Six Hurdles Unvaccinated Nursing Students Face in Getting Degrees

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended world practices on a massive scale. Today wearing a mask, maintaining three feet distance, and constant sanitization has become a norm. Although a vast majority have adjusted to it, several are still advocating against it. Fortunately, after months of research and efforts, scientists have finally discovered the COVID-19 vaccine. Many governments have made it mandatory for their citizens to get it.

History states that when vaccinations for polio, Hepatitis, or other diseases rolled out, many people adamantly refused to get it. Similarly, today, many people are advocating against COVID-19 vaccination and have disapproved of it.

Several organizations have made it compulsory for employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations. Still, anti-vaxxers are fighting against this rule and raising the demand that they should be given a choice in this regard. Like other organizations, nursing institutes have also introduced the practice. They are forcing their students to get it to continue their studies. Since medical workers are more exposed to the virus, organizations think that vaccination provides the shield, and students should get it to protect themselves and their patients.  Although many students oppose it, they can face obstacles in completing their degrees.

The following are some unvaccinated nursing degrees face to getting degrees:

No Permission to Attend Class

Numerous institutes have already given a deadline for students to get their vaccinations done. They have issued warnings and stated that students would not attend physical classes in another case. It will become mandatory for higher authorities to let only vaccinated nursing students get degrees in the upcoming days. Unvaccinated nursing students have jittery feelings when they see their institutes running a 100 percent vaccination drive.

In this technologically-driven era, several students have shifted their focus towards e-learning because of its feasibility and flexibility. Students aspiring to serve in nursing can enroll in online masters nursing and land a job in medical health facilities. Although vaccination has become necessary now, online degrees are an easy option, and nursing students feel it will save them from the pressure of getting a vaccination.

Applications may get Denied

Nursing students often have higher aspirations. They want to serve at higher designation in nursing. While completing graduation, they aim to apply for advanced degrees in nursing. A vaccination card or certificate has become an essential document like a people’s identity card. Without it, students’ application for admission is likely to get denied.

Moreover, nursing is not all about theory, as students must apply nursing in practical situations. During their degrees, they have to demonstrate their practice and pass practical exams. Without vaccination, students may get denied coming in the proximity of patients, putting their degrees in jeopardy.


Not only is the government or organizations putting pressure on students to get the vaccination, but society is also getting aware of its importance. Many campaigns are being run, stating dire consequences of not getting a vaccination. It has made people believe that anti-vaxxers neither care about their health nor other people’s wellbeing.

Since COVID-19 is an airborne disease and affected people can transmit it through their touch, Everyone feels compelled to get vaccinated. Furthermore, getting a vaccination does eliminate the possibility of getting affected by the disease; thus, many people advocate that all should get a vaccination to reduce the spread. Unvaccinated nursing students can receive backlash from fellow students and their teachers.

Peers will Set Boundaries Against them

History tells us that doctors advise people to be put in isolation when people get affected by diseases. They feared that they could transmit disease through their touch and could affect the vast majority. Nobody could have thought of a similar scenario in the twenty-first century, but it became a reality. To protect themselves from the virus, people find it safe to hang out with other people who have received their vaccination. Nursing students opposing vaccines may experience their peers drifting away from them as they set boundaries against them. While the institutes most likely do not allow unvaccinated nurses to be with vaccinated ones, vaccinated students themselves may not want to mingle with them. Unvaccinated students may experience their classmates turning away from them solely because they decided not to get the vaccination.

Fear of Being Disenrolled

Many institutes may not have already started disenrolling unvaccinated students. Several have issued their stance that they will not allow unvaccinated students on their campus. Unvaccinated students are already advocating for their rights without being made to get the vaccination. Many understand that to continue regular classes; vaccination will become mandatory; they are seeking alternatives to finish their degrees. Although several students continue their studies, they are constantly being disenrolled from their universities or colleges because of their decisions not to get the vaccination. The pressure is impacting their mental health and their studies.

Less or No Involvement for them in Activities

Nursing studies are not confined to classrooms. Students have to participate in many activities to enhance their learning and nursing practices. Because of their ‘unvaccinated’ status, nursing students may have less to almost no participation in nursing-related activities. It may affect their studies and diminish their chances of them getting a final degree.

Many coronavirus patients are asymptomatic. They are unaware that they are carriers of the disease, spreading to others. Institutes have societal pressure to have 100 percent vaccinated students to keep others safe and contain the disease. However, they may offer online classes or other alternatives to unvaccinated students. But they will not allow participating in on-campus activities or practical exams without getting a vaccination.


Last year was spent in uncertainty as coronavirus constantly evolved the situation. Although the virus still looms in the air and medical experts advise people to exercise precautions, the discovery of vaccines has changed the position massively. Today, most governments have passed a rule stating that people are above a specific vaccination regardless of their occupation and education. Nursing students have an insight into medical studies and often deal with patients because of their studies. Several students are anti-vaxxers and opposed the idea of administering a drug. Since they are not abiding by the book, these individuals are more likely to face hurdles in completing their education.

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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