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Precautions For Coronavirus Consider During COVID-19

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Coronavirus is a class of viruses that has many different kinds. Most of the members of this class cause diseases like bird flu, swine flu, influenza, etc. Yet, the new coronavirus originated in China among the people working at a seafood market in Wuhan. Afterward, the first case outside China was reported in Thailand, and the chain started. China, being a trading country had initiated the transfer of this disease to other countries unknowingly. At first, it was considered to be an acute form of pneumonia, then SARS, and finally it was named COVID-19: a new disease.

In this article we cover the basic precautions for coronavirus to stay safe and healthy,

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The most terrible fact about this disease is that it can spread from one person to another on a single touch. It has proven to be the most fragile contagion of the time. If the exposure is very strong, it can lead to severe respiratory problems and ultimately death. However, it affects the people having asthma or other respiratory problems, and aged people ranging from 50-60 years of age at a higher rate. Thus, all the governmental authorities are imposing policies to maintain social distancing so that most of the people are prevented from COVID-19.  In this article, we will state all the factors that can prevent you from being a patient and cause of spread for others.

Coronavirus Prevention: How to Protect yourself from COVID-19

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

How to Protect yourself from COVID-19

This is the most important initial measure to eradicate this disease from the environment. According to a study, one coronavirus molecule stays alive for 3 days without a host and ultimately dies. Thus, even if the streets have molecules spread from affected people, the lesser people walking on them will lessen the number of patients getting affected further. Other than this, if you have unfortunately got affected by the virus, it is most likely to be eradicated with proper care, medication, and isolation if you stay at home. Consequently, other healthy people will not be affected. The symptoms of COVID-19 start showing after 14 days of exposure to the virus.
The most common symptoms of Covid 19 are fever, dry cough, aches pain, headache, tiredness. However, if you are already exposed to the virus and not maintaining the social distance, other people are still going to get infected from you even if you are not showing the symptoms and vice versa. So, stay at home to be safe and keep safe.

Keep Yourself Clean

The next preventive measure to focus on is to keep you clean. Take a bath daily and change the clothes daily. The virus if manages to get onto your clothes can stay alive for a maximum time of 11 hours. Thus, taking a bath and changing clothes can result in the death of the virus finding no host. It will help in preventing you and your family from getting infected.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

washing hands
Washing Hands

Came back from a utility store? Wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds before entering the house. Touched any doorknob outside the house accidentally? Sanitize your hands with a sanitizer before touching even yourself. Did someone shake hands with you unintentionally? Pick out the sanitizer from your pocket, sanitize your hands and also make the person sanitize their hands in front of you. It will not only prevent you both from the infection by keeping the hands clean, but will also raise awareness about the seriousness of this spread. Hence, the virus will not get a chance to spread through a touch!

Do Not Touch Your Face

Dnn't Touch Your Face

If your hands accidentally got a virus, you can still prevent yourself from getting infected. How? By not touching your face! This virus only infects you when it finds its way inside your skin. This is only possible through your eyes, nose, and mouth, to be precise. Thus, keep yourself from that ordinary itching sensation on the nose or eyes, and your safety is ensured.

Maintain a Physical Distance with EVERYONE!          

maintain social distancing
Physical Distance with EVERYONE

Keep yourself from unnecessary traveling in public transports. Also, avoid the people who show even the slightest of the symptoms of COVID-19, such as the slight flu or cough. Also, the same rule applies if you are the one having the slightest of the symptoms. In addition to these, make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue while coughing or sneezing and throw the tissue in the dustbin right after. You should wear a mask and gloves while visiting someone or reaching out to the closest store.


Above all, social distancing is the key to prevention for coronavirus and get safe from this disease. Keeping in concern that this disease infects you without any discrimination of religion, race, or creed, stay safe, and prevent others by managing your isolation.

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