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Most people find difficulty in doing any activity for their physical health. Instead, they prefer sitting at home, like watching TV or using a smartphone. That is not the case only for you, but most people are addicted to it. There is no doubt that exercise has a profound effect on both mental and physical health. also It helps in getting a night of good sleep and gets you out of depression and anxiety.

Just knowing the importance and benefits of health would not help much; instead, you have to do something in reality, and for that, you need to have a proper plan and approach towards achieving your goals.
There are some Tips and Tricks that can help you make exercise part of your daily routine. These tips can be beneficial to beginners, especially students interested in getting in shape to look good.

Plan Your Routine Earlier 

daily routine chart

The foremost important thing is to plan your exercise before actually doing it. For example, in the night, you have to make a mind to do your training in slots like 10 minutes yoga in the morning, 15 min evening walk in the park, and 20 min of weight lifting at the gym at night.

Join Any Sports Event

To get yourself fully involved, you should look for any sports event to participate in it as

It will keep you motivated, try joining any gym course, or participate in any community center.   

This way, you shall have a goal towards achieving any target.

Take good sleep

girl sleeping
good sleep

Even if you are doing your exercise regularly and taking adequate food intake still you Would

not behave better results, and it is due to not having proper sleep throughout the day. It does

recommend having a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep the whole day. You could break

Down into 6 hours at night and 1 hour of the nap in the mid of the day.

Keep Record of Calories Intake

Calorie balance chart

Every person, whether male or female have different goals with their physical health. Some are planning to lose weight while others have a mind for gaining weight. In both, the scenario, the right amount of calorie intake is significant for it. The simple rule is that when you intake food, you get calories while any physical activity results in losing them. To gain weight, you should opt for getting more amount of healthy calories than losing it, similarly losing weight require you to lose more calories than gaining those calories. For better results, you should go for a proper amount of calories according to your body requirements.

Easy Tips For Pre workout For Beginners

Taking the first step into the world of fitness is a difficult task. Moreover, if you are staying at home for a long time, you feel morose. Yet, there are many best workout plans at home for daily exercise and keep yourself happy and fit. If you are just starting out, you need to start with those that help you to gradually get into the world of fitness. Light exercises that invigorate the body and help to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones, are good to start with.

You need endorphins to start with since they will make you fall in love with exercises. But that is not all that home exercises for beginners are meaning to do. These exercises are also expected to help your body and mind adapt to a regimen of activities before you start vigorous activities. These exercises may lead to an improvement in range of motion, enhancement in coordination, flexibility, and control, etc. They may also help in burning fat, building up cardiovascular endurance, etc. They may also help you build core strength, which is so necessary for advanced body training.

So, you may start with aerobics, low impact cardio workouts low impact abs workout, upper body workout without equipment.

You also need a proper diet since that helps you to reap the gains of exercise. You need to bring down your carbohydrate consumption since that may help you to fight fat and boost your working capability.

Indeed, it is possible to stay at home and do exercises to keep yourself fit and happy.

best 3 exercise for pre-workout at home

There are many workout tips to be done at home, but we are going to give three best practices for getting the fitness success that would have an optimum effect on your fitness, and it requires no equipment as it can be performing anywhere. These are:

  1. Pushups
  2. Squats
  3. Plank

Push ups

push ups

Pushups are considering to be a very beneficial exercise. It involves your body weight, and it includes lots of your body muscles to work; it is also suitable for getting good body posture.

The best way to perform pushups is defined here.

  • Start with your plank position and your hips and core to be tight, keep shoulder loose and back and your hands should be slightly close to that of shoulder-distance
  • Now go down by bending your elbows until you touch your chest with the ground, but keep In mind to keep your back straight throughout, then come back and repeat the same.
  • Complete at least four sets of minimum 20 reps each, but you can go beyond the 20 reps.

If you are a beginner and cannot perform the traditional way of pushups, you should keep it simple by putting your knees on the floor and moving up and down by the force of your hands this way, and you can also make the completion of pushups.



Squats are one of the best exercises for the lower body and also for keeping your back healthy. There are various ways to perform it, but being a beginner, you should focus on a simple one. The proper way to achieve it is by explaining here.

  • Stand a slightly more than your shoulder-width apart
  • Keep your shoulder back and back and glutes tight
  • Now start to get yourself until the angle between legs and glutes is approximately 90 degrees. The deep squats are sometimes hard to perform so therefore since you are a beginner to fitness consequently you should not opt for deeper squats
  • Keep playing it for at least 20 rep with three sets



One of the best exercises among all bodyweight exercises is the plant. It is helpful because it does not require a lot of time to do it, and the benefits are far substantial. Among various benefits, the most important ones are:

  • Posture improvement
  • Good mental health
  • The right overall balance of body
  • More flexibility in the body
  • Increase in metabolism

You should be performing at least three repetitions of 40 sec in the beginning and with the passage of The time, you can increase the time.


It will be very beneficial for you to keep following the guidelines provides in this article. To get the most out of it, you must perform the basic easy tips for pre-workout that beginners can follow at home regularly as it would hardly take your 30 minutes maximum. Still, it will give you a lot of benefits whether you are a student or a person who has not done any exercise, then you should immediately go for these guidelines.

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