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The Remarkable Transformation: Sza Weight Loss and Diet Secrets

Solana Imani Rowe, professionally recognized as SZA, is a distinguished American singer, rapper, and songwriter. From her early career days, weighing over 200 pounds, she has undergone a significant transformation. Today, not only is she celebrated in the entertainment world, but she’s also become an icon in the fitness industry. This piece provides an in-depth insight into SZA weight loss evolution.

Before delving deep into her transformation saga, let’s get acquainted with a brief profile of SZA.

Who Is SZA?

Who Is SZA

SZA was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. As a child, she aspired to become an Olympic gymnast. However, her dreams shifted after recording vocals for her rapper brother, and she felt a pull towards music. Embarking on her musical journey in the 2010s, she hasn’t looked back since.

Her international acclaim skyrocketed with the release of her debut studio album, “Ctrl,” in October 2017, which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. To date, she has garnered nine Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award nomination. Comparing recent photos of SZA to those from 2014, one can observe noticeable changes in her facial features.

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SZA’s Candid Reflection on Her Weight Loss Journey

In a 2017 interview, SZA opened up about her weight loss and addressed Kendrick Lamar’s much-debated ‘Stretchmark’ song.

“If we truly wish to uplift women, we must embrace women of all backgrounds,” she expressed. “At one point, I weighed 200 pounds and had numerous stretch marks. Having Kendrick Lamar affirm my beauty provided immense reassurance.”

For a period, SZA hid her weight under layers of oversized attire. While she initially embraced a ’90s oversized fashion, she grew tired of it over time. The motivation behind her weight loss was not just societal expectations but a personal desire to don outfits she admired. This led her to adopt a healthier lifestyle and focus on nutritious eating.

At one promotional event, she candidly shared that she would often step on stage dressed merely in her father’s oversized shirt and socks, sans footwear. What’s remarkable is that the audience never seemed to scrutinize her appearance or makeup, instead being captivated by her talent and authenticity.

How did Sza lose weight?

Sza Weight Loss journey

SZA shared the onset of her transformative weight loss journey on Instagram in 2015. The highlight? A commendable drop of nearly 50 pounds within just a few months. This candid revelation was just the beginning, as her followers would learn of the simple yet effective methods she employed.

Dietary Choices:

  • Avoided intricate dieting regimens.
  • Cut out sugar, wheat, and white meat.
  • Emphasized a carbohydrate-rich diet, spotlighting foods like pumpkins and fresh veggies.

The linchpin of her dietary approach was a personalized plan curated by the renowned nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. This wasn’t any fad diet; it was a sustainable, pre-packaged meal plan tailored to maintain both her weight and energy levels.

Steering Clear of Extremes:

No crash diets, no reliance on shakes, supplements, or intensive gym sessions. Instead, she rooted her approach in embracing healthier lifestyle choices:

  • Prioritizing sufficient sleep.
  • Boosting overall physical activity.

The results speak volumes. From a starting weight of 200 lbs., she celebrated reaching 150 lbs. Her Instagram remains a testament to her journey, with one memorable post celebrating her drop from 169 lbs. to a healthier 158 lbs., showcasing that sustainable progress she had achieved.

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The SZA Diet Plan: A Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

Sza Weight Loss transformation

The “SZA Diet Plan” is gaining traction as the latest guide to a healthier body and lifestyle. This plan encompasses recipes, workout routines, dietary charts, and essential nutritional advice.

Interestingly, SZA’s diet wasn’t handed down by an expert or nutritionist. She crafted it based on her personal experiences and preferences. Her key weight loss strategies included:

  • Diet Plan:
    • Opting out of red meat, with a focus mainly on fish.
    • Eliminating dairy products from her regimen.
    • Cutting out wheat and sugar.
    • Embracing complex-carbohydrate-rich foods like avocado, squash, and sweet potato.
  • Healthy Habits:
    • Ensuring adequate sleep.
    • Prioritizing hydration with ample water intake.

In a candid Instagram post, SZA distilled her weight loss philosophy into three core principles:

  1. Adapting her daily routine and lifestyle.
  2. Being mindful about portion control.
  3. Maintaining discipline and consistency throughout her journey.

SZA Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

A glance at SZA’s earlier photos on the internet reveals a stark contrast when compared to her recent images, underscoring her remarkable transformation. Initially weighing in at nearly 200 pounds (or 91 kg), she now boasts a svelte frame at 56 kg. Both her physical and facial metamorphosis have left fans worldwide in awe.


For those seeking inspiration in weight loss or grappling with health challenges, SZA’s transformation offers a compelling blueprint. Embracing her straightforward diet plan can be a practical starting point for many. Throughout this article, we’ve detailed the pivotal elements of her journey, highlighting a path that’s both achievable and sustainable.

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical or health advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, or any other health-related practices. Individual results may vary, and the choices made by the individuals mentioned in this article may not be suitable for everyone.

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