Professionals Tips for Better White Teeth & an Attractive Smile!

Everyone aspires white smile because it looks attractive and aesthetic. If your teeth are yellow, you may hesitate to talk or smile, fearing what others would say. Some people also worry if the yellowness of the teeth is a sign of trouble. Let’s address this concern first. Teeth look a bit white and yellow colored because of the protective layer of enamel that can be thicker or thinner.

However, the underlying layer of the enamel tends to be slightly yellow. So, a lighter yellowish tone is natural. But in some cases, poor dental health can be the culprit. Although it doesn’t have to be a serious issue, yellow teeth can result from a choice of diet, smoking, fluctuating fluoride levels, aging, and lack of oral hygiene.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has an easy solution for this. Dental clinics offer teeth whitening services to give you a sparkling smile. Nowadays, most doctors use zoom technology for this. For help, you can check Woodbury teeth whitening Kate Brayman DDS.

Overview of zoom teeth whitening method

teeth whitening method

This onsite whitening procedure happens under the supervision of a certified dentist, who uses light and bleach to elevate the shade of your teeth. The dentist applies a particular gel on your gums for their protection before putting the bleach, which can contain hydrogen peroxide. They will show a blue type of light to help bleach break down the yellow color. The procedure can give quicker results than most other techniques. You can expect up to eight times an improvement in color in one session. You may have to provide about 45 to one hour time to this.

Studies have also talked about the efficacy of this new teeth whitening technique by demonstrating that patients get almost 6 to 8 times whiter results in one month after this treatment. Some believe that high-quality hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide concentrations make this procedure more efficient. If you don’t know much about these agents, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) consists of oxygen and hydrogen. The oxidization process helps it kill bacteria and remove stains. OTC kits usually use 5-10% of this agent, while a cosmetic treatment like Zoom uses about 25% of this compound. 

On the other hand, carbamide peroxide consists of urea (carbamide) and hydrogen peroxide. However, it works slower compared to the others. You can expect it to give you 50% of whiteness in the initial two hours of the session, and the rest may need additional six hours to show more impact.

You can ask your dentist what type of concentration they use. Most clinics apply hydrogen peroxide for faster results. Still, it’s good to be clear about these things. Nevertheless, these agents can remove stains from beneath the teeth’ surface. Even the most stubborn marks will come off, giving you a fantastic whiter smile. However, it’s essential to know that Zoom is for natural teeth. You may not qualify if you have bridges, veneers, or crowns. You can consult your dentist for a better idea, though.

Suitable candidates for Zoom treatment and the cost factor

You can be eligible for this service if your teeth have become discolored due to intrinsic or extrinsic reasons. Inherent causes include aging, medications, dental injuries or flaws, etc. Extraneous discoloration issues can happen due to the consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages. Think of berries, red wine, tea, coffee, etc. Even tobacco is also a thing. However, if you suffer from any gum problem, cavity, damaged enamel, or other issues, the dentist may want to fix them before recommending this procedure. 

When choosing any health treatment, two things play a critical role in decision-making. One is eligibility, which you just learned about, and another is the budget. Most places offer this treatment for between USD$ 300 and USD$ 500. Some clinics can charge up to USD$ 600 also. You may also add the cost of OTC products like whitening strips, mouthwashes, and toothpaste if your dentist recommends it. One of the credible sources demonstrated that Americans usually spend nearly USD$ 1.5 billion on OTC whitening kits alone.

Is this too expensive for you? Consider going to a place that works with major insurance companies. You may find a suitable payment solution with them.

The side effects of the teeth whitening procedure  

side effects of the teeth whitening procedure  

If maintained well, you can enjoy white-looking teeth for up to three years on average. After this procedure, you may face a little difficulty with teeth sensitivity, for example. It can happen because bleach can eliminate some minerals from the enamel, exposing the tubules that connect to the dental nerves. Consequently, making you experience sensitivity. But this usually goes away as soon as the minerals accumulate. Before you go for whitening, it is advisable that you talk to an experienced dentist. Visit ArabiaMD for more information.

Some rare cases may complain of gum irritation due to the contact with the bleach. It makes them experience a burning sensation. Another unwanted occurrence can be the appearance of white marks on the dental surface due to mineral loss or dehydration issues. Like others, this can also disappear in a short time.Expert dentists tend to be careful of these things and take every step to ensure your gums are safe.

You may wonder if you should go for Zoom or at-home products for teeth whitening. While both treatments are helpful, nothing can compare to the effects of a professional service. Plus, dentists know how much bleach to apply and to what consistency. You get instructions on home kits, also. However, it’s not a guarantee that you will adhere to everything mentioned on the label. Due to overuse or underuse of the strips, you may not achieve satisfactory results.

Hence, it can be better to visit a dental office and remove stubborn stains. Once your teeth are much better, you can mix and match these procedures to maintain a healthy teeth line. Dental hygiene is one of the essential steps to keep your gums and teeth in their best shape. When you meet your dentist, even for a simple method like teeth whitening, you allow them to investigate your oral health and recommend proper treatment for something that seems like developing trouble. Early detection helps prevent your situation from worsening while controlling your treatment cost.

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