Importance Of Medical Technology In Healthcare

The term medical technology was discovered in the early years of the 1800s when a French doctor Dr. Rene Laennec invented the first medical device the stethoscope.

This significant breakthrough in medicine engaged other physicians to find out more innovative ways to save human life by developing new diagnostic tools and treatment.

In this article we cover the main concept of importance of information technology in healthcare and benefits of technology in medicine

The breakthrough of Different Medical Devices

old medical devices
Old medical devices

There is a list of medical devices using in health sector laboratories and hospitals, for example.


  1. X-Ray (1895) invented by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist,
  • In 1936 Dr. Albert S. Hyman demonstrated a heart rhythms device.
  • The demonstration of Dialysis held in 1943 by a Dutch physician Willem J. Kolff,
  • In 1950 the first eye Lens invented by Dr. Harold Ridley.
  • In 1953 Dr. André Djourno practiced a successful method of stimulating the ear nerve device in deaf people for hearing.
  • The first fetal Ultrasound of a women abdomen done by Dr. Edward Hon

Well educated medical technicians

It is right to say that medical technology and medical technicians go hand in hand, laboratories and hospitals should be aware of before hiring a technician. The one should be very well educated not only in the handling of the medical test procedure but also in the processing of samples, for example, blood, semen, urine, etc.

Independent medical technicians have all the qualities like disease detection result accuracy, timely patient history, patient treatment, precise and complete knowledge of sample handling, and understanding of new alternatives for medicinal therapies.

Advancement in diagnostic tools

latest in diagnostic tools
Advancement diagnostic tools

Nowadays, research scientists from biomedical companies and pharmaceuticals are working on a new innovative idea to improve the quality of patient life by integrating advanced technology in the health sector.

All these betterment and innovations in medical technology are allowing patients and health sector professionals to spend the early detection of many diseases and treatments. For example, the most deadly disease detection test takes hours to detect virus genetic material; however, advanced technology devices can detect these diseases within minutes.

Research and medical technology

medicines and vaccines
Research and medical technology

According to the WHO World Health Organization statement, a vaccine can save 3 million lives per year and prevent millions of others from transmitting viruses and diseases.

Medical scientists and physicians are giving their best in the health care research sector by developing new medicines and vaccines to cure diseases and tools for treatment.

There is a list of some novel vaccines against life-threatening diseases like polio, Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, Chickenpox, etc.

Importance of SOPs

sop's standard for patients
Sops Standard for patients

The term “medical technology” includes not only a device but also other applications and procedures like handling of equipment, drug protocol, processing of patient samples, troubleshooting of machines, and quality of chemical products.

The health sector must follow all the standard operating procedures to ensure the quality of testing for the patient.

Portable Application in medical technology

Portable Application in medical technology
Application in medical technology

Medical gadgets are everywhere people can buy these gadgets and utilize to monitor physical checkups at home easily like fever, blood pressure, and blood sugar, etc.

Also, these gadgets can likewise help doctors to keep the patient record fastest and most comfortable.

The availability of portable medical devices is not only in the use of doctors but also for other people. They can download multiple health-related applications in their mobile for their routine body checkups.

Electronic patient data

electronic patient data
Electronic medical record concept.

Today the use of digital technology is in every field health sectors are also taking advantage of these data storage device.

The use of electronic patient data is much more comfortable and convenient, such as online reports, prescriptions, previous patient medical history, hospital stay details, and much more.

Low-cost health service

The health sector should consider the patient by giving them discounted blood tests and ultrasound and medical camps for a routine checkup.

One of the most ongoing successful activities by the health sectors in this campaign a needy patient can find everything from medical consultants to drug stall.


latest medical technology In healthcare

It is better to say that importance of medical technology in medicine and the health sector goes hand in hand. Countries are investing massive budget in the development of this “medical technology” and allowing their scientist and medical research workers to give their best for the betterment of human life.

However, the health sector has shown some great achievement in recent research, for example, production of a new vaccine, less time-consuming procedures, antibiotics for deadly diseases, artificial organ transplantation, robotic surgeries, 3-D technology for different conditions and a blood test for early diagnosis of cancer like breast cancer.

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