerous women choose this procedure to enhance the form of their breasts and restore volume to the top portion of their breasts.  

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Myths about Breast Lift Surgery

Myth One

It is true that you may get a sporadic sharp pain. However, it’s not caused by your nerves battling the breast implant. It is actually caused by small nerves that were damaged during the procedure and are now trying to re-grow and function. When the swelling subsides, the nerve cells will not be buried in fluid or be in contact with soft tissue. The nerves will then fire at irregular intervals, generating a burning, achy discomfort. This is typical and will improve over time. The pain normally begins four weeks following the breast lift and lasts for three months.

Myth Two

It is false that for the first few weeks, you’ll need to sleep with your head elevated. Within a day the majority of individuals are able to lie flat in their bed. However, it is fine if you desire to sleep high, but it will be an unpleasant experience. In the beginning, many women typically rest in a supine position (on their backs). If you sleep on your side, a body pillow that provides support is recommended.

Myth Three

It is false that you won’t be able to raise your arms two weeks following the procedure. Surgery isn’t performed on the shoulder muscles at all. So, it is okay to lift them. In fact, you should be able to elevate your arms shortly after surgery, even if they feel stiff or too heavy.  Keep in mind that by not using your shoulder, they will stiffen into that posture. This will make it difficult for them to become mobile. Although locked joints are more common in the elderly, it can also happen in young ladies as well.  A stiff shoulder can be treated with physical therapy and, in certain cases, arthroscopic surgery. So, to prevent further surgery or treatment, please move your shoulders!

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