What should be Per Day intake of calories?

People nowadays are very health conscious, and also they are diet conscious, or we can say that both of these things are interrelated to each other. If you really wish to keep your health well maintained and you wish to be fit and fine physically, then balancing your diet is something that becomes important for you. People nowadays are seen gaining excessive weight, and that is something not good for many health-related aspects. The main source of weight gain comes from the calories when the body starts consuming more and burns less. So, in this case, it becomes very important to keep a check on how many calories to eat in a day so that the further maintenance of physical health does not turn out to be a problem. 

But everything should be given a start from the basics, that way understanding things becomes easy for the people. So, here, first of all, we will share some basic knowledge related to Calories.  

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How to define a calorie? 

One can refer to calories as the unit of energy taken out of a particular food intake for the body. Also, you can count it as the exact amount of energy you use for conducting all your day-to-day physical activities. Yes, it is true that energy is good for the body, but also one should not forget excess of everything is bad. The same is the case with calorie intake. 

Let us be more precise and clear regarding this. If a person intakes calories more than the capacity of his or her body, then the body will deposit those calories as fats. In most cases, such fat does nothing but increases the weight of the body. We all know excessive weight gain can be harmful to our health in many ways. 

So, here we will focus on the demand of the topic, and we will see how many calories to eat in a day in order to maintain the calorie count in the body in the right manner.

Use an online calorie calculator

There are a lot of health-related factors and conditions that one will need to consider before deciding on the exact amount of calories to be taken. Keeping track of so many factors can be a problem, so using an online calorie calculator can be a good option in that case. You can try one of the best calorie calculators is TDEE Calculator by Fitness Volt. 

The calculator will specifically ask you for some factors like your height, weight, gender, age, and based on that, it will provide you with the right calorie intake.

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What should be the average calorie intake for a person?

Again this is one question that cannot be answered specifically because, as we have discussed earlier, the calorie intake count varies among various individuals. 

After reading the example given below, we hope it will help you to understand the concept in a better way.

Calorie intake for women- 

  • A woman who is active in the age range of 26-50years needs at least 2000 calories to in take every day
  • If any woman walks at least 5 km in a day, then her need for calories goes somewhere to 2000 plus.
  •  Now, if you are a woman in your early 20s, then for managing your weight, you need at least 2,200 calories on a daily basis.
  •  Those who are of 50 plus age need only around 1800 calories every day. 

Now, further, we will see a similar example in the case of men.

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Calorie intake for men- 

  • A man who is moderately active in the age range of 26- 45 years would need at least 2,600 calories in a day. 
  • If a man walks for 5 km every day, then his average calorie intake for the day would fall in the range of 2800 to 3000. 
  • A man in the age range of 19 to 25 years would need 2,800 calories for the day. 
  • In the age range of 46- 65 years; one would need 2,400 calories per day.
  • If a man is above 66 years, then per day calorie intake should be no more than 2,200.

So, as we go through these examples, we can clearly see the variation, so it is hard to precisely decide for anyone as to how many calories to eat in a day. But, yes, with all the statistics and with the online calorie calculator, you can get some help over this. 


One should never forget that intake and consumption of calories is something that is not really tough. But, yes, it is tough to burn down the excess calories from the body; therefore, a person should be very careful while taking them in. excessive calorie intake and consumption may lead to obesity, which can be dangerous for health and fitness.

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