Common & Popular Myths About Steroids You Should Be Aware

Many individuals fear sports nutrition, steroids, and other supplements related to weightlifting and bodybuilding. It is probably due to the many misconceptions and rumors widely propagated around the beginning of this century. However,  it is shocking to see how people still believe in ridiculous myths and gossip, even in the Digital revolution age. Despite the lack of accurate information or scientific proof, one must not accept everything that floats around. In this article, we debunk some common myths about steroids. Read on, to know them. 

What are Steroids?

Steroids are synthetic types of the testosterone hormone, and although they are approved, illegal use significantly outnumbers legitimate use. They also go by the names juice, roids, Arnolds, pumpers, gear, gym candy, weight trainers, or stackers in the streets. Furthermore, they come in liquid or tablet form and are consumed orally or through injection. Instead of using them continuously, users consume them weekly and monthly cycles. They frequently combine many different kinds of steroids to increase the positive effects of one while minimizing the negative ramifications of another. This behavior is known as stacking. Bodybuilders and athletes commonly use some of the best steroids to gain a competitive edge and improve their physic.

Effects of Steroids

Anabolic steroids help you gain lean muscle mass, stamina, and strength. Steroid users frequently mention feeling fantastic about themselves and unstoppable while on the substance. However, the powerful feelings can quickly deteriorate into fury, paranoia, and aggression if you misuse them. 

Popular Misconceptions About Steroids

Steroids don’t work. That’s what the anti-steroid crowd says, but they’re wrong. Steroids are legal performance-enhancing drugs, used to improve athletic performance. They are often used as a part of routine treatment for a medical condition, such as arthritis or asthma.

Steroids are Banned Since They are Harmful

Steroids got banned after the political uproar following Ben Johnson’s Olympic triumph in the 1988 championships. Although, during the House hearings, many argued that steroids should not be classified as a controlled substance since they do not present a danger of addiction. However, the ruling party ignored the plea and placed steroids on the list of controlled substances, where they’ve remained to date.

Taking Steroids Will Make You Big Overnight

Steroid use won’t turn you into a dominant force because you must also train properly and eat accordingly in addition to taking steroids. The impact is not that substantial in a single steroid dose, and you must maintain the gains. The majority of rookie athletes experience the kickback effect, which occurs when the athlete’s testosterone level declines dramatically after the cycle ends. 

Even though during the cycle, they consume more testosterone hormone than their body generates.  When the user stops, the body’s natural testosterone secretion falls, and the body can’t maintain such mass, so it drains it. A PCT follows to maximize the amount of weight acquired while minimizing the amount of weight lost.

Steroid Injections are Unsafe

Steroid shots are generally safe when done under a doctor’s oversight. Your doctor is aware of the limitations of steroid injections. He will also provide you information on utilizing steroid injections if you have any health issues that could make the shot ineffective. For instance, anabolic steroids can momentarily raise sugar levels in a diabetic patient.

Steroid Shots are Painful

Although no one appreciates getting injections, steroid injections are generally no more unpleasant than any other injection form. When a needle is inserted into a joint to relieve swelling and pain caused by arthritis, the doctor administers anesthesia to alleviate any pain. The positives of a steroid shot in terms of symptom and pain reduction usually surpass any brief discomfort resulting from the shot.

Steroids Can Reduce Your Penis Size

For some males, the prospect of losing even an inch of their penis size is enough to dissuade them from attempting to use steroids. It’s a common urban myth, with critics of steroids suggesting that using these bodily substances frequently can make a man’s penis smaller. Some celebrities, such as musician Rod Stewart, have alleged that steroids have had a detrimental effect on their penis sizes. However, it’s hilarious because no medical tests or data to back up this assertion exist.

Steroids Can Lead to Prostate Cancer

One of the most common misconceptions about using steroids to shed weight and increase muscle is that they can cause prostate cancer, but there are no clinical tests or medical findings to back up the notion. Contrary to this notion, steroids can help prevent cancer cells’ growth, and they’re instrumental when a patient isn’t responsive to hormone therapy. Steroids will not cure cancer, but they will hinder the spread of cancerous cells. Dexamethasone is the most commonly prescribed steroid for treating prostate cancer and is available in pill form. However, users are advised to use it under medical supervision for their safety.

Steroids are Only for Athletes 

There’s also the misconception that anabolic steroids are solely for bodybuilders and professional athletes and not regular folks. Again, this notion has no validity, because today average men are utilizing authorized steroids to assist them in accomplishing their fitness goals.


So, now that you’ve discovered the most common steroid misconceptions, you should be wary of rumors and double-check whatever someone says to you. Use a wide range of sources for this, and make an effort to share only accurate information, since only through this manner will we manage to dispel all of the existing myths regarding steroids.

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