Why Does Skin Sag Following Extreme Weight Loss: Useful Tips

When a person loses weight, especially in large quantities, it can entirely change a person’s appearance. Not only that, but weight loss can come with many positive changes to a person’s health, such as improved sleep, less joint pain, lower blood pressure, and more. Besides the physical benefits, weight loss can also help a person’s mental health and self-esteem, giving them a newfound sense of confidence they might have lacked before.

When it comes to cases of excessive weight loss, however, sometimes it can come with an unwanted side effect, in the form of loose skin. Those with an excess of loose or sagging skin can often feel embarrassed or unmotivated after working so diligently to lose weight, only to continue to have esteem problems with their skin.

Sadly, skin that has been stretched often remains permanently sagging unless removed with elective plastic surgeries, such as those who get a tummy tuck in Toronto to remove loose skin on the abdomen.

But why does skin begin to sag after losing excess weight in the first place? The following are some of the factors that can further lose skin during weight loss.


The older a person gets, the less elastin and collagen their body produces. Usually, this number is roughly 1% less per year after the age of twenty. Less collagen and elastin means the skin begins to lose its supple appearance and tightness to the body. Thus, the older a person gets, the more likely they are to have loose skin when losing weight.

Speed of Weight Loss

The faster a person loses weight, the more likely they are to develop loose skin. Doctors and other health experts recommend a person lose no more than two pounds per week to allow the skin to catch up with the dissipation of the underlying fat. 

Additionally, losing too much weight too quickly can create other health problems, such as extreme fatigue, menstrual irregularities, muscle loss, constipation, hair loss and more. Thus, fast weight loss is never recommended. Slow and steady is always the way to go when it comes to diet and exercise.

Excessive Weight Loss

Even if lost at a slow rate, losing an extreme amount of weight can result in loose skin. This is because the skin has been stretched to the extent that it can no longer recover its elasticity to such a degree. This typically happens in those losing anywhere between 60-100 pounds during their weight loss. In many cases of extreme weight loss such as this, skin must be removed from areas such as the stomach, arms, legs, back, and more.


The harmful chemicals in cigarettes can lead to a massive list of health concerns but also have a direct link to reducing collagen production in the body and destroying existing collagen and elastin within the body as well.

Exposure to Sun

Excess exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays can damage the skin on its surface, as well as reduce a person’s elastin and collagen production, causing premature aging of the skin. This can lead to the skin more easily sagging during weight loss.

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