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LaRoyce Hawkins Weight Loss: Unlocking the Secrets

Are you also a fan of Laroyce Hawkins’s acting? But many of us are also a fan of his personality and fitness. He is also a great comedian. Standups are his favorite. Recently many people have been interested in his weight loss. So, let us discuss the LaRoyce Hawkins weight loss journey!

Who is LaRoyce Hawkins?

LaRoyce Hawkins is a great actor. Besides acting people also love his personality and fitness. LaRoyce Hawkins was born on 4th May 1988 in Harvey, Illinois. His grandparents brought him up to 13. The credit for shaping his life goes to them. He started his education at Thornton High School. He also used to play basketball and has also become a two-time state champion in it.

He has also started acting and in 2005, he scored the third position in the Illinois High School Association’s Original Comedy Event. Furthermore. In 2006, he and his partner won the 4th position at state in original comedy. It was the start of his brilliant acting career.

Today, he is best known for his role “Officer Kevin Atwater” of the hit drama “Chicago P.D.” he has many other roles and films as well. People love him and praise his work a lot.

LaRoyce Hawkins Height and Weight:

Many of us love Hawkins for his acting and comedy. There is another reason for his popularity as well. This is his fitness and huge biceps.

He is a fitness freak and loves to keep himself healthy. He does exercise regularly to maintain his health. He said that:

“being healthy is very satisfying.”

LaRoyce Hawkins is also admired by many for his height. He is 6’11/2” feet that is 1.87 m tall. He was the tallest member of the Chicago P.D. cast.

LaRoyce Hawkins Weight Loss Journey:

LaRoyce Hawkins has adopted a healthy lifestyle. He is also a fitness freak. So, he started a journey for weight loss and maintaining his health. It can be a result of some negative comments that the actor adopted a much healthier lifestyle to lose weight. He said that:

“Don’t just accept the negatives, welcome them!”

Now, let us discuss the weight loss journey of LaRoyce Hawkins. He altered his diet and started exercising:

LaRoyce Hawkins Diet Plan:

His diet plan to lose weight is:

  • He discontinued all the heavy food items, that contain more fat.
  • He stops consuming fast foods.
  • He also avoided drinking (alcohol, etc.) as much as possible.
  • Hawkins substituted his grains intake with fresh vegetables which is a healthy substitute.

He eats healthy food and avoids eating unhealthy and junk foods.

LaRoyce Hawkins Workout Plan:

LaRoyce Hawkins also spends a great time in the gym but now he has doubled that time. He consistently hits the gym daily.

  • He exercises for hours in the gym.
  • He does intense workouts till getting exhausted.
  • His exercises involve:
    • Jogging,
    • Spinning,
    • Weight Lifting, and
    • Cycling.

He is always consistent about his gym sessions and never skips them.

Before and After Weight Loss of LaRoyce Hawkins:

Now, let us show you the before and after pictures of LaRoyce Hawkins’s Transformation. It is very obvious and evident from his physique.

Before he weighed around 190 pounds but after he had reduced it to 176 pounds. Now, he follows a healthy lifestyle and maintains his health with proper exercise.


Q1. How old is LaRoyce Hawkins?

LaRoyce Hawkins was born on 4th May 1988. He is 35 years old now.

Q2. How tall is LaRoyce Hawkins?

LaRoyce Hawkins is 6’11/2” feet that is 1.87 m tall.

Q3. Does LaRoyce Hawkins have a baby?

LaRoyce Hawkins has one son. His name is Roman John. He was born on 13 April 2017.

Q4. What does LaRoyce Hawkins play in?

LaRoyce Hawkins has played roles in many. But his famous role was of “Officer Kevin Atwater” in Chicago P.D.


LaRoyce Hawkins is a great actor. He loves the standup comedy. We also admire him for his personality and fitness. He loves to live a healthy life. He puts all possible efforts into that. He follows a good diet plan. He exercises daily with consistency to keep himself fit and fine. He never misses his gym and always does proper exercise. We wish him good luck in his acting career. And also good health!

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