Creating the Perfect Home Gym for Your Workout Style

Working out from home is convenient for many of us – it means we can fit our workout schedule around our day and allows us to stay on plan so we can see results. Creating your own home gym means you can tailor your equipment and space to suit you, whether you’re looking for a fold-away treadmill or the best power rack. Read on as we look at how you can create the perfect home workout space for your style.


There is a range of benefits that come with improving your cardio fitness, whether you’re hoping to lose weight or improve your heart health. Introducing a form of cardio into your workout routine means you can improve your stamina – which is particularly important for those that are training to run long distances, as well as helping you to reduce health risks and even give your mood a boost. If your workout plan mainly focuses on cardio, there are a few key elements that you’ll need to add to your home gym to help you get the best workout, such as:

  • Treadmills: You’ll find a treadmill in almost every gym you go to. You can use them to walk, or run, to help improve overall fitness and lose weight. Treadmills come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re creating a home gym on a budget, you can choose a simple treadmill that does the job, and folds away when you’re done. If you’re looking for something more advanced, you could choose a treadmill with a touchscreen, that allows you to try a variety of workouts. The choice is yours!
  • Spin bikes: Another piece of equipment that can help you improve your stamina, and cardio fitness is a spin bike. Much like treadmills, you can choose simple, budget options that allow you to get your workout done or choose a more advanced model with all the frills like built-in screens, speakers, and a range of workouts.


Improving your strength also comes with a variety of benefits, with the most obvious being that you’ll get stronger. It also helps you to burn more calories at rest, helps to tone the body and improves heart health. So, if your main goal is to build muscle, there are various elements that you’re going to need to include in your home gym, such as:

  • Dumbbells: These are some of the most popular types of weights and can be used for a range of exercises. The dumbbells that you choose will vary depending on whether you’re a beginner or you’re hoping to improve your current strength. You can buy starter dumbbells that are incredibly affordable to use during HIIT workouts, or on their own. If you’re lifting heavier weights, you could choose an adjustable option to save space.
  • Weight racks: If you’re adding dumbbells to your home gym, you’re going to need racks to keep them organised, so you can make the most of your space. You’ll need to think about the shape and design of your racks so that it suits both the look and space you have available. You’ll also have to make sure your weight rack can hold the weight of your dumbbells for safety.


These workouts can be perfect for those of us that are looking for a bit of variety. High-intensity interval training is short bursts of exercise with a rest in between each. It helps to get the heart pumping and your body moving and can burn a lot of calories in one session. It can be an alternative for those of us that are short on time, or simply don’t enjoy running on the treadmill. There are a few pieces of equipment you might need if you are creating your home gym for your HIIT workouts.

  • Mats: You’ll need suitable flooring to help with your HIIT workouts. Choosing an area to work out from is key but making sure you have a suitable mat can help improve grip, reducing the risk of you slipping and injuring yourself, and it also helps to reduce noise – perfect if you have neighbours. Mats are affordable and easy to add to any space, small or large, so you can create an area for you to workout from easily.
  • Workout apps: These apps can help you find a plan that works for you. You can choose an app that allows you access to new classes, and exercises you’ve never done before and allows you to keep up with your progress. These apps mean you can follow a workout tailored to suit your goals, whether that’s weight loss or strength training.

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