A Guide to Teeth Whitening without breaking your bank

Everyone wants pearly white and sparkling teeth. It is not easy to achieve these pearly whites, especially because they need meticulous care to keep them sparkling. The whiteness of teeth comes from the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth. Genetics can also influence the whiteness of teeth as people with naturally thin enamel have their tooth structure show through and cause the teeth to appear darker.

Two types of teeth whitening options available in the market are professional dental cleaning and whitening options and store-bought whitening remedies, most of which can be done at home. The latter is usually in the form of pastes, strips, or a concoction meant to be used regularly to whiten teeth.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurveda practice that comprises rinsing the teeth, similar to how you would use any other mouthwash. Oil pulling is supposed to pull out any stubborn bacteria and prevent them from turning into plaque.

Studies have shown that the method results in a reduction of bacteria and plaque if practised consistently. Use a tablespoon or two of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Brush your teeth after spitting the oil out.

Baking soda

Although you can clean your teeth with baking soda directly, studies suggest that it is most effective when used with whitener and combined with toothpaste. Baking soda contains whitening properties and generates an alkaline in the mouth, slowing down bacterial growth.

Using baking soda will not result in instant whitening, but consistent use of this method will gradually whiten teeth. The mixture is easy to use. Combine one tea spoon of baking soda with a few drops of simple water until it becomes a paste, similar to toothpaste inconsistency. Simply brush your teeth with the concoction for sparkling white teeth!

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Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent option as acetic acid, the major ingredient in apple cider vinegar kills the bacteria that cause discolouration of teeth. However, the acid in apple vinegar can also eliminate the enamel on teeth.

This method should not be practised daily; be sure to rinse with water right after using this remedy. Get 1 spoon of water &1 spoon of apple vinegar. Swish it around in your mouth just like mouthwash, and rinse afterwards.

Whitening toothpaste

Using whitening toothpaste is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective method of whitening teeth. It is also easy to work it into your routine as all you need to do is replace your current toothpaste of choice with a whitening toothpaste.


Teeth-whitening strips are readily available at stores for drugs and are a popular method of whitening teeth. The major element in whitening strips for teeth is hydrogen peroxide. They are priced between $50 and $100 and are typically preferred for ease of use.

Overuse can cause teeth sensitivity, dental problems, and enamel wear. Various options are available, but teeth whitening strips should only be used as the label recommends.

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Tray whitening

Tray whitening is a more severe form of teeth whitening. The procedure involves a tray resembling a guard for the mouth that is moulded to adjust your mouth. A dentist does this. The tray is then placed over the teeth for several hours. This can be considered a professional dental cleaning and whitening method.

This process needs to be repeated for 2-4 weeks. This is a high-end method for whitening teeth and usually requires the consultation of a dentist. It is also more expensive than other options, costing upwards of $400.

Teeth Whitening Device Kit 

With the advancement of dental technology, dental health scientists and practitioners discover newer and better ways of treating teeth and gum conditions. 

Teeth whitening devices are one of the latest trends in whitening teeth nowadays. A teeth whitening device kit generally includes a heat and LED light mouthpiece, a whitening solution, and a rechargeable USB power pack. This teeth whitening device works through light optics technology.  

The heat and light activate the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for quicker, easier, safer, and more effective teeth whitening. Because hydrogen peroxide is a mild and natural teeth whitening agent, there’s less chance of experiencing sensitivity, unlike commercial teeth whitening trays. 

The best thing about teeth whitening device kits is you can download a teeth whitening app to optimize your teeth whitening treatment. This app allows you to control your device, schedule treatments, track your progress, receive notifications, preview results, etc.  

You can check the other features of teeth whitening devices from GLO and other dental online stores. Compare one brand of teeth whitening device kit to another within your budget. By doing so, you’ll be more informed in choosing the best teeth whitening device kit brand for you. 

While over-the-counter teeth whitening preparations, like whitening device kits, are generally safe, it’s good to consult your dentist for expert advice and proper dental health assessment.

There are many options available for both at home teeth whitening and in-office teeth whitening. It can be difficult to decide which option is best for you. This guide is all about which type of teeth whitening works best and will give you a far better idea of what type of teeth whitening you would prefer.

Activated Charcoal

The use of activated charcoal for teeth whitening has recently seen a lot of popularity. The process includes a charcoal-derived black mixture smeared onto the teeth, similar to regular toothpaste.

The naturally occurring form of carbon binds with the compounds that cause staining and removes them efficiently. However, it is vital to use charcoal that has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Activated charcoal is abrasive and can damage the tooth enamel causing tooth erosion.

Lastly- A Healthy Diet

While it may sound weird, the food you consume affects the whiteness of your teeth. A diet that contains a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for your teeth, as well as your mind and your body.

Although this method is not a substitute for regular cleaning of teeth; having a healthy diet and abstaining from unhealthy habits such as smoking allows the teeth to appear whiter. Some fruits that have been known to help whiten teeth include strawberries and pineapples.

Teeth whitening can broadly be divided into two main categories: professional teeth whitening and shop-bought whitening options. While professional teeth whitening will provide more robust, more instant results, the consistent use of store-bought remedies can also provide positive results but will take time to show results.


It is essential to understand that not all whitening methods will have a similar result. The effectiveness of a teeth whitening method largely depends on the kind of discoloration you have. The discoloration can be extrinsic or intrinsic, and there are specific methods that are more suited to one or the other type of discoloration. Yellowing can often occur because of improved cleaning and maintenance of teeth. It is integral to brush twice a day and use mouthwash in addition to flossing regularly. Timely visits to the dentist as also important as regular checkups of your teeth will allow the dentist to identify any new problems and address them promptly.

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