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Have you ever wondered how actually in horror movies the skin of a zombie is slimy, wobbly, and cringe-worthy to touch? How is it even made? How does the makeup artist manage to do it? Well! The secret is out. It’s silicone high-performance platinum cure liquid. It has silicone compounds that are used for a variety of applications. This is used for creative effects on the skin while shooting and used to create a bruise or skin allergies. To make unique and realistic effects, dragon skin is used along with the makeup to create a real looking effect.  

Because the skin is super soft and flexible, and it is easy to mold and adjustable in less time; thus, it is used in almost every production project if demanded by character. It is also used in the medical purpose of cushioning the applications that are being attached to the body. Alongside, smooth-on dragon skin is used at various industrial levels as well. Before discussing it’s pros and cons in this article, we will get a better know-how of the product. Let’s dive into the features of smooth dragon skin. 

If we talk about its features, firstly, it’s super flexible. It’s soft and supple texture makes it an accessible substance to work with. It has a rubber-like structure, a little gushier that can be adaptable to any shape and size. This flexible matter makes it a multipurpose product that can be used for shoots and industrial use, such as where the applications should be attached to the body for any purpose. Other alternates of the product are not flexible and adjustable in comparison to these products.

Along with its versatility, it is super strong and durable. It had a long-lasting stick and needs a minimum retouch to where it is placed. It’s strong and durable. It can be of great use if a film has to be shot in extreme weather conditions.

If we talk about the material, it is skin-friendly and does not hurt the skin with any reaction so far. It is laboratory tested and declared safe, though, but if still, any reaction occurs, it is recommended to consult a skin specialist urgently. However, it is not recommended to the skin that is already problematic. It is better to avoid shutting down any other problems towards your skin with soft on dragon skin. 

It is the easiest and convenient to use for any purpose, and the density of the silicone can be adjustable. One can use the silicone thinner to adjust the product’s thickness according to it’s a requirement if one needs it, slimy or little stretchable! There it is, it can easily be adjustable with the thinner. The product might differ in strength, but building up the product can make it gushier yet stronger.

Things to keep in mind

One should avoid eye contact and make sure that it does not touch the eyes’ sensitive area. Although the product is safe if in any case gets contacted with regards, but is highly recommended to avoid.

If the application is not smoothly on dragon skin in the first 15 minutes of application, one should remove it instantly as this product might not work with them due to specific skin conditions.

Finally, let’s move on towards the pros and cons of the product:

Pros of smooth-on dragon skin

  • The product is easy to apply smoothly on the dragon skin. It sticks with no such hassle and pulls off without any problem as well. It is ideal amongst such products in comparison as it is easy to use and sticks on and off very smoothly and without any hassle. 
  • Usually, such products are considered slimy and not strong enough to stay upon, but this is recommended as it just not stays healthy for the shoot or makeup purposes, but it is used in industrial work. The durability and reliability of this substance can be assessed with this particular point. 
  • It is laboratory tested and considered the same for the skin, but still, if with any medical issues regarding skin faces already, it is better to avoid smooth dragon skin. It is also used for medical purposes and stick or support appliances for the patients’ skin. It is none irritable to the skin at all. 
  • If the directions are correctly followed, the smooth-on dragon skin will stick for a longer time and barely need any touch-up. 
  • The skin effect on the camera with this product can amplify your game if you are up to some production project. 

Cons of smooth-on dragon skin

  • It is none irritable to the skin, but one might not like the texture of the skin.
  • The skin might feel a little dry after use to be taken care of with a good moisturizer.
  • It is safe for all skin types but might affect people with already problematic skin.
  • Children can’t use it without adult supervision.  


Since we have discussed all the pros and cons of the product, I hope this article would be complete information on what this product is actually about and where it fits well or how it could help you. It can create a fantastic skin effect on the camera that can look drastic yet fantasticIt’s pretty easy and convenient to use, and the edgiest thing is that it is multipurpose and a very flexible product. It can be worth buy and can support you a long way if you keep it at room temperature. Although it can almost fight through any extreme weather conditions once it is applied, it would be better to keep it regular and do not experiment a lot as it also involves the risk factors to our skin. The product itself is very skin-friendly, but experimenting and dragging it to an edge can be fatal.

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

Kelly Han

Dr. Kelly Han is a seasoned medical professional with a passion for holistic wellness and integrative health. Based in San Francisco, her expertise spans across various domains of health, from fitness and skincare to oral health and weight management. Understanding the intricate connections between different aspects of health, Dr. Han believes in a comprehensive approach. Whether it's the latest skincare regimen, effective weight loss strategies, or understanding hormonal imbalances, she's dedicated to providing readers with evidence-based advice and actionable insights on a wide array of health topics. Through her articles, Dr. Han aims to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being, offering them the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier, more vibrant lives. Join her in exploring the multifaceted world of health, beauty, and wellness.

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