Why Are My Finger Nails Turning Yellow

In humans, nails are present on fingers and toes; usually, people don’t pay attention to their nails’ health compared to other body parts. Still, it is a fact that these nails are the mirror of your overall health, and visual observation of nails can alarm you if something terrible is happening in your body.

Nails are white pinkish are made up of protein keratin, which makes these nails strong, there are small blood vessels for blood circulation that are present in between nail and skin to create nail growth.

People cut off their old nails when a new push the old one on the upper side of your finger or toe, but have you ever noticed that your nails colored changed into yellow, either is it normal or not? However, healthy nails should be smooth, whitish-pink, if it is not, then changes in nails can sign a problem in the liver, heart, and lungs, for example, change in color and shape brittle and chipped nail and presence of different marks.

In this topic, you will find why my fingernails are turning yellow and give away your anxiety about your nail and health relation.

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There are many reasons for yellowish Yale nails, and these reasons are as follow: 

Growth of fungus 

Fungal growth under your nails bed is one of the most common reasons behind yellowish nails because of many reasons like  

  1. Long term presence of dirt and dust in the nails.
  2. Blood clot under the nail after injury or pin crack
  3. Long time exposure of your finger and toenails in dirty water
  4. unhygienic nails cutting practice

Trichophyton is a common fungal species of nail infection, either toe or fingernail. This infection hurts when it gets deeper in your nail skin and can cause pain, trauma, tightness, pins’ hardness, and difficulty in nails finger or toe movement. Usually, toenails are more exposed to these infections as compared to fingernails.

However, the protection of nails can stop infection growth if you avoid a moist environment, clean cutting of nails, and use first aid after an injury to the nails.

Yellowish fingers nail as a reflection of different diseases.

Yellow nail syndrome

People experience the yale color of a finger or toenails and retarded growth, easily breakable nails, and lack of cuticle in this condition. All these signs of nails represent the lungs’ problems and swelling of the lower limbs; however, this yellow nail syndrome is commonly seen in people above 50. 

People suffering from thyroids  

If a person experiences weight loss, irregular blood pressure, and yellowish nail plates color, there is a hyperthyroidism chance. In this disease thyroid gland produces too much thyroxine hormone in your body and is commonly seen in any age group. Other nails changes may include retarded nail growth and excess thinking of nails


Nails are tightly attached with your finger and toe; there is no air and gap in between nail and skin except the presence of tiny blood vessels. This natural condition of your pin protects nail plates to avoid discoloration and lifting of nails from the surface.  

Onycholysis is a process in when air gets in contact between the nail bed and nail plate and causes a sign of yellowish fingernail. This condition is usually seen in people who work forcefully with their hands and feet, such as football players, butchers, carpenters, manual working workers, and sometimes side effects of a specific medication. 

However, you can get rid of onycholysis by wearing protective hand and foot gloves, avoiding a moist working atmosphere, and deep cleaning of nails.

Causes of yellow finger nails

Nail Paint

The use of nail paint can often cause your nails’ yellow color because nail paint is made up of different chemicals that can damage the natural pinkish color of fingernails. Also, thinner, a nail paint remover, has acetone alcohol that can remove the nail plate’s protective layer resulting in the yellow and pale color of your nails.


Turmeric is the typical household spice in almost every food; people like homemakers, chefs, or cooks, and street shopkeepers have a yellowish color of fingernails or yellow tinge on their nails.

Exposure to harsh chemicals

Chemicals are made up of harsh compounds or have toxic discoloration properties. For example, people who work in dying or textile factories, paint producing companies and detergents, and cosmetic companies all these platform working people usually have slightly or fully discolored their nails. 

Best ways to get rid of yellowish yale nails naturally 

One spoon of baking soda in water can easily remove stains and slow down fungal infections.

Tea tree oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties; this treatment removes your nails’ yellow color and kills other bacterial and fungal growth. Adding the required amount of olive oil or coconut oil with add few drops of tea tree oil and applying on your finger or infected nails,

Intake of vitamin E helps in the fastest growth of your nail and treats yellow nail syndrome.

It is always an excellent choice to go for a monthly based manicure and pedicure from dermatologists because they knew how to treat your discoloration, strains, and yellowness of your nails can be removed by oxidizing agent hydrogen peroxide.


Everyone should start learning about the importance of nails, just like any other body part, don’t just sit on a table and think about why are my nails yellow day by day. Because now anyone can quickly and cheaply protect their nails by doing simple home-based remedies, a monthly visit to the manicurist, and personal hygienic care of nails. 

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