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If you’re looking for Almond Nail Designs then you have come to the right place!

Here you will be able to look through my personal favorites and my well-researched curated list.

Here, you will only find most creative of designs that you can try to replicate yourself at home; or request at your next visit to the salon.

I’ve spent time looking across all the options so you do not have to. You’ll find those that meet every occasion.

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1. Glam Matte Black Nails

The next nail idea is so glam! This mani features matte black nails. All of them are plain except for two. The two accent nails are decorated with a large rhinestone or a gold chain. We love the accessories and the color is stunning. This mani is a must-have for a party or night out.

Glam Matte Black Nails

Source: @kangannynails

2. Leopard and Check Nail Art

If you like to wear cute and stylish nail art, then this idea is for you. Two nails are a matte shade and the other nails have two trendy patterns. One nail is covered in leopard print and one has a black and white check pattern. Recreate the whole the mani or you can try one or two designs on all nails. You can find tutorials for the nail art on the page below.

Leopard and Check Nail Art

Source: @nailsbycambria

3. Pretty Almond Acrylic Nails

These almond acrylic nails are so pretty! For this look, each nail is painted in a different light and stylish shade. Two nails are decorated with rhinestones too. The colors are beautiful and all compliment each other while the rhinestones add glamour. It is a fun and bright look that is perfect for the spring and summer.

Pretty Almond Acrylic Nails

Source: @kangannynails

4. White and Pink Mani

Love pink? If so, check out this nail idea. Here we have long almond acrylic nails. Half of each nail is white and the half towards the tips has bright nail art. The nail art includes check patterns and flowers. It is a gorgeous mani and it is so pretty. You can recreate this or try the nail art in a different color. A yellow version would be so summery!

Bright Pink Mani

Source: @kangannynails

5. Striped Nail Art

Next, we have a cool and trendy mani. Each nail is matte nude and each one has a striped pattern. The striped art features one black stripe with a colorful one. This is a fun and stylish design. You can recreate a similar look with a stencil or nail tape and there are tutorials for stripe nails online.

Striped Nail Art

Source: @nailz_ann.indigo

6. Cute and Colorful Nails

The next nail idea is so colorful and fun! For this look, some of the almond nails are blue and two have rainbow style art. The nails have rings of vibrant colors. This is a gorgeous nail design and it will be perfect for the summer and festivals. You can hand-paint this pattern or use a stencil and it can be recreated in any color of your choice.

Cute and Colorful Nails

Source: @nailz_ann.indigo

7. Edgy Skeleton Nail Art

Give your nails an edge with nail art like this. The nails are black and each one is adorned with different skeleton patterns. This is a trendy and fun nail idea. You can buy skeleton nail stickers for your nails online. This mani will be great for Halloween or if you love spooky things all year round.

Edgy Skeleton Nail Art

Source: @amur_nails

8. Bold Bright Almond Acrylic Nails

If you love bright and bold colors, then this mani is for you. Each almond nail is covered in a vibrant coral color with gorgeous nail art on one of the nails. The nail art, vivid color and gold foil look stunning together. You can buy gold foils online to recreate the look or the coral on its own would look amazing too.

Bold Red Almond Acrylic Nails

Source: @kangannynails

9. Classic French Mani

Maybe all the bright colors and trendy art is not for you? Looking for something more chic and classic? If so, check this out. Here we have pretty almond acrylic nails and each one has elegant French tips. This is a gorgeous mani and it will suit everyone. It can be glammed up or down to suit any occasion.

Classic French Mani

Source: @nail_sunny

10. Stylish Red Nails

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites. All of the nails are a classic bright red and each one has a foil effect. We love the red and it just looks amazing with this nail shape. You can use any red shade. Brighter reds are better for the spring and summer while the darker richer tones are great for the fall and winter.

Stylish Red Nails

Source: @nailsrnd

11. Smokey Nail Art

Next, we have another unique and trendy look to show you. This time the nails on one hand are all light and simple. While the other hand uses the same color but there is also bright smokey style nail art. It is a stunning design and the colors look amazing together. You can recreate this magical mani in any color.

Smokey Nail Art

Source: @nailsrnd

12. Wild Leopard Nails

Give your nails a wild makeover with a leopard design like this one. The nails are nude with orange ombre tips. Each nail also has black leopard print art. Leopard print is quite simple to create. You can paint the pattern with thin brush or you can use a stencil or nail pen. There are tutorials online that can show you.

Wild Leopard Nails

Source: @superflynails

13. Geometric Tips

The last nail idea is trendy and chic. For this look, the nails are a shorter almond length. These nails are nude with added geometric shapes towards the tips. You can create this pattern with nail tape as a guide. We love the colors because they are stylish and classy but you can use brighter colors for a bolder mani.

Geometric Tips Nail Art

Source: @superflynails

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This article has provided you with some of the best almond nail designs.

Whilst this list is pretty extensive, with a range of styles to suit preferences, proficiency and budget, there a thousands of more possibilities for you and your almond nails.

The best thing about this creative nails list is that you can even use these them as inspiration and experiment a little. So, over to you.

We hope you love these almond acrylic nails and have found a stylish design to try!

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