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Health care pro tips welcome you; now, you can contribute to our website. Either you are a freelance writer or a blogger, you can write to us. Your contribution to the health world will be great.

Suppose you have confidence in writing related to health. You can share your knowledge and ideas with the world now through our website.  You can help people by sharing your experience by yourself so that it will help people.

Health, exercises, weight loss, nutrition, and diet are a way towards a healthy life. We want our writers to share their experiences and knowledge. What do they think about health?

Our Goals

Health Care Pro Tips goal is to provide first-hand knowledge about related topics like health and beauty. We believe in quality and want to provide our readers with a platform to find an answer to all the queries related to a healthy life. We want to clear all the myths associated with a healthy life that you will find all around the internet.

Categories That We Accept

We accept articles in the following categories. Keep these in mind while submitting your article.

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Beauty, Skin Care, Hairs
  3. Fitness, Workout Tips
  4. Diet Tips
  5. Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD

If you have any other ideas for a new category, please email us at healthcareprotips@gmail.com and wait for our feedback.

Guidelines on Writing for Health and Pro Tips

Before submitting your articles to us, kindly keep these points in your mind. Read these guidelines before writing; this will prevent you from any inconvenience.

Some Important Points

  • For your convenience, read the other publishes articles on the website.
  • Make sure your topic is new, and it is not present on the website previously.
  • Do not republish your article. If you have published your article somewhere else before, including your website, do not submit it over here. If we found it after publication, we will remove your article and ensure that you won’t get any next opportunity at health and pro tips.
  • Health and pro tips have the authority to edit and delete any post before or after submission.

Important Guidelines

  • your article must be 100% unique. The title of the article must be unique and not previously publishes on our website.
  • Word count must be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Precheck your grammar and use of sentences before submitting your article to health and pro tips. We will reject any grammatically wrong article.
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences rather than lengthy paragraphs. (as readers prefer easy to read articles).
  • Make headings and sub-headings in your article. Use keyword once in subheadings.
  • We prefer SEO optimized articles.
  • Competitive keywords must be used naturally in the article. Stuffing your keyword is awful. Keyword density should not over 1%.
  • Use a keyword in the first paragraph of the article.
  • You can add just one backlink to your site/blog (do-follow backlink), and that backlink should not be in the first paragraph.
  • You can add links to other trustworthy sources if essential (max three connections).
  • Affiliated links are not allowed.
  • Relevant pictures, screenshots, infographics, and charts can be added to your content (Pixabay.com and Unsplash.com offer free images if you need them).
  • The pixel size of pictures must be a minimum of 700 x 400. They might be more prominent than this.
  • Mention the source of used images.

Process of Submission on Health Care Pro Tips

  • You can email us at healthcareprotips@gmail.com and can send your articles.
  • You can send the file in (.doc) format.
  • Attach high-resolution images separately in an email.
  • If your article is approved, we will contact you before publishing on health care pro tips.
  • If approved, your article will be published within 24 to 48 hours.