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How to fake a fever: Helpful Tips

We have all been there. You don’t want to deal with an annoying boss. You have a school presentation, and you’re too unprepared to give it. Maybe you don’t feel like going today. So, all of these statements share a mutual agreement. That is, you are unwilling to go. However, you know you can’t just stick back home. Your boss will demand an absence notice, and your school will ask for a doctor’s note. But luckily, with a few tricks, you can make that happen. Here’s how you can fake a fever:

How to Fake a Fever When You Need a Day Off from the office?

If you have a hot-headed boss, you don’t want to deal with them all the time. That is because their tyranny and cruelty to make you work long hours can be inhumane. So, why not give yourself a break? If your boss demands that you a video conference to prove the legitimacy of your disease, here’s how you can do this

Make Yourself Warm

You want to look flushed and sick from the flu. While coughing may sound convincing, it is not enough. Instead, you should run a cloth under water and heat it. When you feel like it’s warm enough, place it on your face and forehead and let your body temperature rise.

Do Jumping Jacks

You can easily make yourself look flushed and tired with jumping jacks. You should also try taking it a step further and dehydrate yourself to give it signature hoarseness and make yourself look feeble. Then, anyone who glances at you won’t believe that you’re not sick.

Act like You’re Tired

It’s easy to make yourself look tired. All you have to do is lie down and let yourself loose. You may even pretend you have a headache by scrunching up your face and holding your head. The best way to look effectively tired with a fever is to droop yourself over a sofa in the living room. Make sure you have your blanket wrapped tight around you. The more you look like you can barely stand. The better your excuse to stay home. You need to ensure that you’re not overdoing it. It would help if you acted like you have fever-like symptoms and act sick, but overacting ruins the show.

Eat Something Spicy

Want to look like you’re having a bad time? Eat something spicy. Spicy food triggers your waterworks. That means you may get watery eyes and a runny nose. This is a quick and easy remedy to fake a fever with food items. You can quickly get a flushed appearance, sniff your nose and even cry. No one will second guess if you got sick overnight.

How to Fake a Fever Stay Home from School?

No one likes going to school, but parents can make it difficult to stay home. Naturally, as a parent, you want to make sure that your child is availing of education and making a career for themselves. However, as a student, it’s okay if you want a day off. A harmless attempt to stay home should not alarm anyone, least of all your parents. So here’s how you can help yourself to get sick overnight:

Run The Thermometer Under Water

Thermometers are temperature sensitive. You can take advantage of their responsiveness by running them underwater. Crank up the temperature to hot and watch as the level rises. When you have a hot thermometer at hand, stick it in when your parents come in and give a convincing cough with a lethargic look. Act like you touch abrasive because of the high temperature, so you don’t get caught in the act.

Cover Yourself With A Blanket

You can raise your basal temperature by wrapping yourself in a blanket. In addition to this, you can make yourself look flushed. So with a fake high thermometer at hand and your appearance, your parents will believe you look sick. You may also look clammy and sweaty by staying under the blanket for long, so don’t forget to use that to your advantage.

Hold The Tip Of An Electric Thermometer

If you have smart parents who insist on digital readings. Then, you can trick the thermometer. No one questions a digital reading, and if you manage to fool your parents, you will have no trouble staying home. All you need to do is hold the tip of the thermometer with your fingers for a few seconds. Then, when your parents come to check on you, they’ll get a high reading.

Shake The Thermometer

A manual thermometer that requires shaking, such as alcohol-based ones, is a nuisance. These contraptions need serious muscle to get them moving. If you take the time to shake it up, you will convince your parents that you’re sick. Then, once they see a high temperature, you will get an excuse to stay back home.

How to Make Yourself Sick Instantly?

Maybe you need an excuse that goes beyond tricking the thermometer. In such cases, all you need to is act sick. If you’re looking for ways to make yourself get instantly ill, whether you’re at work or school. Here’s what you need to do;

Get a Fever in 10 minutes

 If you want a Fever fast, you need to drink plenty of warm fluids and drinks such as tea and coffee. The more you consume them, the higher your temperature will shoot up. If you check your temperature right after your consumption, you will get a high temperature.

Make Yourself Nauseous

You don’t need to do something so drastic that you look like you end up getting nausea. All you need to do is pretend you have the stomach flu. Make yourself clammy by sprinkling water over your face. Grab your tummy often and try burping. You should also groan mildly and allow your feet to collapse. Finally, add some drool to the mix, giving you the perfect nauseous expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite you getting sick being a straightforward notion. You may have done questions to avoid advanced methods of temperature detection, or you need to play the part of a sick person. So here’s what you do:

How to Fake a Fever with an Infrared Thermometer?

You can fool an infrared thermometer by breaking out into a sweat, holding something warm to your forehead, or cracking up the heater.

How to Fake a Fever with a Laser Thermometer?

You can repeat the same motions with a laser thermometer. First, raise your basal temperature by exposing yourself to warm air and fluids for a little while.

How to Fake a Stomach Flu?

Get a little dramatic. Hold your tummy like you have a stomach ache. Then, drink water and hold it in your mouth to mimic nausea. When you combine these two, you get a fake stomach flu situation. You may even rush to the bathroom and spit into the sink to make it more believable. Don’t overplay it, though, or it will look bad on you.

How to Have Fake Fever with Garlic?

Use garlic to create the appearance of a fever. Additionally, it causes you to smell disgusting, much like most ill people do, especially if you have symptoms similar to stomach flu. Overnight, this approach works. So be careful to use garlic if you want a fever overnight. Cut two garlic cloves in half, then tuck them under your armpit. Your basal temperature increases, and you even perspire when sweat and garlic combine. This nocturnal margination’s strong fragrance also makes you appear ill. You may get fever-like sensations by keeping garlic beneath your arms, which is a clever strategy if you want to stay home.

Wrap Up

There are many ways for you to act sick. The world is your stage if you show some dedication to the craft. You can quickly increase your basal temperature by exerting yourself or exposing your body to warm temperatures. Since it takes your body a while to cool down, you get ample opportunity to get away. You can also cheat the system by tricking the thermometer by running it underwater, shaking it, or holding the tip. In addition, if you want to perfect your craft, put garlic under your armpit and get all the symptoms of a sick person.

Medical Disclaimer: All the content available on the website is just for informational purposes. It’s not a substitute for any Professional advice. Don’t take it personally. As a medical student, I’m just trying to use my information through my content, and please keep in mind it’s not written by a professional doctor. Use the data just for educational purposes.

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