Things you need to know about Flavor Concentrates?

Vaping is a fulfilling experience that can provide refreshment. There are plenty of e-liquids of different flavors available in the market that people try out. But do those ready liquids satisfy your heart? Not at all. Many people don’t find these flavors satisfying enough and keep trying the same flavor from different brands. But what if you can create your eLiquid? Yes, you read it right. Now it’s possible to develop your e-liquid and enjoy vaping it. These days, people like trying unique combinations; hence want to try this with vaping. It is possible when you use flavor concentrates.

Flavor Concentrates
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These concentrates let you alter the flavor according to your taste buds helping you make the most out of your vaping session. You might have tried many methods to mix and match these liquids, but they might not work. Hence, flavor concentrates are a one-stop solution for people who love experimenting. Want to know more about it? Read the text till the end.

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What Are Flavor Concentrates?

Vaping fans might have come across flavor concentrates, a multi-purpose liquid. It is an incredibly concentrated liquid that vapers utilize to create their vape juice on their own. This liquid contains only two ingredients PG and flavorings that are food grade. Hence flavor concentrates can also be called a blank canvas for vapers as they can create their preferred balance between nicotine, PG, and VG. Experienced users utilize it to create an unusual eLiquid to enjoy a different flavor. Additionally, there are no nicotine concentrates; hence no tobacco restrictions are implied.

The basic idea behind using these concentrates is to get a perfect mix of tastes and enhance the vaping experience. You can effortlessly get the ready-to-use e juices from the market but not find their flavors as alluring as those you get by creating your own. Also, the fact that this product doesn’t come with any restrictions might excite the majority of vaping lovers. You can find these concentrates in various sizes, but the most common is 30ml. Additionally, their easy-to-use property makes it an ideal choice for even beginners.

How To Use Flavor Concentrates?

If you are an experienced user and know how to mix eLiquid, you can easily use flavor concentrates. They are used to add more fun and personalization to the experience of vaping. You will be able to enjoy making your preferred e liquids with your own hands. These concentrates are best for people who have previously tried their hands on vaping. All you need to do is follow the process of making e-juice, but when it’s your turn to add flavors, use flavor concentrates. But if you are new to the method of mixing, it might be a tedious task for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

As a beginner, you will need a bottle of PG and VG and a nicotine base. Also, you will need equipment like syringes, needles, scales, and bottles that have childproof caps to store the end mixture. A challenge that first-time users might face is getting the ideal ratio of nicotine to PG/VG. Thankfully now you have the help of calculators that can help with this job. Just enter all the details needed, and you will automatically get your ratio. 

The primary thing while mixing flavor concentrates is precision. Although slight variation won’t matter much, measure precisely to avoid adverse circumstances. Hence get an accurate scale for yourself; if you don’t want to get it, you can measure it through the marks on the syringe. Also, take the bottle, add a measured amount of ingredients, and give it a good mix. 

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What Are the Benefits Of Using Flavor Concentrates?

Here are some benefits of flavor concentrates that might compel you to use flavor concentrates

  • Less Expensive Than E-Liquids

It might seem that buying flavor concentrates can cost you a lot, but that’s not true. Purchasing a different eLiquid for each vaping session is a costlier choice. For example, the bottle of eLiquid that you get from a store might get consumed in just one session but from 30ml of flavor concentrates, you might be able to create up to 120-150 ml of e-liquid. Hence this indicates that it might be a better option. Also, you won’t have to get a new flavor every time; you can use these concentrates to create the taste of your own choice. Just give ingredients a mix, and your e-liquid is ready for vaping.

  • Simple To Use

If you think mixing and making your eJuice at home is frustrating, you are not right. It isn’t as hard a task as you imagine it to be. You might face difficulty while mixing it for the first time. Later you can do it effortlessly. Getting a perfect eLiquid is a matter of decision. Hence weigh the right amount of ingredients and mix them to get a balanced flavor. You can make your e-liquid at your home as there is no need for additional pieces of equipment. You have to get your ingredients and enjoy the vaping session.

  • Great Flavors

Although there are plenty of different eLiquid flavors available in the market, they might not suit your taste. Various people love different flavors, and it’s impossible to get all of the readymades in the market. So what to do? Settle for them, no! Just make your flavor of eJuice at your home using flavor concentrates. If you are a person who is specific with the taste, then these concentrates might help you a lot. You can obtain your vape liquid in fewer steps without any long process. But while you make it ensure that you weigh ingredients precisely and give them a great mix.


Flavor concentrates are presently the best way to make your eLiquid, solely to enhance your vaping experience. Additionally, using these concentrates directly is not recommended. Although it won’t cause any adverse effects, it might not taste good. If you are an experienced person, you won’t have difficulty mixing concentrate and other ingredients. However, for beginners, it might be a bit tough to measure precise ingredients. Creating your eLiquid is an easy task, but introducing these concentrates has made it effortless. Hence if you are looking forward to making DIY vapes, you can try using them.

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