5 Ways to Quick Relieve Your Stress and Anxiety with the Newest Technologies

There is no question that everyone experiences stress. Sometimes it can help you focus to get the job done, but other times it can be intense and strain both your body and mind. Not managing it properly can easily interfere with your daily life and even lead to the development of severe health conditions.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can relieve stress and anxiety. From staying physically active and eating well to practicing meditation and taking up a hobby, you have numerous options to choose from to help you relax.

However, since we are now living in a digitalized world, you can also rely on modern technology to manage your everyday stresses and lead a healthier lifestyle. Technological advancements have made it possible for people to use various stress-tracking devices, fidget gadgets and applications to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of positivity.

If you want to know more about this, here are five ways you can manage stress using cutting-edge technology.

Turn to virtual reality therapy

Virtual reality is no longer exclusive to the gaming industry. Recently, we have seen a huge increase in the use of VR in the healthcare sector, training and supporting healthcare professionals and healing patients suffering from various conditions, including stress and anxiety.

In fact, there are many digital clinics that offer stress and anxiety treatment with latest technologies such as a VR headset that places patients in an immersive 3D environment and allows them to confront the situations that cause them fear and anxiety. The great thing about all this is that the treatments can be done in the comfort of your home while receiving guidance and assistance from a licensed mental health professional.

Opt for a smart bed

Anxiety and stress often go hand-in-hand with sleep deprivation. Not getting a good night’s sleep can make you feel tired and restless and further contribute to greater anxiety and other sleep problems. Although there are many techniques you can try to reduce stress and sleep better, you might want to consider getting a smart bed instead to improve your overall sleep quality.

Smart beds, especially when combined with a double sided mattress, can provide you and your partner greater flexibility and control over your sleep position. Both the smart bed and mattresses can track various aspects of your sleep, regulate your in-bed temperature and adjust the bed’s firmness, cooling and heating to your individual sleep comfort needs.

Download meditation apps on your phone

Meditation has long been used as an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. However, for many people, finding the time or energy to commit to a regular practice of meditation is difficult. This is where meditation apps can come in handy as they allow individuals to get into their zen mode anytime they want to relax their mind and alleviate stress.

There are plenty of meditation apps available which you can download on your smartphone or tablet to improve your wellness and mental health while reducing anxiety and boosting your mood.

To choose the right app, take into consideration factors like your budget, experience level and whether the app offers any special features.

Wear a stress-tracking gadget

Smartwatches have been a mainstay for the last decade, especially among fitness lovers, because they offer various features including tracking your movement, heart rate, sleep quality and even your stress levels. However, in addition to these fancy devices, there has also been a wide variety of newly developed, cutting-edge technologies that can understand and even prevent when the body is experiencing stress.

For example, Sensate is a stone-shaped device which you can place anywhere on your body to help you achieve relaxation and peace in just a ten-minute daily session. Besides this, the device can further help improve your heart rate variability, boost your resilience and enhance your sleep quality.

Keep your hands busy with fidget gadgets

Fidget spinners have grown in popularity as a tool to sharpen attention, ease unrest, and control anxiety since the craze of fidget spinner. They are small, discreet items that typically spin or pop and provide the brain with a diversion to redirect worried energy. You can find them in many forms including fidget boxes, chewable jewelry items , rings and keychains.

For example, the Infinity Cube is considered to be one of the best fidget gadgets that are suitable for both kids and adults. It can fit in one hand and moves similarly to fidget spinners. It is crafted with durable plastic blocks and stainless steel rivets that make it more durable.

Final thoughts

Although stress is inevitable, there are plenty of ways you can manage it so it doesn’t affect your physical, mental and emotional health. Due to the numerous advancements in technology, you can now rely on various technological means, stress-tracking devices and applications to reduce anxiety symptoms and provide yourself with immediate relief when necessary.

From turning to virtual reality therapy using a VR headset to playing with fidgeting toys, you have plenty of options to choose from to deal with stress properly. For more help, refer to our post and pick the best modern technology to alleviate stress and anxiety. 

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