The Risks of Making Rapid Life Changes

Making abrupt life changes can bring a significant amount of stress into one’s life. Your body, your mind, and your overall health may suffer because of it. Luckily, with a little bit of care and discipline, you can avoid all this. A reasonable amount of risk and routine breaks can, at times, even be beneficial to us. But the vital factor here is knowing where our limits are. The first step is recognizing the hazardous behaviors and putting in the efforts to reduce them. Thus, we bring you some of the most common risks of making rapid life changes and ways to avoid them with the help of some health care tips.

Physical risks of making rapid life changes

We have all been young and restless or mature and hungry for change at some point in our life. These unavoidable periods in life are bound to leave bruises on our bodies, both literal and metaphorical.

1. Hormonal disbalance

Although this is a physical condition, different kinds of hormonal imbalances can significantly influence emotional health. The stress and anxiety of finding oneself in an unfamiliar field are the most common causes for it. A hormonal imbalance can bring many disruptions to your everyday life. Your physical appearance may, eventually, start changing too. Although this problem may arise from a genetic precondition, there are ways to avoid it or alleviate its effects.

How to avoid it: If you can’t avoid making rapid life changes, which is the best prevention, regular check-ups, exercise, and a hormone balancing diet are your best chance to prevent a hormonal imbalance.

2. Physical injuries

Rushing into a decision and rushing, in general, can leave you with actual marks on your body. How many times have you injured yourself because you were rushing somewhere? Metaphorical rushing is no different. Blindly following a goal and not taking any precautions can often be very dangerous.

A hand with fingers
The risks of making rapid life changes include severe physical injuries

3. No time for work out

Not having time for your daily exercise can invariably affect your body. Rapid weight gain or unwanted weight loss is just the beginning of complications. If not leading an active lifestyle, muscle weakening and power loss are to be expected after some time. Therefore, staying active when going through a life change is super important.

Solution: Being more active is what we all need, especially if going through a stressful period. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fitness or boxing, as long as you lead an active lifestyle. Regular exercise can help you get back on track sooner than any other method.

4. Eating disorders

Eating disorders can vary from overeating to a complete loss of appetite. Both are equally dangerous to your health. Our bodies love routine. So, as soon as something is out of the ordinary, your eating habits and metabolism may change too.

Solution: Make eating schedules and stick to them. Keep only healthy food in the house. Remember to drink enough water. Set an alarm, if necessary, to remind you to take care of your diet.

a woman stress eating in a bath tab
Eating disorders are common during nerve-wracking life events

Psychological risks of making rapid life changes

Whatever your body suffers, your emotions will feel it too. Sometimes the risks of making rapid life changes are even higher when it comes to your mental health. Once again, prevention is the best cure but let’s look at how you can lower the damage.

1. Increased level of stress and anxiety

Besides feeling anxious and stressed due to high levels of emotional pressure, the situation can degrade even further. Feelings of disorientation, restlessness, or a complete loss of purpose can commonly follow. All of this can ultimately result in a false impression of total failure and unhappiness.

How to avoid it

Nourish positive thoughts and surround yourself with people that make you happy. Try making time for hobbies, and do what makes you the most satisfied at least once a week.

2. Burnout or loss of motivation

Sometimes when we push ourselves too much, we can end up with opposite results. Burnout and loss of motivation happen all the time in the business world. Don’t get confused here. What makes someone feel comfortable can be completely life-disrupting for others.

Solution: Meditate, contemplate your choices, try to learn about yourself as much as you can. Don’t force yourself to work too much or do anything that feels unnatural.

3. Disrupted sleep patterns

Stress is not caused by changing professions or career risks only. There are numerous other situations. Moving across the state or to a new continent can be a reason for considerable stress too. Sleeping in a new bed or too much time spent worrying can lead to insomnia. Our bodies need a steady amount of sleep to recover, refresh and rebuild. A lack of it can lead to many complications.

How to beat insomnia: Going to bed at approximately the same time every night can positively affect your sleeping habits. Positive thoughts or remembering a happy event can aid in falling asleep faster. A warm glass of milk or chamomile tea before going to sleep can help as well. However, avoid drinking at least one hour and eating at least 3 hours before going to bed. Food can be too heavy on your stomach, and water will have you running to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

insomnia as one of the risks of making rapid life changes
Caption: Irregular sleeping patterns can affect every segment of your life

4. Emotional trauma – an underestimated hazard of making rapid life changes

In some cases, a life change can be so intense and upsetting that it can leave temporary or permanent trauma. Severe emotional pain or complete suppression of feelings can follow. Both are very dangerous and should be recognized and treated early on.

Solution: Socializing and distraction from pain can help temporarily. However, if you suspect that you, or someone from your surroundings is going through emotional trauma, the best thing to do is to seek professional help.


To dare is to succeed. Still, taking care of your health should be imperative. The risks of making rapid life changes are real. If you plan to venture into dramatic change, start preparing your body and mind on time. Getting to know yourself, adopting positive life habits, and avoiding stress as much as possible is the ultimate recipe for happiness.

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