Should Drug Addicts Be Given A Second Chance In Life?

You may have read it in the papers: The celebrity with a history of addiction problems checks back into rehab – or loses their life because of addiction. At this point, we shake our heads and wonder, “what led to this?”

Here’s the thing: The life of a drug addict is anything but normal and making your wrongs right is an uphill battle. Also, relapsing is part of the ongoing recovery process. But believe it or not, addiction isn’t a personality flaw. It does not mean your life is expendable and you are deserving of death. Many people believe that trusting a drug addict is equal to going fishing in the tsunami – but that is just a matter of perception. After all, we all make mistakes at one point or the other in our lives, but that does not make us unworthy of respect and change.

So if you’re still on the fence about trusting a drug addict again, consider the following reasons to be your guide. 

Addicts Need Love Too

No matter how atrocious or heart-wrenching an addict’s deeds may be, it is important to understand that they are never conscious under the influence. They have clouded judgments. Some people might step into the harrowing world of addiction due to a premature depression stage, or some might do it because they feel neglected or unfit. A feeling of unworthiness leads to constant dolefulness and hopelessness, which, in turn, can lead to addicts not giving themselves a fighting chance. However, a gentle pat on the back can help them realize that they are not alone. For example, you can introduce them to a support group or even help them face their problems head-on by enrolling in trusted rehab facilitations like The Palm Beach Institute. This can act as a saving grace for those drowning in the misery of drugs. 

Addicts Are Not Always Who You Think They May Be

According to most people, druggies are some of the evilest and untrustworthy people out there. One reason is them being compulsive because of the urge to consume drugs. The appetency is so overpowering that it leads to the best of them deceiving their family and friends. Because of this irresistible urge, addicts stoop to the lowest levels to have access to drugs. Due to their unpredictability and remorselessness, addicts can go to all extremes to get a hit of their preferred drug.

Second Chances Lead To The Another One

Humans are known to misuse the handful of opportunities we get in our lives. Through guilt-tripping and manipulation, people tend to get the second chance they don’t deserve. Heaps of apologies make the good ones fall for the traps of the cunning people. Some drug addicts are no different. As you may have seen in some movies, drug addicts manipulate their loved ones into believing them. As a result, they choose to help their suffering loved one, which eventually backfires. The first chance they get gives them leverage to get even more second chances in the future. 

They Can Be Saved

Of course, you, as a general loved one, cannot make them change. This is a terrifying yet challenging understanding, but one many individuals with an abusing loved one have had to encounter. What does it take an addict to maintain a long-term path toward health and sobriety and turn over a new leaf? First, realize you cannot lay your opinions on them or force them to get help. If an addict enters recovery without a desire to become sober, it will never help them in the long term. It will be similar to getting a life-saving prescription from the doctor but never picking it up from the pharmacy.

But if you, as a close one, can be a positive example, you may be able to strike a chord with the addict and ignite a plausible urge to become sober. And might we say it again, addicts can change, but with a little help and guidance. So you must help them come to the realization themselves that they have a problem and need help.

Once a person leaps, they can start a new journey towards stability and recovery. Furthermore, you need to understand that even if a person enters rehab, they are bound to face addiction for years to come. At this point, it suggested you don’t lose hope in them. Instead, aid them in managing their triggers. Of course, rehab would’ve done a good job fixing them, but life after rehab is critical, and relapse follows like a shadow. 

Drug Addiction Does Not Translate To A Basket Case 

Just because someone you know is falling in and out of rehab does not mean they will never be able to recover. Recovery is a slow process. Some recover within months, while some keep nearing a cul-de-sac but eventually find their way out. So trust us when we tell you that if you refuse to consider a drug addiction a human with emotions and feelings – you may lose that person forever. Hence, another reason to give someone with a drug problem a chance. 

Every day, hundreds of addicts believe that they are too far gone or unworthy of a life free of alcohol or addiction. Such a thing simply isn’t right. There is no such thing as a basket case. Treatment for addiction and substance abuse has advanced tremendously over the past few years. So instead of treating every drug addict with one method – we need to understand that addiction, just like any other chronic disease, requires to be treated on a personal level. 

It is important to understand that we all have flaws – some big, some small. That does not mean we can’t become a better version of ourselves. The same ideology applies to drug addicts. The masses may have conflicting opinions, but that doesn’t mean they get to decide what happens to drug addicts. The above reasons should help you formulate why or why not drug addicts deserve a shot at redemption. As a result, you should be able to form an opinion.

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