Impects of Smoking a CBD-Dominant Strain?

It is hard that you haven’t heard anything about CBD. You would have heard about it from your friends, listened about it in the news, read it on Reddit, or seen it in a drug store – because literally, it is everywhere. 

The CBD mania has caught the nation and CBD manufacturers have taken this craze one step further by making it available to the people in every possible form. From oil, tinctures, chocolates, alcohol, pillows, toothpicks to gummies, you can consume it however you like.

But have you ever thought about what will happen if you smoke CBD strain? Will it make you high like marijuana smoking? Will you feel dizzy or will you be normal? Let’s find out the answer to these questions.

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What is CBD?

Before finding out the answer to what happens by smoking CBD-dominant strain, let’s know what CBD is.

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. But unlike its counterpart, THC, it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties, which means it doesn’t react with high causing brain receptors and keeps you sane. In fact, it has therapeutic properties as it reacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and helps treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, severe pain, inflammation, etc.

How is CBD Smoking Different from Marijuana Smoking?

When you smoke weed, it contains high levels of THC, which directly enters the bloodstream and quickly shows high causing effects, like nervousness, fast heart beat, dizziness, etc. In other words, its psychoactive properties start showing impact.

But when you smoke CBD-dominant strain, it contains CBD, not THC. So, when it enters the bloodstream it doesn’t show psychoactive properties and doesn’t cause you high.

CBD strain smoking is not popular yet, as much as the THC-dominant strain. So, people struggle to find CBD strains in dispensaries. But slowly, CBD strains are also becoming popular and you can buy them online and in a few dispensaries.

For example, you can buy palomino 5g strain that has a fresh lemony flavor and it is known to increase focus and concentration.

This takes us to our next question: what happens after smoking CBD strain?

What are the Effects of Smoking CBD Strain?

Smoking CBD-dominant strain doesn’t give you any feeling closer to smoking marijuana. That’s why people looking for medical benefits and high concentration smoke it.

It shows similar medical effects as your body experiences while consuming CBD oil, gummies, drinks, chocolates or rubbing lotion. The only difference is CBD smoking shows faster results because smoke directly becomes part of the bloodstream and quickly soothes your nerves and helps in body ailments.

However, CBD ingestion takes a bit longer to show results because it first enters the digestive system, breaks down into particles, and then enters the blood. Some effects of CBD also get lost during this long process.

So, smoking CBD will not make you high, but it will definitely show faster therapeutic benefits.

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How to Choose the CBD Strain? 

The outcomes of smoking CBD strain depends on many factors. So, it is important to choose strain carefully as it will define your ultimate experience.

Choose your strain based on:

  • What kind of medical benefits are you seeking?
  • The bud is taken from what type of plant?
  • How was the plant grown – organically or inorganically?
  • Does the strain contain any amount of THC?

If you don’t know much about strains and their qualities, you should take help from a budtender after telling what type of experience you want.

Make sure to only buy high quality strain, produced organically to get the best medical benefits and avoid any risk of poor outcome.


So, now you know smoking CBD strain is nothing closer to smoking marijuana. In fact, it might be a better method if you want to experience faster medical benefits. It is better if the strain is taken from a hemp plant with THC lower than 0.3% so that you only get positive results, not psychoactive effects.

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